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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

0 2 . 2 8 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 0 6 p m
I just read something very interesting on Jonathan's friend, luckykat's blog. Her friend got fired because she posted about certain people at work. She didn't use names, but some annoyomous person reported it, and poof! She's gone!

It's kinda of a coincidence cuz Lynn just asked me two days ago about how I censor my journals. I replied that if I censored, I would need to censor different things to different groups. In the beginning, I didn't worry because I knew that not many people visited my site, so I had a small audience to censor from. Now, I get random visitors, and with the world as small as it is, who knows who will find my journal. So in the end, I end up not censoring at all, cuz I don't know who will be the audience. I end up just typing away. This is just a means for me to rant and rave now. I just hope that if anything, any controversial things that I say will just open up dialogue between me and whoever.

0 2 . 2 7 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 1 0 p m
I should've claimed my Bellagio room from when I first got enough points. I decided to wait and they changed the available dates. It used to be Mon-Fri, but it's now Sun-Thurs. It's still a free two night stay there, but I won't get to be there during the happening nights. Oh well, it'll still be fun though. Now that I won't be going to Tahoe with Martin (one of the pro-staff here), I should plan a Vegas trip! Jonathan and I were talking about it, cuz we have enough points to have our stay covered AND meals! I love Bellagio buffet!

I'm so sleepy. I woke up to go to the high school today. It was fun though cuz they were in lab and I got to walk around and stamp their labs if they did it right. Hee hee... authority! The teacher calls me "Miss Tran"... I really don't like my last name! So there's this one really loud mouth girl that kept calling me and it was so anoying to hear it! I told some to call me Caroline, I just need to tell her... I really wanted to stay for the next lab, but they had lunch break and I didn't know what to do during the break. I didn't want to have as that teacher calls it, their "first class salad bar", so I just left. Oh well. Okay, going to get food now. I'm HUNGRY!

0 2 . 2 7 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 0 2 a m
Although I've just had a really bad start this week, some good things did happen. I had my SPC (student programs coordinator) interview today, which I feel went well. It just feels good to get it off my shoulders cuz it's all in their hands now. I also received my cord jacket from jcrew today. It's so cute! And you won't believe how much I got it for... try $18.99. hee hee... If you're interested, as everone who saw it in the office was, it's in the jcrew kids clearance section. They have such good deals. I got a pea coat couple weeks ago for $29.99. Look at my cool new jacket!

I also went shopping for cocktail dresses with Ivy and Linda. Didn't find anything. Oh yeah, another crappy thing... so I've been slipping my E&M homework under my prof's door, but today, he left his door open. I walk in and he takes my homework and starts talking to me about not attending class. He said this is the interesting part of E&M I'm missing. If I'm going to miss the interesting part, what was the purpose of learning all the boring things. What he doesn't realize is I DON'T FIND IT INTERESTING! I'm really hating Physics and just want to get by to finish it up. We talked for quite a bit. It was a nice talk actually, cuz I think I want to go to class now and I actually like him and glad we had a somewhat relationship started.

Neat thing about today was when I came back from the mall, I find a message from Lynn. She was offline already, but it was neat to see her message. She came online later and we chatted. I guess she got my sn from my website, which he happen to surf onto. It was really nice talking to her. We opened up about a lot of things. For those who don't know, Lynn is Jonathan's friend from the "other" group. The group which his ex-gf is associated with. It really sucks how it all ended up, and could've prolly been avoided, but it happened that way... so they hang out with us when the ex is not there, and vice versa. When Lynn and I first met, it was really cold and tense. She told me she was set to not like me after all that has happened. But the second time we went out, we totally clicked! And every time we hung out after, I had a really good time. I really liked her and enjoyed her company, but after our conversation tonight, I feel like we just opened up a whole bunch of new cans of worms (in a good way... I just couldn't think of the right analogy), and I really want to talk to her even more now. We started to open up about things, which was really cool. But now that we've gotten to know a little more about each other, it just opens more doors and just leaves more to talk about. Okay, I'm babbling again... gotta stop it! I talk too much. Okay, going to bed now... gotta go to the high school tomorrow morning. bleh...

0 2 . 2 5 . 0 2 | 1 0 : 3 2 p m
Series of bad luck today... they're not that bad individually, but when combined and when received consecutively, it sucks. I didn't go out to the high school today cuz I had trouble sleeping again last night, which made it really difficult to wake up this morning. I was just so stressed last night because I was worried about organizing myself and finishing up this quarter. I still need like 30 hours at the high school and it's already 8th week (there's only 10 weeks in a quarter). So I'll have to work my ass off. But as the quarter's ending, I also should start preparing for finals, since my two Physics one are on the same day. But if I'm putting in all these hours at the high school, when do I study?! Then I just found out my SPC interview is tomorrow during my break. So I'll have to haul ass back here, get dressed, interview, then haul ass back to school.

Then, I had lab tonight, so I assumed they were all on the other side of campus, so I drove and parked my car there, walked to lecture, which is on the side of campus close to where I live. The plan was so when I have to haul ass to the other side of campus after lecture for lab, I can just drive back home so I can make it to Alpha Phi meeting. At the end of lecture, my friend tells me that labs are in two locations, one on the far side of campus, and one right next to where I live! Damn, so I walk to my car, debating if I should just go to lab on the far side since I'm there anyway, but decide in the end to drive back to the close side of campus and be late for lab. That way, for the next couple labs, I don't have to worry about being so far.

So I start doing the lab. It was on a MAC, something I'm not familiar with since I'm a PC user. We had to watch a series of videos and write short essays about them. There were six essays. These MACs were old and had a crappy mouse and crappy keyboard. It sucked everytime I made a mistake cuz the crappy machines were difficult to scroll and move my cursor. So on the fifth question, I decided that it sucked always having to use the arrow keys and a broken mouse to backspace, which only deletes letters in front of the cursor, so I see a clear button, which I assumed to be the PCs delete button equivilant. Since I only needed to delete one letter that was in front of the cursor, I didn't want to go through the hassle with the crappy equipment, so I push the clear button. It cleared EVERYTHING! I try to undo by pressing apple and z, but it doesn't do anything. I call the lab tech guy over, but he has broken english and doesn't care either. So I bitterly typed everything all over again. Then when I was done, I hear the lab tech guy telling someone that our responses do not effect our grades! We're just test subjects! So I could've written crap and didn't have to stay and extra hour in lab! Boy, what a poopy day.

THEN, at the end of Alpha Phi meeting, Ev tells me that we can't go alum next year! International decided to change their policy and now just cuz you'll be a fifth year, you have to stay active until you actually graduate or have been in for four years! AH! I planned my next year without Alpha Phi. I thought I had room to do other things already and planned on it. I will still go through with the SPC thing, but damn... I don't have time. I need next year to prepare for my future. I didn't want a busy year next year, even though it seems like it will be anyway. But more importantly, if I knew I couldn't go alum, I would've ran for a position or something. I don't want to be here for a whole year doing nothing. I already took on the whole senior attitude! This really sucks donkey balls (sorry for taking your line, Jonathan).

I feel so stressed, and then stupid for stressing over such petty things. I just want this quarter to be over! I'm sick of this quarter... need something new. I wish there was only 7 weeks in a quarter. I know... I know... I said this last quarter around the same time, but seriously, it would be perfect! 10 weeks is just too long! They should have 4 seven weeks quarters... that'd be cool. More options for classes, and more frequent changes. yay! One day...

0 2 . 2 1 . 0 2 | 0 5 : 1 9 p m
The Olympics reruns are totally ruining my sleeping patterns! I can't help but to watch them since my TV's on (I know... I know... I could just turn it off, but I like sleeping with my TV on). The Olympics ends up distracting me when I try to sleep and keeps me up till like 4 AM or so. Then I can't wake up before 1 PM and don't get much done. At least it'll be over this week and I can then try to fix my schedule. I need to get to class. I can't keep walking in at the end just to slip in my homework or slip the homework under my professor's office door and RUN! Bad habit! ad Caroline! Yup, gonna get better after this week. Anyhoo... Women's Figure Skating TONIGHT! Yay! I can't wait to see Sasha Cohens. I love that girl. She's so cute and spunky. There's something about her that really draws me to her. I'd love to meet her. She is from Orange County... hm... Maybe one day.

0 2 . 2 0 . 0 2 | 1 1 : 2 1 p m
I put up another poll on my website. Take my Poll!

0 2 . 2 0 . 0 2 | 0 6 : 4 5 p m
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I volunteer at a high school as an apprentice for a physics teacher there. I need to do 40 hours in this quarter, and there's only a month left and I've only done less than 10 hours. I was going to go in today. I even slept early... like at 9 or so. i ended up waking up at 12 because I was extremely thirsty. I had two marguaritas for dinner and didn't have any water. I was so dehydrated, which resulted in a slight hang over. So I stayed up till 5 playing the all so addictive game, Big Money, from PopCap. Try it! It's so much fun... too bad it's so addictive. I even got Jonathan hooked on it this morning. hee hee...

Today is me and Jonathan's One Year and One month anniversary. hee hee... I was never one to be into anniversaries and all, but there's something so special about our relationship. It's different from anything I've experienced or thought I would experience. I love our relationship and he makes me so happy. I'm like on cloud 9 all the time... well, most of the time, but when I'm not, it has nothing to do with the relationship but other stressors in my life. I used to think monthly anniversaries are pointless. Even though we don't celebrate it, it's really nice to hear him wisper "happy anniversary" at midnight. Okay, I'll stop babbling now. Gonna go play more Big Money. heh heh...

0 2 . 1 8 . 0 2 | 0 7 : 3 0 p m
I've been lazy to post again. Just lots happening and haven't been around cuz of the three day weekend. So lets catch up. Valentine's Day went wonderful! I cooked Jonathan a candle light dinner. I set up the room with lots of candles. It was a very classy and romantic setting. I sewed these red velvet heart placemats, which we stuffed into pillows at the end of the night. I was so proud of my cooking! I made mashed potatoes and creamed corn... all from scratch. All my sisters were so impressed and liked it a lot. Then for the main course, I grilled fish and scallops topped with diced tomatoes. Jonathan took pictures, but I don't have them uploaded yet. So I will show you when I get them. For dessert, I had white chocolate covered strawberries, three each, and drizzled chocolate syrup to give it a gourmet look. hee hee... I was very impressed with myself. The cutest part was prolly just having my sisters helping me set up and all the night before. He made this cute little thing for me and gave me chocolates and a rose. I have to get pictures up.

Over the three day weekend, I went out with my old high school buddies Alice and Phuong. It's amazing how far we each have gone. I've know Alice since freshman year in high school, and we were the best of friends until we went our separate ways end of sophomore year. We were still friends, but not as close as the beginning. Phuong and I were really close junior and senior year, and drifted when college started. It was really nice to all go out and drink... I mean, reunite! It's amazing how much growing Alice has done within this last year. I'm glad to see her doing so well. Phoung and I had our heart to heart after through e-mail. It was very nice. Like Phuong, I've just been going through this real sentimental moment in my life. I'm just re-evaluating my priorities and really cherishing the things that really matter, like REAL friends and family. I'm trying to always let the people I love know how much I love and appreciate them. Basically, I'm living so if I was to die at any moment, I would not have any regrets. I'm not stressing over stupid things like school anymore. I used to place school so high that I would push my relationships aside for it. If I died today, my acheivements in school is not what I will hold dear to me. So I'm just making every effort to show my love and appreciation all the time and never leave anything unsaid.

0 2 . 1 1 . 0 2 | 0 6 : 0 9 p m
I'm on duty right now. I'm DC again, so I'm sitting in the rec room till 11 tonight. I also have a midterm tomorrow, another Physics one, and was not originally on duty tonight. I was originally scheduled for duty on Thursday... Yup, on Valentine's Day! At first, I thought it'd be okay because I'm only backup, so I'll check in for duty right after my class, so go back to my room to prepare something special for Jonathan. Then I thought about it more and realized it would suck when I have to leave for rounds. It might be inturrupting something good, so at meeting on Tuesday, I asked around to switch it. Tessa was nice enough to offer to switch me her Monday DC shift for my Thursday backup shift. After switching, I realized that I have a midterm the next day and won't get to study! But oh well, I get Valentine's off. I ended up being a little late cuz my class let us out late. Oh well, maybe I'll fit in some studying time. I 'm so unmotivated this quarter.

Anyway, to my point. I just checked my mail and actually received something for me, and not the past HA's. It ended up being a valentine's card from my parents. (They donate to Alpha Phi, and Alpha Phi sends me a card they wrote) It's cute. I received one last year with a broken english poem. Very touching. This year, my dad wrote me another poem:
"Caroline (and he drew a big heart)
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
You are our Favorite
Daughter and we
Love You! (drew another heart)
Isn't that cute. hee hee... Did I mention I'm the only daughter? It definantly put a huge smile on my face and just what I needed during midterm season. Aw... I love my parents.

Yesterday, they came down to orange county for some huge orchids show at South Coast Plaza. I thought the plan was for them to come to my place first, then we head over there together. I spent the whole morning cleaning. We found like 3 HUGE spiders in the process. We vacuumed two of the up since they were so big and on the carpet. I smooshed the smaller of the three and heard it pop and squish, so it's a good thing we didn't squish the other two. Anyway, so we end up meeting up my parents at the show. I've never seen so many exotic orchids (and expensive, some plants were like $200). It was a cool experience. My parents bought four plants and we went to dinner after. My parents gave us red envelopes for Chinese New Year. It was too bad that I developed a bad headache at the end of the night. I didn't say "I love you" or give my parents a hug at the end. I wish I did, but at that time, but my head hurt and I was so tired.

0 2 . 0 8 . 0 2 | 0 5 : 4 7 p m
Boy did I learn a lesson today. Actually, it's not the first time this has happened to me, so I guess I really should've learned the first time... I will never learn! So my Student Programs Coordinator (SPC) application was due today at 5. I have class from 3-4:20. My plan was to drop off the application before class, until I realized that we needed to include a copy of our transcript and I needed to go to the registra to get one. I wrote my essays, there were three, last night and had e-mailed them toJonathan so he can read over them for me. One really sucked; I basically only had the intro done. I finished them up this afternoon, saved it on a disk, and closed the windows. The plan was to go to the registra first to get a transcript, then go late to class, then go to office, print up my essays and turn it in on time. Did anyone catch with I did wrong?! I only saved the essays on disk and not on the hard drive. I get to the office and print up the first document, and then the second. "What? Error?!" My second document wouldn't open! The third one printed up fine, but my fourth one, the one that I did all the work today, didn't open! I hurried home and luckily had e-mailed them to Jonathan last night. I open them and edit them. But what really sucked was that my fourth document was basically gone. I did all the work today, so the copy I had from last night was crap. And I actually felt that I wrote a strong essay this afternoon too. I ended up just having to rush through it so I can get to the office to print it up and turn in on time. Sucked. The essay probably didn't flow too well. I just tried to remember all the points I made and write it down, but I didn't have time to edit it and make sure it flowed. Oh well... I told myself that if I don't get this position, I'm getting a...

Yup... so that way, I won't be too dissapointed that I didn't get the position. If I get the position, that means I'll get my own room in AV (paid for too) and a stipend each month that's more than my HA stipend right now, and of course, the experience that would be invaluable to my future career in student affairs. But if I don't get it, I'm communting next year and getting a...

0 2 . 0 5 . 0 2 | 1 1 : 3 5 p m
It sucks being sick. I have been sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and plain suffering all day! I made it to my morning Physics class just in time to turn in my homework today. Then came back to rush to do my next Physics class' homework and journals for my Arts Core class and study for the Arts Core quiz. I really wanted to be on time for my second Physics class cuz I know he was doing a review for the midterm Thursday. However, the journals took longer than I thought, and I didn't start on my Physics homework right away, so I ended up being late. So I missed the first half of the review. Oh well. Then, I go to Arts Core to find out that she's canceling the quiz! And I actually read for it this time! She said it was "mercy day". So she's giving everyone an extra 5 points added to their total quiz scores.

It really sucks walking to school when sick. The walk seems that much further and that much harder. I'm like huffing and puffing there. We got to teach the rest of the people in my dance group that didn't show up for rehearsals last night. I really hate it when we hold rehearsals and people don't show up. I end up having to teach all the absentees the next meeting and prevent the rest from moving forward. I didn't want to spend too much time on them, so I had my group teach the absentees first, then we worked as a group. The dance came together well. so I;m excited to performe it on Thursday. It's the final for this half of my Arts Core class. The next half is drama. I hope the next Professor is just as cool. We'll see... Okay, gotta keep studying for my stupid Physics final... actually, this one's not so stupid. Next Tuesday's stupid. OH YEAH, so finally going to class today, I find out that after my Physics midterm Thursday, my other Physics midterm is the following Tuesday! I knew it'd be the following week, but I was expecting it to be on Thursday. That means this weekend, I will be drowning myself in my books again. Bleh. oh well, I have my parent's visit on Sunday to look forward to.

0 2 . 0 4 . 0 2 | 0 9 : 1 5 p m
Alison, Tracey, Jonathan and I went snowboarding on Saturday. I planned a non-AV snow day, but it ended up being only the 4 of us. It was lots of fun anyway. I actually go on the beginners jump now. I want to try jumps now. I'm just working on getting over the jumps without catching air. I think I caught a little air on my last run... scary, but it wasn't much air. I'm working on it. It was a very fun trip, even though it we were quite jinxed. First of all, we got there late, so we parked pretty far up the mountain (we were at the East Resort of Mt. High). Right when we got to the lift finally, Ali realized that she forgot her gloves. We decided to go on a run while Ali gets her gloves. After our first run, we find Ali and go for another 2 runs. As we go on the lift for our third run, Ali realizes that she lost her lift ticket and can't get on the lift. We go talk to an old man and he says he can't do anything about it since we didn't bring the receipt. To make matters worse, she can't just buy another ticket either because they've sold out. We have to wait til 2 before they'll sell her another ticket... this was like at 11 or so. So the three of us decide to go for another run to look for her ticket. The three of us go heel all the way down at super slow speeds to look for it. OMG it's tiring to go slow and stay on heels the whole time. And then we have no luck too! So Jonathan finds another person to talk to. He approaches a lady and says he lost his lift ticket. The lady interagates him (what time did you get here? Let me see your snowboard), then gives him another ticket. Okay, so things are picking up again, right? Well, not quite. We go on another run and on that last steep part in the East Resort, Ali gets struck by a skier, gets light headed, tumbles down the hill, and hit her head. Poor Ali... just wasn't her day. Oh yeah, to make matters worse, at the end of the day, we go back to Tracey's car to find a freakin PARKING TICKET! We've never got ticketed for parking on the mountain side. Where else do you park?! Oy... just wasn't our day. But besides that, it was mucho fun! So... lets go again! Anyone down?!

0 2 . 0 2 . 0 2 | 0 3 : 2 6 a m
So we're suppose to go snowboarding in 3 hours. I've been trying to sleep for 3 hours now... no luck. My stomach has also been hurting all night, so that doesn't help much either. I hope it doesn't hurt when we're up on the slopes! The last time we went snowboarding, my stomach wasn't being very friendly to me, so hopefully it'll be nicer this time since it kept me up all this time already. I hope I have energy too. The first time we went snowboading this season, I was too excited to sleep, and that wasn't good for me either while up on the slopes. We'll see.

I'm kinda stressing about my Physics midterm this coming up Thursday. I feel so lost! I really want to get 4.0's for the rest of my time here, but Physics is making it really difficult for me. Stupid Physics. Stupid Major. *grunt* should have changed majors years ago. oh well, sucks for me. I just have to tough out a little bit more. Bleh.
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