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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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wow... it's been forever and a day since I last posted. I've just been so engulfed with ebay. Here are pics from our "fake" camping trip. And Here are more pics, thanks to Jay. Despite the conditions, it was a lot of fun. We were a little shocked to find out that we would be camping out in a parking lot, but this weekend really shows how with great company, it doesn't matter what you're doing!

I also picked up my ebay again this week. I had a little break last week (after a very successful week the week before). Look at some of the new stuff I sewed lately!

This used to be a MEN's polo shirt (horizontally striped!). This is mine and not for sale. ;)

This used to be some horizontally stripped women's long sleeve shirt. I took it apart for the fabric.

This used to be a plus sized women's Graft sweatshirt. You can read more about what I did to it by clicking on the image:


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What a blast this weekend! Here's a preview:

But more can be seen here. Check out my party pics!

Too bad no one got pics of when Sir flame torched the Creme Brulee!!! Yes, we had homemade Creme Brulee (Thanks, Sir)! *drool* I only got to enjoy a little bit of it though. I hardly ate last night because I was so busy running around!

At least I got to enjoy some leftovers today! I didn't even get a piece of steak yesterday! Good thing Jonathan hid a piece for today! I also got to have some of the Korean BBQ today too. I didn't get to really drink last night either. After everyone ate (ppl all came at different times), I then tried to catch up to Gideon's drunkness. I didn't even get close! I got to take shots with couple groups, but most were done drinking. One even yakked... good thing only one (I'm so thankful that I had friends to help clean that up too!). At least I got to enjoy a Gin & Tonic as my last drink of the night. Henry made a bunch of mystery drinks and they were surprisingly tasty, especially since they were "mysteries". I didn't mind not being drunk though. I was very giddy and hyper (what's new, eh?). I don't know if I'd ever get to a drunk drunk level... I haven't yet.

I got to enjoy the leftover chocolate fondue today as well. *drool* Somehow, the melted, fine, dark, rich chocolate just had such an orgasmic effect on me today! Now I understand how fine dark chocolate can be so sensual and luxurious. I spent the evening swirling strawberries in the chocolate, then slowly licking the chocolate off and enjoying each and every lick. It didn't have this effect on me when I had it last night... maybe I was too buzzed and hyper to feel something so sensual. hee hee :D

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I sewed my heart out this past weekend so I have a ton of GREAT stuff up this week!! To name a few:

Polka Dot Sugar messenger bags and backpack, my favoirte PLEATED skirt, Paul Frank flip flops, and so much more!!!

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I got so much sewing done this past week! But I don't have a camera to take pics with!! Oh what a dilema! Actually, I have a camera, just no memory card to take pics with! The memory card I was using started having issues... some images were getting corrupted. Jonathan sent it back for a new one, but now I don't have anything to take pics with. I was hoping to get all my ebay stuff ready so I can post it Monday. I'm not sure what else to do now besides waiting. Any suggestions? I really wanna share all the stuff I've made!

When are stitches suppose to get taken out? I was told to come back last Thursday or Friday for a follow up visit, but I don't know if they were going to take out the stitches or just look to make sure it's healing and not infected. I guess I'll just have to call them tomorrow. I feel just fine now. It's still a little hard to brush though, but besides the brushing, everything is great!

I'm so SUPER bloated right now. If it's PMS, darn period just come already!!! I'm 25 days late. It's funny because when I got off the pill back in December, I was super regular. I was really irregular before the pill and I was worried about being irregular again once i get off the pill, but I was regular. Pre-pill years, I was pretty regular, but when I was stressed, it would take over 60 days for me to get my next period. That meant that I was only regular during the summer (3 regular periods a year). Argh, I hate being bloated!

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Who said you lose weight after pulling out your wisdom teeth?!?! I was told that I would not be able to eat for a week and that I won't even feel like eating since it'll be difficult. uh... that is certainly not the case for me! I was hoping to lose weight during this time, but instead, my appetite is just as big. What have I eaten:
Day One: Porriage
Day Two: Porriage, Ice cream (with brownie chunks)
Day Three: Maccaroni in Soup (with carrots, squash, potatoes, and leafy stuff), Porriage, Sardines, bean curd, Ice cream
Day Four: Porriage, Maccaroni in Soup (same one), Strawberry Pie (mmm...)
Day Five: Maccaroni in Soup (really gettin old now), 2 Del Taco soft tacos, 12 pc chicken McNuggets (mmm...)
Day Six: Strawberry Pie, Macaroni in soup (it's all my mom's making for me)... and now thinking about what yummy thing I should have for dinner!
After listing what I've eaten, it doesn't seem so bad, but I guess the significant factor is HOW MUCH of all that I've been eating. I seriously eat like every 30 min, and BIG portions each time too. Jonathan said that I just won't feel like eating because of the pain. Oh he's so wrong. I just swallow everything rather whole instead! Too difficult to chew doesn't mean not eating all together, it just means eat without chewing! :)

Look at the two things I made for ebay:

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I'm still alive! The oral surgeon was rather annoyed at how scared I was and kept telling me to control myself. I told him I'm trying and I'm not being scared on purpose. If I had a choice, I wouldn't be phobic about needles. But J, the dental assistant who's been helping me since I was in Jr High, was very comforting. I told her to give me a whole lotta topical anethesia... She gave me a lot because my whole tongue and throat went numb (yes, I swallowed some too).

I freaked out about the injections, but they weren't that bad after my mouth was so numb. But the shot to the roof of my mouth hurt. He admit that that shot hurts, but it was the last shot... on one side! So after enduring that painful shot, I had to knowingly endure the same shot on the other side. But after that, it wasn't so bad. I kept my eyes closed the whole time.

I think he poked my gums with the needle to see if I could feel it. Nothing. I feel pressure, squeeking-ish noise, a cracking noise, then "That's it! One out! That was easy, right?" It was! It literally took 5 seconds. The other side went just as smooth, but I KNEW that the bottoms would be complicated because they are impacted. The bottom ones are literally perpendicular to the rest of my teeth.

So judging from the motion of his hands (remember, my eyes were closed the entire time), I could tell he was making an incision. My throat starts to have liquid collecting in the back. I point at my throat, but he just tells me to breathe through my nose. They were suctioning blood from the point of incision most of the time. Every now and then, a pool of liquid would gush to my throat, but he just kept saying, "it's just water". Although I knew it was blood, it helped to hear that it was just water.

I did choke on the blood at one point. At that point, he took a short break cuz J was afraid that I may yak. I was okay, I just wanted her to suction that blood from my throat. The bottom right took forever. He drilled and drilled. Then he tried to nudge the tooth, but it felt like he was shifting my whole bottom jaw. I think the tooth was still too attached, so he drills somemore. Somewhere there I felt a little pain, not really much at all, but I thought I'd complain anyway. I think he gave me more anethesia. He eventually got it out, but it took an eternity.

What helped was that it really just felt like getting my teeth cleaned. The amount of sensation I could feel was truely comparable to getting my teeth cleaned. That's why the gushing blood didn't bother me because it felt just like water from that pick they use to clean your teeth.

I was so worn out after that bottom right tooth! Luckily, the bottom left didn't take as long. Either he realized how difficult of a tooth my bottom ones were and drilled it more, or it really wasn't as tough as my right one.

I asked if I could keep my teeth, but he said no cuz they are contaminated. (But Mona got to keep her teeth!) But I didn't say anything because 1) He doesn't know Mona. 2) I couldn't talk. He gave me a prescription for penicillin and motrin (800mg). I took the prescription, extra gauze, and the doctors number in case something goes wrong and just stood there in the hallway. Everyone else just resumed their day. The oral surgeon said his goodbyes because he was taking off. My normal dentist went to work on his patient. J gave me my stuff, told me that it'll be a long night for me, and resumed her duties. I just stood there feeling so empty. After all this ordeal, it ends with me being alone. I go into my car and drive home.

I came home and decided to go fill the prescription immediately so I can have my pain killers handy when the anethesia wears out. I hop in my car feeling all excited to run around town. I thought it would be so fun to go run around and say "hm hm hm", and point at where my 4 wisdom teeth once laid. As I was driving to the pharmacy, the feeling of depresion overcame me again. I felt handicapped. I can't communicate.

I went to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription. That was easy; there was no talking involved. While I wait for the prescription to get filled, I head over to optometry to get my glasses adjusted. I go up to the reception lady and said, "hm hm" and showed her my glasses with one hand and making a bending motion with the other. She was paused for a moment, then asked, "you need adjusting?" She takes my card and does the stuff. I could feel the guy behind me looking at me.

I wanted them to ask if I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out! But I think they thought I was mute! The optician calls my name so I go to his desk. I said, "hm hm hm", and pointed at my mouth. He replies, "oh, you can't talk." I nod. He asked what I needed to get done and I show him my glasses. As I struggle to find a way to communicate "glasses too tight" non-verbally, he asked, "too loose?" I shake my head and put the glasses on for him and show him. He says, "too tight. Both sides?" I shake my head. He takes the glasses, fixes it, and gives it back to me. Perfect fit (I didn't even realize that I still had them on right now)! And that was it. How boring! I usually chat and joke around with these people.

I go pick up my prescription and the lab tech gave a look like she wasn't sure if I was mute or just a weirdo. The pharmacist comes and gives me instructions. She says that I don't need food with the anti-biotics, but I have to take the pain killers with food. I frown and point at my cheeks. She says just take it with milk. I immediately thought, "but I don't drink milk". I didn't know how to quickly communicate that non-verbally, so I just slightly and hesitantly nodded and she walked away. Not being able to talk is SO BORING! Although it is giving me great practice on my non-verbal.

As I left Kaiser, I thought to myself, "I can't eat cuz of pain, but I can't take pain killers without eating. I can drink stuff, but my mouth is full of gauze. J said that the bleeding can take up to 48 hrs to stop. The plan was to not eat for a week, but I am FREAKIN HUNGRY already!"

Before heading home, I stop by the post office to deliver one of my ebay sales. The clerk was one of the usual clerks who help me. The first thing she said to me was, "did you get mouth work done?!" I proudly raised 4 fingers in the air and pointed at what used to be wisdom teeth. She said, "whoa, and you're still running around?!" That's right I'm running around! I just went through a great ordeal and I want to go tell the world! hehe

I'm hoping to get a lot of sewing done, so I'll post up stuff to share when I get the chance.
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