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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

1 2 . 2 0 . 0 3 | 0 5 : 0 3 p m
Traveling is stressful! That's all I gotta say. I was having really bad seperation anxiety last night. When I opened up my suitcase to pack, Broccoli jumped in and wouldn't come out. He laid there all snug and just gave me the saddest puppy face. Dogs can totally sense when you're about to leave. I hate goodbyes. Hanging out with my parents last night gave me more seperation anxiety, especially when they were handing me all this money and red envelopes for a safe trip.

Sometimes it takes a seperation to bring people close. I don't know why I couldn't sit there with my mom without crying. We were just laughing about Broccoli and good times like that, but I couldn't hold back the tears. I ended up having to cut the time we were spending together just because I couldn't hold back tears and didn't want her to see me cry. I really want to spend more time with my parents, but sadly, I don't know how. I don't think WE know how. The only way we spend time together is over a meal. We don't know any other way. When we just sit there and talk (like last night), she either ends up lecturing, which annoys the heck out of me, which in turns annoys her, or we'll head down a good path and either I'll do something to block the path or she does.

How did I even end up discussing this. Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone and have a wonderful new years! See you in 2004! :)

1 2 . 1 9 . 0 3 | 0 3 : 4 6 p m
So I just called the airline and they said that knitting needles are not on the list of restricted items, but neither are tweezers and nail clippers (which Amy said they confiscated from her twice... maybe it was closer to 911?). She said that they don't care about tweezers and nail clippers anymore. Although knitting needles are not on the list, it is still up to discussion amongst security, so they can still ask me to remove it. The lady told me that I should be fine with knitting needles though because many people knit on planes. I still don't feel very assured though. I think I'm going to go buy plastic ones just in case.

Speaking of knitting needles, I went to the 98 cent store by my house to pick up some velcro and locks and I saw knitting needles for 98 cents!!! I paid $7 for my first metal, size 8 needles, and here they had the exact same ones for 98 cents! So I had to buy another. Too bad size 8 was the largest they had. I'm going to get my plastic ones in a bigger size. They also had a bunch of random crafts stuff, so I bought extra bobbins, crochet hooks, sewing needles, paint brushes, and what else I can't even remember. But I ended up spending $35 at the 98 cent store. Why do I always end up spending easily $30 at the 98 cent store and $60 at the thrift store each trip?!?! No joke! I think I'm going for a bargain, but I end up spending more at the 98 cent store than would at Target and more at the thrift store than I would if I went to Banana or Club Monaco. ...Well, I walk out with more items at least. :)

...I just heard Broccoli scratching my basket of random things. It's one of those foldable laundry basket made of netting? So that's the basket my mom got me to put my random stuff in, and two nights ago, she came in to pick up stuff off my floor (which anoys the crap out of me). She ended up throwing all of Broccoli's toys into the basket. When I heard Broccoli scratching right now, I knew he was trying to get to this one particular toy. I walk over to get the toy out for him and I see that he has already ripped a whole in the basket trying to get to it. oy! I can't wait to tell my mom. lol.

1 2 . 1 8 . 0 3 | 0 8 : 1 5 p m
So I'm kinda packing/getting ready for my trip to HK. I plan to go with just the clothes off my back and empty suitcases! :) That's why I say kinda packing because there's not much to pack. Anyway, so I'm preparing stuff to entertain me on the airplane ride and the main thing I decided to do was to pick up knitting again, after being inspired by a few knittting gals and some cool completed projects I've seen on diy/crafts message boards (especially projects from the Stitch n' Bitch book!).

I spent the whole late afternoon searching for my old knitting book and sorting out all my needles and past projects. I'm planning to sew a needle case for my needles (I'll try to remember to take pics and post). I start to run through what I'll need on the plane and what to pack in my carry-on. I see myself at the airport checking in and suddenly, I see the x-ray of my carry-on. EEK! A bundle of LONG METAL SPIKES! 30 of them, and that's not including the crocheting needles nor the shorter double pointed needles! Well, I don't have to take all of them. I just don't know which projects I want to do yet, so I just wanted to have them all in case. But I'll take some time to sort out what I need.

I haven't flown since 911, so I don't know how strict they are now. I heard you can't even bring tweezers on?! If you can't bring tweezers on, how the heck will knitting needles pass? Any knittting people knitted on a plane recently?

1 2 . 1 8 . 0 3 | 0 1 : 3 6 p m
I watched LoTR last night. 10:10pm showing. I was sleepy even before the movie began! But the movie hooked me right in once it started. Even with my short attention span, I had no problem sitting there for the whole 3.5 hr! I'm rather proud of myself. :) I LOVED the movie! I want to watch it again! (and that's rare!) I'm not a movie person as is. I have trouble sitting through a movie the first time around!

I want to watch it again because I felt like I missed some of the dialogue. I'm very detail oriented and I tend to "record" everything in my life and just run through scenes I like in my head. I tend to remember word for word and every detail at a scene (that's how I got through all my bio courses - took "snapshots" of the book and "recorded" the lectures in my head). I say tend because I have a short attention span, so sometimes I tune out and forget to "record". Or, like in LoTR, some scenes I like so much that I immediately started to run through it again in my head and tuned out the following scene. I need to work on that.

Oh yeah, and this is also why when someone tells me a story, I need to know every detail. If you've ever tried to tell me something before, you probably remember me stopping you a lot to ask for the little details. What was his/her facial expression?! Wait, wait, HOW did he/she say it? Where were they and what was everyone around them doing? What did he/she say EXACTLY?! I need to recreate the whole story in my head with full illustrations. :)

1 2 . 1 5 . 0 3 | 0 2 : 0 6 a m
It feels weird to be completely FREE! I'm still getting used to this (oh don't worry about me -- I'll adjust)! :P It feels nice to not have to commute out to LA. It feels good not to have to wake up early. It feels good not to have to read. It just feels good. :)

So what have I done since I've been free? I slept in all day Saturday recovering! Drank too much Friday. tee hee. Take a look (click on the images to view the photo album):

Ticketmaster @ The Highlands

Two of my best friends that night was the open bar and the dessert bar... tiramisu and creme brulee! *drools* It was TO DIE FOR!!! And I just absoulutely love the open bar! hehe. I only remember having 5 drinks, but J swears that he saw me get at least 8. I dunno, I just know I had a blast... if you couldn't tell from the pics. I even got in trouble by the security guard. =0 That's a first! (It was so stupid.)

I haven't partied like that in awhile, but the next day, I was BEAT! My whole body ached... man I'm getting old! :P Funny that I say that because J and I were the only ones who got carded at the entrance that night! I never think it's a big deal when I get carded because I know I look young (well, I am a kid compared to the ppl I'm with). Besides, I'm only 23 (so there's no surprise), the photo on my license was when I was 16, and I still have that red bar across my license that says, "Age 21 in 2001" (and I'll have it till I'm 25).

But when they card J, it cracks me up because they usually give some surprised reaction; like "Whoa, you're older than me" or at his holiday party "oh... you're fine, you're fine." Then again, I may be the reason for him getting carded. :) Would you card us if you were security? How old DO we look?

1 2 . 1 1 . 0 3 | 0 1 : 2 6 p m
Wow, it's been awhile since I've updated. I was just swampped with papers. I had three papers due on Monday, one being a 15 page research paper that they didn't give us info on until a week before it was due. I ended up staying up all night working on it and still didn't finish. J ended up driving me to school because he didn't want me to drive on no sleep, espcially since my day started at 9am and ended at 9:30pm. He also bought be a huge coffee from starbucks.

Now, for those who don't know me, I just naturally have A LOT of energy. I NEVER drink coffee and I surely do not need it! I knew I didn't need the coffee to stay up, but I just drank it because I like the taste. I thought I was doing fine until it was my turn to present. I even thought I was fine just as I began to present, but as I spoke, I felt my heartbeat speeding up faster and faster until so much blood was rushing through my head I could barely stay standing. I was super jittery and I could not talk right. Everyone just thought it was funny.

So after that class, I head on over to the computer lab to finish that 15 page paper. On the way, I bump into this girl, E, who's in that night class with me, the class where the 15 page is due.
E: So how's your paper coming?
Me: ugh... I haven't slept all night! I had three papers to work on.
E: Just ask for an extention!
Extention?! That's even an option?! Doesn't it just HAVE TO be done?!
E: Yeah, my whole team asked for an extention!
We head up to the lab together and I still didn't want to ask for an extention. I figure I'll just finish it up and get it over with since I have another paper due on Friday. As I sat there trying to type, I kept falling asleep on the computer. I kept staring at the monitor and nothing was registering. I ended up just emailing my TA this:
Hi [insert TA's name here],
I am writing to see if I can get an extention for the paper. I had three papers due today and I didn't sleep all night. I have most of the research paper done, but I would really like to have time to edit the paper in a stable state of mind. I'm currently sleep deprived, high on coffee, and light-headed.

Just to let you know, I'm analyzing bilingual education, comparing the way we're handling it with what research suggest and looking at it through a Freiren and sociolinguistic point of view. I really like my topic and would like to have time to really polish it.

Please let me know if it's okay. I'll try my best to have a final paper by tonight, but I'm not in the most coherent state of mind right now. Also, if the extention is possible, is it possible to electronically submit it to you via email? I commute from Rosemead so if I didn't have to drive out here again, I would EXTREMELY appreciate that. But if not, no worries.

A bunch of us in the lab at the time ended up emailng her at the same time, all thanks to E. E was totally trying to recruit everyone to ask for an extention, and in the end, we all caved in. It turned out to be a good thing that I told her my topic and my progress because I was the first of the bunch to get a reply. "Caroline, submit it by Thrusday morning and get some sleep, ok?" We all kept checking our emails and when I received it, everyone started to frantically check... but no reply. They started to get really worried because it took her awhile to reply, even to some who wrote her way before me. In the end, she wrote back granting them the extention, but highly reccommending that they get an "Incomplete" (you get an I on your transcript and you have a quarter to finish the course). In other words, they could finish the paper over break or next quarter.

I kept telling them not to get the I because this paper would end up just lingering and drag. Next quarter will be super tough, so I know I wouldn't want the burden of this paper still hanging over my head. And HELL NO will I work on this paper over break!! I ended up finishing Tuesday night. yippee! Now I just have one more to do and I'm free! One guy has already taken the Incomplete. Oh well.

Oh yeah, and my complaint with the TA is that I appreciate her understanding and willingness to accomodate us, but it would've been nice if she sent out an email to let us know the extention was available. A bunch of us were sh*ttin' bricks over this and only to find out that half the class received an extention?! The worse part is that when we came to class, she officially extended the deadline to Wednesday. I know a bunch of people who really crunched to get it done. I didn't need to stay up all night! But she had always been bad with communicating. We've been complaining about her and this class all quarter.

On a much happier note, guess where I'll be in a week and two days later... HONG KONG! YIPPEE!!! Actually, I'll be on a plane to Hong Kong. Whatever. I'm SOOOO excited! I have only been there once (summer of 99). Actually, that summer of 99 was the only time I had ever left the pacific time zone!!! I was fortunate to visit Taiwan and HK that summer. ...the shopping *drool*
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