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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

0 1 . 3 0 . 0 2 | 0 9 : 4 5 p m
I just got off the phone with my mom. It's been awhile since we talked. I didn't go home this weekend, and I kept missing her calls. We had a nice conversation and she will be visiting me two weekends later. Actually, she was going to an orchid show at South Coast Plaza, and I told her to stop by... but anyhow, I'm excited. She hasn't seen my room at all yet this year. Hopefully, we'll get to hang out and it won't be like in the past where she would come visit at me at Chem house just to bring me food and go home. But since there's an orcid show in the mall, we'll get to walk around the mall and maybe have dinner before she leaves. Always makes me sad when they leave though. I don't deal with good-byes well, that's why I have a hard time living in two places, cuz it's always involving saying good bye to Jonathan and my parents. I'm writing my essay, and I need to finish, so I'll just get to the point. At the end of the conversaition, I told her I love her, and instead of the typical response "okay", she said "yeah, I love you too". She shocked me and I didn't know what to say, so I gave the "okay" response this time! okay, gotta finish up.

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0 1 . 3 0 . 0 2 | 0 6 : 4 8 p m
Today was my first day working in the high school Physics classes over at Santa Ana High School. Quite interesting experience, might I say. The teacher, Dr. Reynolds, said the school population is 65% hispanic, but from the three classes I worked with, it was like 98% hispanic. There was one African American, and one White, assuming he's white and not fair skin hispanic. I worked with a freshman Physical Science class, who was so energetic! But Dr. Reynolds fed from their energy and used it in their learning. He kept giving them things to think about or do. He would throw out a question and call on people to give answer for extra points. They were so eager to answer. His Physics class was also very energetic and enthusiastic about Physics. Yay, Physics! Then we have the Honors Physics, who's mellow compared to the other two classes. It was much more difficult to get them to participate, but from what he said, they're way better than his morning Honors Physics class, which I don't go to cuz it's way early (8am!). But they're supposedly just zombies... I would be too!

He asked me to take one of the subjects and teach it. As an apprentice, I guess I'm suppose to try teaching when I can, but it's a bit intimidating cuz he's one of those guys who thinks he's right and his way is the best. It's also scary because I don't know how the students will respond to me. Just scared that I won't be interesting enough or know my stuff well enough. We'll see... if I do, I'll most likely be taking centripital motion Friday.

I gotta study! I talked to Martin last night about grad school, and I got all this info and connection. Past HA's here he used to supervise a long time ago are now working in housing, and some do the hiring for certain positions. So Martin was just thinking of all the places i could work at while going to grad school and stuff. I just need to look into when I need to take the GRE by. Darn, I thought I wouldn't be taking anymore standarized test. Oh well... So like Jonathan keeps nagging me about, instead of worrying about what needs to be done in the future, I need to just worry about what's underneath my nose, like homework. =P So I'll go study now... even though I want to go to Target to get earplugs and whatever else I need, but I'll pass.

0 1 . 2 9 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 1 5 a m
So it was a virus I opened yesterday. Worse of all, since it was new (the myparty worm), there wasn't much info on it last night. They seem to know a lot more about it as of this morning, but that meant me worrying last night. So willing to do anything, I found where the virus copied itself to and deleted the sucker. I hope that's good enough. We'll see, I guess.

I'm not liking Physics... taking 2 upperdivsion suckers don't help my case either. Bleh. I can't wait to be done! Well, I can cuz I don't know what I want to do after.

While I was showering this morning, I had a great idea. I COULD get a doggy. I could keep him hiding in my bedroom, and if I'm at my parents house, I could keep him in my bedroom there, and if my grandma's over, I can bring him over to Jonathan's to spend the night too. It could work out! I want a doggy! I would want a Maltese or Shih Tzu. For now at least, cuz if I had it my way, I'd have a sheep dog as well! hee hee... but a Maltese will work just fine. Just gotta get one now. hm...

0 1 . 2 7 . 0 2 | 1 0 : 3 8 p m
I just put up a new poll on my website. Check it out! I debated about the subject, and decided to stick with it! =P

I've been procrastinating ALL weekend! I only got one assignment done, and haven't studied for Physics at all! aiya! And while procrastinating, I checked my e-mail, and got a freakin virus! I think I did... I currently scanning. Will keep you updated.

0 1 . 2 7 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 1 4 p m
Wow, it's been so long since I've update my journal! I really need to post regularly again. I guess I just found all these new hobbies(?) and started to get too lazy to post. What have I been up to... lets see... wagerworks. I am half way to a two night stay at Bellagio! My sisters laugh and call me a gamble-holic. Is that a bad thing?! hee hee... I started to knit yesterday! It's cool. Only took me like 4 tries before able to make it somewhat consistant. I was going to do a scarf, but it's kinda wide, so I might make a purse or something instead. I'll just keep working and see where it brings me to.

For my Arts class, we're split into groups of approximately 25 and we have to chreograph a dance and perform it 5th week, which serves as our final for the dance portion of the class, then we get a new professor to do the studio arts half. So I am one of the chreographer. It's so hard to chreograph for people who don't know how to dance. It's quite an experience to have to stop and consider how a very simple step can potentially look awful because it might not be executed right. So in the end, we decided to do a broadway piece, All that Jazz, cuz it's easy for beginners and still look good. Just have to do big showy moves and formation changes. We could go easy with the dance, and it'll still look good. I'm excited. Just distracts me through out the day cuz I keep thinking about it! Oh well...

Midterms are creaping up again! AH! I've fallen behind so much in one of my Physics class. I'm okay with the other, but I still need to work my ass off again. I was suppose to study all day yesterday, instead, I went to Tall Mouse and started to knit. Oh well. And I haven't even started to study today! OY!

I went to go meet with the high school teacher I'll be doing my apprenticeship with. He's pretty cool. He really talked me out of wanting to teach. I wasn't that into it, so it didn't take much. I even considered dropping this apprenticeship class, but decided it'd be a good experience. Last week, we started the RA/HA hiring process with a group process. They come for 4 hours and do activities, and we evaluate them. I was a TA for the RA/HA selection class last year, so it was cool experiencing this new process. Instead of taking a selection class for a quarter like last year, and what I went through my first year, they now come for 4 hours only and take the class after they get hired. I see pros and cons to both. But the best part was being able to talk to one of the resident life coordinator about student affairs. I've been talking to many of the professional staff to see what they recommend me to do for grad school. So I got one more perspective. Okay, I gotta study. I'll try to post regularly now... geesh, even Jonathan post more regularly than me now!

0 1 . 1 6 . 0 2 | 1 2 : 1 2 a m
So last week, I had a dream my mom was pregnant. This morning, I dreamt that I had a baby! I never gave birth, but I had a baby. In my dream, babies start out in liquid form (yeah, no labor), and when they're little, they can go back and forth from liquid to an actual baby. So I guess I had the baby for couple months but my parents never told me. One night I found out I had a baby girl named Chloe. The next day, we were having a big family party at my house and Jonathan and I were digging around for old baby clothes and stuff we could use in our new house. Then it occured to me... where's the baby? I looked all over and Chloe was no where in sight. I though my parents might have given her away. I go into my mom's room and that's where I see her trying to put Chloe to sleep, but Chloe didn't want to and was about to cry. So I sat on the bed and Chloe reached for me to carry her. I carried her in my arms and that was the most amazing experience! I kept thinking, "She looks just like me". I was sooo happy. I go out to show Jonathan, but on the way, I bump into my dad. I wasn't sure if my dad knew I had a baby (my mom doesn't tell my dad everything) so I put the baby in front of him, but I was afraid to say "say hi to grandpa". I was afraid my dad would be mad. He wasn't too accepting in the beginning, but then he carried her and embraced her. I told my dad, "look, she looks just like me". Then my rival cousins come around and for some reason, Chloe was in liquid form now. She was some purple tinted liquid in a plastic bottle. One of my cousins then took the bottle and DRANK IT! I kept saying "you drank my baby". They didn't believe me. I took the bottle that now only had a little liquid left and went to look for my mom. I was so afraid that she'd get mad at me. I kept thinking, "can they still bring Chloe back? Is there enough liquid? Will I just get a minature version now?" Then I woke up... I was so sad. But all day, I just keep thinking of the few magical seconds I spent with MY baby! Anyone know anything about dream analysis?! Let me know what this means! Two baby dreams in less than a week!

0 1 . 1 6 . 0 2 | 1 1 : 1 4 p m
I had my very first program for the year. My digital arts instructor from last quarter came to do a website making workshop. I was really worried with the low attendance in the beginning, but people started to come later, which was nice. It ended up being really good because everyone really liked him and this ended up being a good experience for him. So I got one faculty program done... yay! Next time, I need to organize it sooner so I can advertise more and make it a bigger deal. It did end well though... luckily. I was really worried in the beginning.

We went snowboarding today. We had a really good day today. Not many people and we had 9 good runs. We slept in and came home early too. Because it was not crowed, we fitted 9 runs in two hours. If it wasn't cuz I was hungry and that I had to get back to meet with my instructor about the workshop, I could've kept going. I was just having a really good day. Okay, I got some homework to finish up. bleh...

0 1 . 1 4 . 0 2 | 0 3 : 4 0 p m
I'm such a dork... what's new, huh? So I came back to Irvine at 12:30 today because I had breakfast with my mom and I had to pick up my shot records all the way in Baldwin Park. I didn't go to my 1 o'clock class cuz I needed time to get squared away and settle in. I had to take care of some stuff before going to my 3 o'clock class because i would be going straight to meeting after. There's lots to take care of before meeting, so I rushed and went to the office to take care of things there. I was done with stuff at 2:15 since all the pro-staff had a meeting (I was planning to talk to them). Since they were all gone, I decided to walk to school early. To kill time (20 min), I went to registar to add a class and got some snacks. It's almost 3 now, so I go in class. Something felt weird. I'm pretty sure I'm in the right class... it's the right room and the right time. The TA then hands back HW. Now I'm thinking, wait a minute, we didn't have HW... was there HW we were suppose to turn into her office or something? (This class only meets once a week, so this was only the second class.) Something then registered... my class isn't at 3, it's at 4!!! I wasted so much time! So now I'm in the student center reading for that class and killing more time. Darn... what a waste of time. I hate wasting time!

Right after class, I have to rush to meeting, the do evaluation stuff... study and sleeping early has to fit in somewhere too. Damn, and I wanted to fit in working out this quarter! I guess that won't be happening. bleh.

0 1 . 1 3 . 0 2 | 1 1 : 2 6 p m
I was so relieved when the weekend came around. So much complications. The Alpha Phi house is having leaks and stuff fixed, so the living room is closed off. The date of completion was post poned, which made things even more confusing because I have to do have evaluations done and a program this week. First, the speakers I'm trying to get didn't reply till later, then he wants money! I've gotten Nobel prize winners and the Chancellor to speak for nothing, and here this no body wants money. I try to contact another professor, but it's too late. Luckily, the one who wants money says he'll do it (I think). I think I got that taken care of. Then, I don't know what we're doing about the meeting, so I can't arrange the evaluations thing (another HA has to come in to do it, and I do hers).

OK... will post later. ER's on.

0 1 . 0 9 . 0 2 | 0 7 : 0 5 p m
So I'm DC tonight. I took Peaches Wednesday night duties for the quarter, which was like three. Cool thing is that they put a computer on the DC desk now, so I can post, and play wagerworks while on duty. I'm suppose to start studying, but Friends is on and I have a computer now... what distractions.

I went running with Ivy and Tracey 2 nights ago. Boy did my knees hurt! All day yesterday my knees were in PAIN! I couldn't walk down stairs or down hills! sucks... Boy was I out of shape. I could not keep up with them. They ran the whole entire 3 miles or so. I have to mix up the running with some walking. Running's really rough on the knees. They suggested me to get good running shoes, but I think I'll just stick to "fake" running at the ARC. I'll stick to my little elliptical machine.

My mom is so funny. I had a dream last night that she was pregnant, so I called her today to tell her. So the conversation pretty much went like this:
Me: Hey, I had a dream last night that you were pregnant.
Mom: You be careful!
Me: In my dream, I knew that you couldn't get pregnant too
(her tubes are tied), but you had a big tummy.
Mom: Be careful, then!
Me: Hey, you're the one who was pregnant, not me!
Mom: You're the one doing "crazy" stuff... so be careful!
I thought that was pretty funny. I just kept telling her to stop worrying and that she has no need to.

I'm hungry! I had one more thing I wanted to post, but I forgot. Oh well. Take my quiz if you get the chance. hm... can't remember that last point. Oh well.

0 1 . 0 7 . 0 2 | 0 8 : 1 7 p m
Just completed my first day of classes for the Winter quarter. Wasn't so bad. Some changes that happend over break... I changed concentrations again. Gonna try out the education track. Just added my first education class today. It's interesting. Even if I don't get into teaching, it's useful stuff for parenting too. The class I added today is about learning theory. I'd still rather work in a college setting, but teaching is cool too. Only thing about taking this class is that it conflicts with Alpha Phi meeting, which sucks cuz it's my last year and all, and I want to see my two lil sises! I'll have to see how it works out for the rest of the quarter.

So my new addiction is (Thanks, Brandon!) You play casino games online to win points, which later can be traded in for free rooms, buffets, etc. in Vegas. So according to my plan, I should get a free 2 night stay at Bellagio in 18 days... hmph... maybe for Valentine's? That'd be fun. So all night last night and most of today, I've been gambling online. I did go to all my classes and even studied in the library for couple hours. I'm thinking about going again... either that or move my computer into my bedroom (currently on my desk in my living room), so I can use my desk to study. So much work though... maybe I should wait till when Jonathan's here. *hint hint Jonathan!* =P

I put up a new poll on my website, so go check it out! There's also results from the last poll.
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