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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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I've added a weekly quiz on my website. Weekly is the plan at least, we'll see what happens when school starts.... shouldn't be too difficult. Go check it out!

I was trying to study today... didn't get much done. Instead, I checked out what other classes I could add. It's so sad cuz I keep changing emphasis, so in the end, I'm not done w/ any concentrations. I'm 3 classes away from getting a biomed concentration, 2 classes away from a computational concentration, and now I want to switch to education, which will require 5 more classes since 3 of the chem classes I took for the biomed concentration will count here. yay! That's still 5 more classes though... 2 are apprentice courses, which means working in real classrooms and stuff. We'll see what I end up doing. I seem to keep changing my mind so much. I e-mailed my Prof. to set an appointment to help me work out these changes. Hopefully he'll reply before school starts.

I wanted to go snowboarding again today, but weather wasn't too great. It's suppose to rain tonight, so maybe we'll go tomorrow, but snow's suppose to be at 9,000"+ anyway, so we won't get good snow anyway. I just wanna go, but we'll see. We're suppose to go to Club Lush (spelling?) in Santa Monica tonight. It's a friend's sis's birthday and she reserved a room or something like that. I don't like to go clubbing when it's rainning. Get all dressed up to walk in the rain... bleh. We'll see. I wanna get out though. I wanna go to Third Street. It's been awhile since we've been there. I wonder if the Banana Republic there has anything good. Okay, I should go to something practical.

1 2 . 2 5 . 0 1 | 1 0 : 2 1 p m
I just got back from my Aunt Kathy's house. I'm so exhausted because these past couple days have been soooo busy! We got back from Vegas on Thursday, Snowboarded Friday, Christmas party Saturday, Snowboarding Sunday, Snowboarded Monday, and my aunt's house (an hour and a half away) today. Haven't rested much, but snowboarding is sure fun! I've gotten better too. I can carve down steeper slopes now... maybe I'll get to jumps this season... then again, maybe not. hee hee... we'll see. Still got a lot of time left in the season, just got school too, but that's okay. I only have class two days a week! hee hee...

I wanted to go snowboarding again tomorrow, but I think it's best if we rest a day and go SHOPPING! yay! I'm exhausted though... shopping takes a lot of energy. But I'll go anyway! I didn't get jonathan anything for Christmas. We decided that since we're both having money issues, we shouldn't trade gifts. I wanted to make him something though, but just never found the time since I was always with him. I feel so bad. Although we had agreed that we wouldn't spend money on gifts for each other, I wanted to make him something nice... just couldn't find the time and couldn't come up with anything really cool. I was picking up some stuff at Tall Mouse the other day to make him something, but the total ended up being over $20, and it wouldn't even have been all that. I guess I'm just not feeling very creative right now. Too tired, and too busy having fun! We're always having something to look forward to that I don't have time to just sit around and think of what to make. I also didn't get my parents anything. I wanted to give my dad my head unit and install my stock one again... never found the time. My mom, I ended up just picking up some roses this morning... a dozen, in fact. Then I arranged it in a vase... I like how flowers (and plants) decorate the home. Adds life to it somehow. I love it when Jonathan gets me flowers from the Farmer's Market. It brighten's the room and puts a smile on my face everytime I see it. It also cheers me up when he's not around. The only thing I don't like is when it dies. It makes such a mess! Oh well, the price I gotta pay. Okay, I'm going to bed now... exhausted!

1 2 . 2 0 . 0 1 | 0 8 : 4 2 p m
Just got back from Vegas 4 hours ago... did I ever mention how freakin cold it is in my house?! The other day, it was 48 degrees in my house! That's cold for LA! Yeah, so I'm sitting here on the floor of my room typing with frozen fingers and toes (I have socks on too!).

Vegas was fun! None of the Casinos carded me! Should I be happy?! Oh well, I am! =D However, I did get carded at one of the free slot machines outside of Tropicana. *boo!* Yeah... weird, huh? None of the casinos carded me, but I get carded to pull some FREE slot that is prolly TIGHT as heck. Oh well, still had fun times.

Jonathan and I were on a tight budget though. We ate $4.99 steak and eggs when we could, and planned to eat buffet only one night. We planned to eat at Belagio's buffet our last night there, so before we got hungry, we played some slots. As I got up from the slot machine, the chair next to me had a splinter that snagged my sweater! I was so bummed. In the end, I complained to the hotel manager and got 2 free complimentary passes to their buffet! We got to skip to the front of the line, and we didn't have to pay! I'm still bummed about my sweater cuz it's one of my favorites, and Jonathan's, but hey, we didn't spend much on food afterall. In fact, we didn't spend much money at all. We only played nickle slots (Jonathan and I played like $20 total), and he won $50 once! So hey, was a pretty cheap trip afterall! yay!

1 2 . 1 7 . 0 1 | 1 1 : 5 1 p m
Yay! We're going to Vegas tomorrow! But before that, we gotta make this huge detour to Cabazon to pick up my brand new pea coat! ...So what happened was today, we went to Camillo. The plan was to go shopping, then visit my Aunt Kathy and drop off presents for my cousins, Evelyn and Brandon. I've been on this quest looking for the perfect coat. The only ones I've really liked was J. Crews Modern Pea Coat, which is $168. I've seen others that I was okay with, like from Banana Republic and Gap, but nothing that really caught my eye. They were significantly cheaper though ($70-$130). Okay, so back to present times... we went to Brooks Brothers, and that is where I found the perfect pea coat! Okay, so it wasn't "perfect"... just sounds better. It's just a classic pea coat, which is what I was looking for. Only so many places make nice ones, and they're expensive. This one was originally $200, and that's the outlet's price, but it was on sale for $99!... and fifty cents. =P The smallest they had was a small, which ended up too big for me. I was bummed, and we left. Couple stores later, I realized what a good deal (and a good coat) that was, so we went back. We asked for an extra-small. She called around, and Cabazon was the only place that had it. She asked them to put it on hold for us, but then told us that prices are changing tomorrow, and the coat might go up in price. So, she told me that I could buy it now to ensure the price, then pick it up whenever. We said Friday, but in the end, decided that we'll just make that extra detour just for the jacket. (Thanks Jonathan!... I love you!)

What a long story... just for a coat, huh? Well, it's a very important coat. =P Whatever. So besides a sweater I got (which is just a whatever sweater to me), that's the only thing I bought today. The outlet malls just didn't have much. BCBG outlet had an awesome sale though, in case you'll be heading out there. Other then that, there wasn't much. Sucky. Well, hopefully there will be better shopping in Vegas!

My mom's not too happy that I'm going to Vegas. I think she's afraid that I'll become an addicted gambler and an alcoholic. I mentioned to her that Uncle Charles gave me wine today, and she wasn't too happy. She starts going off about my dad having liver problems and that I prolly do too and I shouldn't drink. She makes one drink sound like a HUGE deal! So then, I reply (keep in mind that I've never told my parents I drank), "I just drink for fun. I don't drink a lot!". Then she mumbles to me, "Yeah, I knew that you had to have drank" (in that voice like justifying to herself that she knew all along). So maybe I should've kept my mouth shut, cuz she'll just worry more now. Oh well. But I did tell her that she needs to not worry and trust that she raised me well. She said, "Yeah, you're okay cuz I'm around. What will happen when I'm not". I explained to her that she just has to trust herself that she raised me well enough to take care of myself. And that even though she's not around, her words and teaching will always be with me (whether I like it or not). She then gave me money and said that she doesn't like me going, but knows that I need money in order to go... "I'm giving you money cuz you'll need it, and not saying that I support you going to Vegas". She's cute. She also wanted to have breakfast with Jonathan and I tomorrow, so we'll do that before we leave. It'll be an early morning!

1 2 . 1 5 . 0 1 | 0 1 : 0 3 a m
So we didn't end up going snowboarding afterall. The plan was for Jonathan was to get to my house at 6:45 AM, so when my alarm went off at 6:30, I laid in bed for awhile. Awhile ended up being an hour, so when I looked at the clock and realized that it was 7:30 and Jonathan wasn't here yet, I called him to see what happened. He picked up sounding awake, so I asked him what he was doing. His response, "dreaming". lol... so anyway, I packed my car with all the boots and boards while waiting for him arival. When he got here, he changed while I ate breakfast. My mom left to take my brother to school while I was eating. After eating, I find Jonathan sitting on the couch, so I joined him. Bad idea... we got to comfortable and didn't feel like going out into the cold. It's prolly a good idea that we didn't go cuz on the news, we heard all these people getting into accidents up there cuz they didn't have chains and what not. Oh well... would've been nice to go.

We ended up staying indoors most of the day. We went back to sleep till noon, then woke up and ate again. And majority of the day was spent cross-stitching for me, and Diablo for him. It was a nice rainny day... since we weren't out in the rain. Then we went to old town for ice cream and changed our minds and went to Applebee's. We got nachos and I got my Long Beach Iced Tea. For those who don't know, yes, I mean Long Beach and not Long Island (I've had some people correct me). Long Beach is just like Long Island, but they use Cranberry instead of Coke. I likes...

We also planned our Vegas trip a bit more tonight. I'm so excited. One night, we're planning to chill at one of the bars in the casino and drink... I'm legal now! yippee! hee hee... So I'm looking forward to getting buzzed, then going back to our hotel room. We're staying in Tropicana again... for those who don't know what I'm talking about, check out my Vegas trip pictures from last time and check out our room... you'll know what I'm talking about! heh heh...

1 2 . 1 3 . 0 1 | 0 9 : 5 4 p m
I finally brought my computer home! yay! Duty alone last night wasn't bad at all since I got no calls and I didn't have to do rounds. We didn't end up going snowboarding because first of all, I was the only one on duty, so I couldn't leave before 8 AM since no one would be around to answer calls. Second, Jonathan and I didn't wake up in time anyway. So we're going to Mt. High tomorrow morning since our Bear Mt. tix are only good from Tues-Thurs. I'm also looking forward to our Vegas trip next week... yay! I can gamble now! I'm finally legal! Yay!

I finally cut the contact paper into little star shapes. It's so cute! Ivy ended up buying me the duck things to stick on your bath tub from potterybarn kids! I was going to get them, but Ivy overheard me and went to get them for me for christmas... how sweet, huh?! So I stuck one duck on my board, and baby blue stars scattered around. They're different size stars too. I like it... I should get a picture of it so I can post it! I'm proud of my crafty (yet cheap) work! hee hee...

So tonight will be my first time sleeping at home for a long ass time... actually, long time since I got to sleep in my bed! And too bad my grandma will be back tomorrow, so I better enjoy it. My bed better not smell like grandma! I hope the sheets are changed. My grandma on my mom's side has the "grandma" smell. Don't know if it's from all the medicine or if it's just from old age? Whatever, but I just don't want to end up smelling like grandma. I'm so mean, huh?

1 2 . 1 2 . 0 1 | 0 7 : 3 4 p m
So I walk in the office today to check in for duty. CrystalRae tells me that there are flyers the duty team needs to post up and slip under doors. CrystalRae makes a comment about Dawn being on duty, and I get confused and say, "Dawn's no longer here". We go check, and sure enough, Dawn's scheduled, but CrystalRae wasn't aware the Dawn no longer was with us (she's new), so she didn't get a replacement! So Lou ask if I was okay with being on duty alone, and I wouldn't have to do rounds, so I said sure! We then negotiated with all those flyers and agreed that it wasn't urgent enough to do it tonight. I just have to slip the letters under residents doors, and tomorrow's duty team will do the posting. Lou was kind enough to pass out the letters with me.

So I was looking for vinyl sticky thing, like what was used for the clouds on my car. I want to add stars to my snowboard. I ended up buying contact paper/shelf lining, but it's not sticky enough. I'm going to try anyway since I already bought it and just see if it holds up tomorrow. We're going to Bear Mt tomorrow. We went to Mt. High yesterday. It was so cold, especially cuz it was windy! Going down one of the slopes was especially cold cuz the wind kept blowing the snow on the trees and ground up in my face, but nevertheless, it was fun. I just better dress warm for tomorrow.

Damn! I just checked my grade for one of my classes, the only class that has posted grades, and I noticed that 3 of my assignments were not recorded! I wonder if it got lost because those three papers were turned in at the same time. DAMN! He says he won't deal with book keeping till next quarter, but I want it fixed before grades come out! I hope it doesn't mess up my GPA... aiya! I'm all nervous now. This sucks.

1 2 . 1 0 . 0 1 | 0 6 : 0 6 p m
I'm back in Irvine for couple hours. I'm going to go work out with Ivy later, yay! Haven't worked out in a long time, so it'll be good. I've been doing lots of shopping... what's new, huh? hee hee... I'll be taking my computer home today, so hopefully I'll be able to update more often from home. But I'll post later cuz my head hurts and I'm sleepy.

1 2 . 0 7 . 0 1 | 0 6 : 2 9 a m
I'm finally done with my final project! Check it out and tell me what you think. This is my second all nighter in a row... it's been a long time since I've done this. I finally took my last two finals today... Physics... yuck! But I'm done, so YAY! And then I stayed up all night finishing my project. I didn't have to, but I really didn't want to turn in anything half assed.

We have a busy weekend coming up. We're going to the Bisou Bisou warehouse sale. Gosh I love those warehouse sales! I loved the Laundry and BCBG warehouse sale... I hope the Bisou Bisou is just as good. We'll see.

I think I don't wanna sleep because I'm scared to. I've been up for so long already... I think I'm scared cuz I know that once I fall asleep, I'll completely knock out. I just finished finals and now am completely free... I don't wanna waste time that I could be using to play! We're not going snowboarding today afterall... weather seems too warm. However, a storm is suppose to head this way Sunday/Monday, so we're planning to hit the slopes then.

I can't believe it... I'm finally FREE! The quarter's finally OVER! I finally have a month to PLAY! That means... YAY! Oy, I should get some rest though if I expect to enjoy my break...

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Is this allowed?... hope so

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I took my first final yesterday. It was for arts core... whatever. I didn't even consider that a final. I'm only thinking of my two Physics finals on Thursday... OMG! That's tomorrow. Yeah, so my final yesterday was just a little errand I had to run in between studying for Physics. I hate having two on the same day... I'll start studying, and then think about how much there is to study for two Physics classes, and freak out cuz I don't know how the heck I'm going to fit it all in. Well, I'm going to continue to study now... actually, start studying for the day. I can't wait til Friday!

1 2 . 0 4 . 0 1 | 0 1 : 1 3 a m
I just got back from the office. The AV professional staff made us food at 11 tonight! We had pancakes and other breakfast stuff. YUMMY! It was very nice. All the student staff got to get together, take a break and EAT! I got some Physics done today, but I got quite a bit to study. Bleh!

I had my contact meeting with Crystal today. It was nice. I always enjoy our meetings. I do miss Becky though. Crystal's great, but Becky and I were on the way different level. I wonder how she's doing. I think I'll e-mail her after I post. Lou's great... I'm glad I returned as HA because that allowed me to get to know him. He came in the middle of my first year as HA. We weren't that close, but when I returned the year after, we really got to know each other. And I feel like we have this bond now... strange. I hope to build a strong bond with Crystal too. Oh yeah, Crystal said she will look up some good student services graduate programs for me. I'm so excited.

Current mood: sleepy.

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I didn't get as much studying done this weekend as I would've liked. Oh well, I just have to make up for it these next couple days. I'm trying to keep reminding myself that I only have to study for 4 more days and I get to play for a whole month!

Instead of studying today, I started to work on my final project for my Arts 50 class. I said I wouldn't touch that web page til after Physics finals, but oh well. Wanna see what I got so far? You can check it out here. I wasn't going to post the site til I was done, but oh well. Gotta share... that's the only way to get feedback. =P *hint hint* hee hee...

OK, it's rather late, so I'm going to try to study or go to bed... or something more productive than NeoPets. It's fun though... you should try if you haven't. =P Okay, going to try to be productive now...

1 2 . 0 1 . 0 1 | 0 2 : 3 3 p m
So on Thursday, things ended up working in my favor and I was able to go to Ski Dazzle! Even though it was the first day, and a Thursday night, things went quick and lines did not! We waited for almost 2 hours to pay in the flee market area. But it was all worth it because I have ALL of my stuff now... board, bindings, boots, clothes, gloves... all new and for around $470! I was intending on spending around $600, so I'm happy! If I spent anymore, I would've had to rely on credit card, so I'm especially happy that I was able to pay for it all myself and not had to rely on my dad. Yippee!

Of course, with all my equipment and a little rain on Thursday, we had to go snowboarding on Friday morning! We came back from Ski Dazzle at 2 AM and had to wake up at 6:30 to go snowboarding. I ended up staying up all night because of all the excitement. But snowboarding was awesome. It's been a long time since either of us had gone snowboarding, so yesterday was a good warm up day. Season Passes ROCK! Yay!

Now I got three finals this week to prepare for. Yuck! But after this week, I'm FREE! YAY! FREE! I will have no classes or homework for 4 weeks! I can't wait for winter break! It will include Vegas, lots of shopping and lots of snowboarding! Yippee! I can't wait. So that's my motivation to get through finals. And I'll get to enjoy break that much more when I find out I got good grades this quarter, so I have to do well. I'm heading out to the library now, so I'll post more later.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to tell you that Vintage Hollywood pics are up!
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