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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

0 2 . 2 7 . 0 3 | 0 6 : 2 6 p m
Just got done with the vender fair. We got make up days because it rainned last time. Welp, off to Mammoth I go! Sucks that I can't leave with comfort that my applications are okay. Still no sign of them. Poopy!

0 2 . 2 5 . 0 3 | 0 3 : 3 6 p m
FREAK! Okay, so I call Irvine post office today to see if my application is perhaps sitting somewhere there still. They get my package number... no luck. It's not there. They told me to call usps directly. I call usps and they say there's nothing they can do, certified mail can only be checked online. I explained to them that it was mailed 10 days ago and hasn't arrived and if they could just tell me which post office it was suppose to go to after Irvine. They looked up the destination's zip code and gave me the number to Village Station post office. I called there and gave them my package number. Again, no luck. They explained that UCLA gets hampers and hampers of mail, and that the certified mail goes in the same hamper as the regular mail. Someone from UCLA comes to pick up those hampers and it gets sorted out at the UCLA mail room. So they told me to call UCLA's mail room to see if it's still sitting there. I called, but again, no luck. I called the department to explain to them my situation to see what I should do (resubmit, track that package, call somebody else, whatever). I tell the receptionist that I don't know who I should talk to, and explained her my situation to see where she can direct me.
receptionist: As long as it was post marked on February 15th, you'll be fine.
me: But what if it was lost? My application isn't at any of the post offices.
receptionsist: If it's lost, tough luck.
me: I can't resubmitted it? I have proof that it was mailed that day.
receptionist: Hold on. (afterawhile) I will forward you to John.

john: Hi.
me: (explained my situation)
john: Applications will be sent for review on Monday, so as long as it comes in by then.
me: What if it doesn't?
john: If it's postmarked on time, then we'll add you on.
me: But what if it's lost?
john: Then you're out of luck.
me: But I have proof that I mailed it on time. Couldn't I just hand deliver it to you?
john: No, we don't know what you mailed in that package. If we lost it, then you can bring another in. But this is your fault and the post office's fault, not ours.
There's nothing I can do now... I just have to hope that the post office will be as reliable as it has been for me. What is giving me a bit of comfort is that he was still receiving applications today that were sent via certified mail on the 15th. So I'm just crossing my fingers and hope that it will arrive by the end of this week. I do hate their "tough luck" attitude though.

0 2 . 2 4 . 0 3 | 1 1 : 0 6 p m
Should I worry yet...? So my UCLA application was due on February 15th. I submitted the online portion at 8 that morning and sent the other stuff (letter of recs, statement of purpose, resume, and other supplementary stuff) at 10 that same morning. The application had to be postmarked by then, so I certified mailed it so I could get a receipt that proves I sent it on the 15th and so I can track to see when they receive it. It is now almost the 25th and according to the united states postal service's website, my package has not been delivered. The last status is when they received it on the 15th. There was no attempted delivery or anything. And UCLA's website says that they haven't received it yet either.

I'm not sure who to call first and just dread having to deal with it all over again! I hope the people who wrote my reccomendations kept an extra copy. Plus I would probably have to put something in writing with proof that I actually sent it on time. I hate this... I have enough crap to worry about this week! argh!

0 2 . 2 0 . 0 3 | 1 1 : 0 6 p m
I have nothing interesting to say. I'm hungry and sleepy. I packed and was ready to go home... then I remembered... I have to go in lab tomorrow. argh. I was all packed and ready to go too. Oh well. I just made two sample wedding invitations for Jonathan's mom. I didn't buy ribbon yet because I plan to buy it at a place back home, so I just used left over ribbon from the AV semi-formal invites just to show her what it'll kind of look like. Two very different looks. One's just very traditional and common, the other has a more modern look. I don't know what she'll like more. I also printed it like in 20 other fonts for her to pick.

I would like to congratulate my friend Phuong and Richard. As of Valentine's, they're engaged. =) Phuong is one of my closest friends from high school. We never had the title of "best friends", but I do consider her as a best friend. Best friend not in the sense that we hang out ALL the time, but that we were really close in high school, and although we don't see each other much, I can always call her and be confident that I can comfortably talk to her. She's one of only two people I still hang out with from high school. Weird, she's my age and she's engaged. Of course, I've been talking about it too, but I wouldn't expect to be engaged for another year. I guess that was the case for her too... he just asked a bit sooner than she thought. Funny thing is, a week before her engagement, we were just talking about how weird that this other girl our age is engaged to be married this summer. Little did she know, she would soon be in the same catagory, just not as soon of a wedding date.

I've been in that marriage mood too. I've been looking at rings and dresses. Ivy and I went to Tiffany & Co. to look at rings. Her brother is planning to propose to his gf in couple months, so we went to look at what she should tell her brother to get... and of course, for me to see if I like any of them. I saw some nice ones, but nothing really jumped out at me. I either want a really simple ring, or a ring that's just BANG! ...BUT, I couldn't let him spend a lot on rings because that money could go towards a down payment on a house. And I told him I wouldn't want to do any kind of upgrades because it just wouldn't be the same. My engagement ring is what it is on my engagement day. After that, there would be no point in spent thousands of dollars on a little rock... there's more practical things the money could be used for.

I find that I really like to save money. I am not willing to eat really expensive foods because I don't want him to waste his money. Even on special occasions, I have trouble saying, "Okay, lets go spend over $100 on dinner for two." Not that I don't want it, but I don't like it when he puts it on me. If he ask me, "Do you want to go eat at [place that cost over $100]?", I can't get myself to say yes. By asking me, I start to go through my decision making process, and the most frequent question I ask myself is "do I really need this?!" So of course in the end I have trouble saying yes. I end up thinking, but we could get the same kind of food at this other place for a comparable price.

To me, if he really wants to take me there, he would just take me. By asking me, I feel like he's just suggesting it, but asking me in hopes I'll say no... or asking just for the thought of asking but not really wanting to go. I was talking to my ex-bf two nights ago and he was telling me how he keeps thinking about how little I cost him in comparison to the girls he dated after me. He said that girls after me has costed him "an arm and a leg". He needs knee surgery, so I responded, "yeah, literally your leg. well, your knee, at least." My dad has drilled me to be too money conscious and it gets in the way of me having certain kinds of fun. I usually don't care and is perfectly happy with my life. It's only when I hear about people taking this and that trip, buying this and that, eating here and there, etc. When I hear all that, I then feel like I'm missing out. But i wouldn't do those things anyway because I don't think it's worth it. I just want to make oodles of money one day so I don't have to be so money conscious. I have no income right now, so I guess it's not a bad thing for me to be money conscious.

0 2 . 1 8 . 0 3 | 1 2 : 1 6 a m
I remember what I wanted to say... Jonathan's recent post reminded me. So we went to watch Vagina Monologue on Valentine's Day. It was very thoughtful of him to get tickets and to take me to watch it. I was excited because I was hoping to be empowered and moved. However, as I watched, I couldn't help but to feel offended. I felt like it was so degrading. For example, there was one skit where a girl learns to love her vagina... but what bugged me was that it took a guy's approval for her to approve of herself. That seems to just reinterate that females need to seek a man's approval.

Has anyone seen it? I unfortunately left after intermission. I wanted to stay to see if it got any better, but I couldn't take anymore of it. I did not like the message it was sending. I don't know if it was just this cast, or changes to the script. There were guys in the cast, which we were told it was the first year they did this. We left too early to see what the guy's role were. I'm assuming that in order to write the guys in, they had to change the script a bit. Maybe it was just some of the actresses I couldn't stand. Some were just soooo annoying! I left there irritated, pissed, and crying. argh... the thought of it pisses me off. I have a lot of issues about gender roles, how media portrays women, and just expectations of women.

0 2 . 1 7 . 0 3 | 0 1 : 1 6 a m
What a week! Our buisness went REALLY well last week... so well that Jonathan and I are so tempted to go into it full time. But I think we will just have to stick with what's managable. He mentioned to his mother about quitting work and she got concerned. We'll just have to do what we can until one of us could go into it full time. Since I burn out easily, we were thinking that I would be the full time worker and he can do the buisness full time while I'll help on the weekends and evenings. Because of the rain, we're getting two make up days next week to sell again. Hope we do as well as we did at the end of last week!

So I got a new computer... LAST WEEK! But we were so busy that I didn't get to set it up till last night, and still it's not done! It's such a pain in the ass to transfer all the important stuff from the old computer, but thank goodness I have a geeky bf to help me with all that tedious stuff. =D I got a Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz computer with 512MB of RAM and a 80 gig hard drive... for $700. *Intel Inside* (I just like saying that, and kept insisting to Jonathan that I needed to pay more for the Intel.) Boy, the cost of computers have gone down soooooo much!

I never thought I would get a new computer again. My uncle helped me buy my last computer (888 MHz for $1200! 5 years ago), and I thought it would be the last time I ever get a computer. The only time I get computers is when my little brother needs one (I would just give him the one I was using and get a new one), but this past year, my dad got him a new computer. So I thought my little 888 MHz would be my computer forever... well, for a long time, at least. It does everything I need it to. I really don't need anything faster. Then about a week ago, my dad came up to me and said that HE wants a computer! So he told me to go get a new computer and give him my old one. YAY! New computer for me!... too bad I haven't had the time to get everything switched over. So now I'm just juggling between two computers.

0 2 . 1 2 . 0 3 | 0 9 : 2 6 p m
This has been such a busy week! I haven't really talked about it, but Jonathan and I started a business. We sell these ecosystems with little shrimps in them called migi cubes. We had our first big show on Sunday at the Rose Bowl flee market and all this week at UCI's vendor fair. It's been a tough juggle to set up at 8, sell, then switch shifts with Jonathan to go to class. Doesn't give me much time to catch up on things when I get home... hence the lack of journaling lately.

I wish I had pictures from today. Many vendors didn't show up yesterday because of the rain, and even more were absent today. Me and the cell phone guy across showed up. Things were going well in the beginning, then it started to get really windy. I spent most of the time holding down my canopy while selling. If I wasn't holding on, mine would've flown away like the absent vendors. They literally blew away and down a block. At one point, I was under the canopy with 10 other people who were looking at the migi cubes. Suddenly, two legs of our canopy lifts up so I grab it. The wind was so strong that all 10 people under the tent had to grab onto the canopy and hold it for a good 5 minutes to let it ride out.

The neat part was throughout all that, I made so many sales!!! Like everyone under there ended up buying one. Two even stayed behind to help me close down. The winds were just too strong and I didn't want to risk the lives of my shrimps for couple sales, so I closed down around 12:30. But I stuck it out for a long time. The cell phone guy had to convince me to close early... actually, when it started to take 10 people to hold down the canopy, it wasn't worth it anymore. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow will have better weather. Funny thing is these two rainy days gave me better sales than the non-rainny day. Maybe rain is good afterall. I actually don't mind rain... just not the wind!

0 2 . 0 7 . 0 3 | 0 3 : 1 6 p m
Yesterday, when Jonathan's mom came home from work, I was the only one around. I go out to greet her and then she goes into her room and I go into his. She later comes out and sticks her head in his room and says:
J-mom: Thank you for helping me with the invitations.
Me: Oh no problem!
    (some discussion about the invitations and about the wedding)
J-mom: We're going to meet with the karaoke singers for the banquet.
Me: oh cool!
J-mom: Yeah, we asked Jonathan's cousin about the karaoke singer
    and you know what he said?! He told me to not hire too many
    singers and just ask the relatives and friends to sing.
Me: (laughing) Yeah, that's a good idea.
J-mom: Yes, and I want you to sing!
Me: (laughing harder) Then I should start practicing.
J-mom: You know what song I've always liked, "I will always love you".
Does that mean she wants me to sing it or was she just telling me that she likes it? None the less, I'm very flattered that she asked me to sing. And even more flattered that I get to be involved with the whole process (making the invitations).

Okay, back to working on my statement of purpose. Yes, I finished it a month ago, but that was for UCI. I'm changing it a bit for the UCLA one since the schools are a little bit different and I'm trying to taylor my essay to the school's needs/wants. Even though it's not due for another week, I need to finish it this week cuz we will be working our buisness all next week! Wish me luck!

0 2 . 0 5 . 0 3 | 0 7 : 2 6 p m
Happy Chinese New Years! I had a good Chinese New Year. Lots of family stuff. We had our traditional New Years Eve dinner... but this year was a bit different. So my dad calls me to remind me about the dinner:
Dad: You're coming home for New Years Eve dinner tonight, right?
Me: Of course.
Dad: Is Jonathan coming too?
Me: Yes.
Dad: Okay, I'm going to invite his father over too.
This was so exciting! Our parents have met before, but they were always at large gatherings. This was actually going to be an intimate dinner with just my parents, me, Jonathan, his dad, and my brother. His dad stayed til nearly midnight! I'm glad his dad was able to make it on such short notice.

Another exciting thing is... well, I'm not sure if I'm suppose to talk about it, but I'm sure if it's still suppose to be a secret to certain people, those people wouldn't be here anyway. So I'm saying it... Jonathan's mom is getting married!!! And I get to do her invitations!!! YAY! I'm excited.

I'm also starting to get senoritis. I was so caught up with grad applications that I missed senior info days. I went on our commencement sight last night and clued in to with what I'm suppose to do. I made an appointment for senior portraits. I really didn't care about senior portraits or graduation, but I realize how important it is to my family. I'm actually getting into this whole grad thing... too bad I have senoritis. I keep thinking how I want to make my grad announcements, who I want to give it to, and who I will invite to my graduation. I'm actually getting excited!
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