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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

0 4 . 2 8 . 0 3 | 0 8 : 4 6 p m
I can't believe it's fifth week already. I'm almost half way done with the last quarter of my undergraduate college career. It has gone by REALLY fast. My classes are SO much FUN this quarter, which makes it go by even faster. I walked out of my digital arts class this morning so proud cuz I created a cute animation with Flash. I walked out of Dance happy and sweaty. And I walked out of Photography super giddy cuz I made my first prints and my teacher used my print as an example of "perfect contrast". :D

We're selling our Migi Cubes today at the UCI vendor fair. I hope we do as well as, or better than last time. Today, I also came up with a GREAT buisness plan. Jonathan helped me work out the details of it, but I'm really excited. I think I could really go somewhere with it. It would put my sewing and fashion design skills to use! I'm so excited. We even came up with great target audiences, so I can't wait to take off with that. BUT, it depends on grad school plan. I'm actually tempted to just forget grad school and just do my buisness full time. Speaking of grad school, I'm getting really impatient waiting! argh...

0 4 . 2 2 . 0 3 | 1 0 : 4 6 p m
Animal Crossing has consumed me! Last friday, I played for 9 hours straight! ugh... why do I have to have an addictive personality?! Why oh why?!

On a better note, photography is going really well. I developed my next two rolls of film and made proofs of all three rolls. Making proofs gave me a taste of the printing process. I'm excited! But I now know why this is a time consuming class! Oh well, it's fun and something that I may not get to do in the future. My teacher was very impressed with my pictures! He saw my first set of proofs, gave me a playful punch and said I'm on the right track and that I should teach the class. I find that my first roll of film was the best out of the three. Maybe because it was more open ended.

I woke up this morning at 6 am because I started my period! ACK! I woke up thinking, "oh no! Don't say it so! I hate being a girl!" This reminds me of when I was younger. My Aunt May used to take me swimming everyday. There was one summer where my friend Ci would go with me. We had this thing we used to say, "I can't go swimming because end of the sentence." It's funny when I heard my aunt use the term "end of the sentence" more recently.

0 4 . 1 7 . 0 3 | 0 6 : 2 6 p m
There's nothing more annoying than incompetent workers... and rude people with no customer service. So I go to Office Depot to look for batteries for the light meter in my camera. I found three batteries that fit my description. I take out the batteries currently in my camera and noticed that all three batteries says that it can replace mine. So I go to customer service to ask what the difference is. They call up this middle aged lady.
Lady: "What do you want?!"
Me: "These three batteries says that they can replace each other, so what's the difference between the three, besides the price?"
Lady: "They're all different in size... (holds them next to each other) see?"
Me: "No, they're the same size, and the package says that they are interchangable."
Lady: "No! They are not interchangeable!"
Me: "Look, the package lists that the three are equivalent replacements."
Lady: "They are different in voltages."
(at this point, I was thinking why am I still talking to her, but I already started and couldn't just leave... had to finish
Me: "All three are 1.5V"
Lady: "Their positives and negatives are different!"
Me: "I'm a Physics major so don't give me your bullshit answers about batteries cuz you obviously don't know anything!" (actually, that's just what I was thinking but never actually vocalized. I actually just stop talking.)
She then goes to grab this booklet to look up my camera. I really didn't even want to deal with her anymore, but I figured, "humor me". So I go with her and said, "nikon". She flips the page until she gets to "M" and starts to go down the list model by model... No, not brand by brand, but the actual models of each brand as well. She finally gets to the end of M and flips to N when a man asks her for help. I wanted to tell the guy to not bother, but again, "Humor me."
Man: "I'm looking for software to play MP3."
Lady: "What operating system?"
Man: "uh... the newest one."
Lady: "XP?"
Man: "Is it XP? I think so."
Lady: "Buisness or Home?"
Man: "Home."
I couldn't stand to hear anymore. This lady's an idiot... I just wanted to tell the guy to go download winamp. I walked away and started looking at the batteries myself. I later hear from across the store, "Ma'am! Ma'am!" I look up and see the lady and said, "I'll just figure it out for myself thank you!" (sarcastic and not so nice "thank you", of course).

This is the same lady who didn't know how to give me change the last time I was there. She was supposed to refund me $11, but she didn't have any ones, so I told her I had ones. She gives me a five, so I gave her five ones. She then gives me $6 and I told her she that she still owes me five. She gave me this look like I was stupid, so I explained to her the math (step by step). She has this confused look, gets a calculator, punch in some stuff and has a confused look. I had to explain again before she gave me my $5.

0 4 . 1 7 . 0 3 | 1 0 : 2 6 p m
I developed my first roll of film!!! =D It was such a proud moment! hee hee...

Yesterday, the professor took us up to the photo lab to show us how to develop film. He had two people go into this tiny room that looked like a closet to each roll up one of their films onto a reel. Cool thing is that we have tanks that fit two reels, so you can develop two at the same time. So they come out and he uses their film to demonstrate. He says that we're the only place that he's seen where we develop outdoors, which is a nice thing cuz you don't have to worry about film... cuz lemme tell you, developer looks like pee and doesn't smell very good. Anyway, so he's developing their film and as he's in the developer stage, he asks for two more people to go reel their films. Me and this girl volunteers.

We step into the little room and make sure we have everything we need laid out before turning off the light. After having everything prepared, I turned off the light and we started working. It was such a thrill to open up the film container. I was nervous about touching the back side by accident, but I was okay. We both reeled it on quick and well, especially being our first time. We both agreed though that for some reason, being in complete darkness made us nausious. I think it's because our brain keeps wanting to see, but can't. I can't even see my hands that are right in front of me! We both also agreed that we being in complete darkness made us feel dizzy cuz we saw stars... or rather, we saw stars, thus our brain registered it as being dizzy, and thus making us feel naucious (sp?).

So we go out and the prof asked us how it went and the whole class kept staring at us and asking us how to do it. The prof was so busy developing the first pairs' film. He left for a moment... I forget why. I decided that we should start. I paid pretty good attention. So we start. By the time he came back, we were already done with the fix. He was amazed. He said that me and Sarah (my partner) made a great team. He freaked out couple times watching us though because I only paid attention up to the developer part, so we were both reading instructions as we went through each wash after. With him watching, it was a little more nerve wrecking, so we were doing stupid things like forgetting to put the lid back on the chemical tanks and such. Or like when he asked me if I already tapped the tank on the floor to knock out any air bubbles... I told him I did it on the sink, but he said that I needed to do it on the floor so it's a harder tank... I slammed the tank on the floor and he was like, "whoa, don't split the tank! your film is in there!" He also said, "you two should teach the class... you can never tell what will happen next! I like that!"

But the important part is that I developed my very first roll of film all by myself! =D Okay, I'm off to running errands.

0 4 . 1 6 . 0 3 | 1 2 : 2 6 1 m
LOL... Joe just sent me this. Anyway, gotta get to bed so I could wake up for class tomorrow!

0 4 . 1 5 . 0 3 | 1 0 : 5 5 p m
Will spoiled yogurt give my problems? There's like 8 containers of Yoplait and I just couldn't throw them away. Jonathan finally convinced me to open up one and smell it. I opened up the one that I felt would be most impacted when the fridge door was left open. I smelled it... smells normal. I took a little lick... just tasted berries. I took a spoon and took a bigger bite... uh, it's extra tart and tangy. I kept eating it anyway until I felt that the tartness/tanginess was unbearable. I finally chucked it, but I hope I'll be okay. There's nothing to eat now. The past two days, I've been eating canned tuna and crackers or bread... and a little peanut butter. Those are about the only things that were not destroyed by the fridge.

0 4 . 1 4 . 0 3 | 0 1 : 5 6 p m
I just ate some of the stuff from the fridge (hey, I was hungry and there was nothing else to eat). I'll let you know if I get food poisoning. I couldn't help but to eat two of the dessert stuff and a bao. um... I think the stuff in the middle is pork. There was egg, chinese sausage, and cha siu. I hope it stays down...

0 4 . 1 4 . 0 3 | 0 1 : 2 6 p m
You know what sucks?! When your fridge wasn't closed properly and you left for the weekend! I went to look for milk, only to find that my fridge wasn't completely shut! Apparently, the bottle of coke protruded a bit and hit the cans of coke that's along the door, so if you don't shut the door hard, the bottle will push against the can and the door is remains slightly opened. My precious yogurts (prolly a good 15 of them)! And my precious deserts! My mom gave me these yummy deserts last week, which I didn't get to eat and was saving for this week. But I think they're all bad now. Oh well, my stomach hasn't been feeling well anyway... I prolly couldn't eat it anyway. (Just trying to make myself feel better.)

0 4 . 1 0 . 0 3 | 0 1 : 1 6 p m
I just went to the eye doctor today to get an eye exam and to get new lenses for my glasses since they're sooooo scratched up. Funny how the doctor barely did an inital assesment (no exam yet) and said, "I think your glasses are too strong for you." So she conducts the exam and sure enough, my prescriptions were too strong. While looking through that eye thingy, she shows me what I'm currently wearing and what I actually need. Wow, they were way strong. My new prescription is 0.75. My glasses were 1.25 and 1.5. I told her that my new prescription is even lighter than my very first prescription, 1.0 and 1.25.

Last night, the cast and crew of Better Luck Tomorrow was at my school. Funny cuz just the night before, I first learned about the movie when I saw wahine talk about it on her site. Then as I was walking down campus the next day, I saw all these blue posters and was like, "hey, that's what I saw last night on evil's site." So I go up to read it and saw that they were coming to campus that night! So I call Jonathan and tell him that there's a free screening and if he wanted to come. Later that day, as JOnathan was about to head down, I look at the flyer closer and realized that it wasn't a free screening of the movie, but a screening of their behind the scenes and a Q&A session with the cast and crew. It would've been cool to meet the cast and crew, but I chose to go home instead.

So going home... I decided to start moving out of that room slowly. I have so much stuff! I took home three big bags of jackets, a bag of toys, and my big bean bag chair. Looking at my room, there seems to be no difference, but it is one less car load. I just want to make sure that I'm moved out before my graduation! It would suck to have to worry about moving after I graduate!

Reminder to self: This was posted on Steven's computer, please FTP this file on your computer before updating!!! (I've lost data before cuz I forget that my computer doesn't have the updated file)

0 4 . 0 8 . 0 3 | 0 3 : 0 6 p m
YAY! I got into that last digital arts class I need (flash, video, imageready, etc.). WOOHOO! So everything is according to plan. I will have full days on Monday and Wednesdays, but I'll be able to get my minor in digital arts! YAY! But the best part is that my schedule is now finalized! So I'm taking Digital Multimedia, Jazz Dance, Photography, and Writing for Physics. EASY PEASY! This quarter is going to be soooooooo easy! I thought Physics would be kinda hard since it's my senior thesis I'd be doing, but my topic isn't technical, so it'll be easy! So the most time consuming class will probably be Photography, but it'll be fun.

0 4 . 0 7 . 0 3 | 0 6 : 5 6 p m
My life has been so unorganized the past couple weeks, but it's finally settling down. Everything was a mess because my schedule was still up in the air... and still is. It all now comes down to whether I'll be able to add my 9 AM digital arts class. If I get in that, I'll take the route to finish my digital arts minor. I'm currently taking Jazz Dance, Photography, and Upper Division Physics Writing. But if I don't get into that morning digital arts class, I can't finish the minor, so I'm debating if I should just take three classes that only meet once a week... I'd have a super easy schedule.

I just submitted my senior thesis abstract today. The Physics writing class met for the first time last Thursday. The professor announced that we will be writing our thesis and required to present it at this huge symposium in May... and the deadline was on the coming up Monday (today). So we had ONE NIGHT to think of a research (if we don't have one yet), write up an abstract, and get it approved by him. My thesis will be about the impact of Physics outreach. Well, the official title is "Impact of Physics Outreach on students, teachers, and prospective teachers". Less technical, so I like. My professor reccomended it since I'm heading down the education track. It ends up being great timing because I spoke with the professor that I did the outreach with, and he was telling me how they just received a huge grant, but with the grant, they are required to have some means of assessment. That means that there are assessment experts hired, so I'll have great resources.

I'm really enjoying my classes so far... too bad I don't know which ones I'll end up taking. But jazz is fun... really fast pace. She teaches it as if everyone has had dance background. I have pretty good background and I still had a pretty hard time keeping up. My first day was really bad because I missed the first class, so I was really behind. But today was much better. I am really excited about photography! Our first assignment is to just go take a roll of film worth of things that are important to us (but no pics of our pets, family, or cars). There's so many things that we need for the class... good thing I have a cousin, Huey Tran, who's a professsional photographer. So far, I only got a loupe from him, but he's a good resource. And I'm glad Jonathan has taken photography before as well. I am also super grateful that Kit lended me his Nikon FM2.

A lot has happened since I last wrote, but my life was so unorganized that those events just flew by... like Annie's birthday bbq, Pet Expo, and SensAsian (Martin Yan's resturant).
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