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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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When I first picked up sewing, I had no idea how much it would bring into my life. 1) It has become something that has really brought me closer to my mom. It is something that we share and the first thing that she seems proud of. I love showing her my new creations and to get her feedback. I love hearing her tell my other family members about how I sew and sell. 2) It is something very symbolic of how far my family has come. My parents used to sew because it was the ONLY thing they could do to make a living. They used to slave over a sewing machine for a nickle each garment. I now have the PRIVILLEGE to sew as a HOBBY. I am privilledged to freely sew, only restrained by my own creativity and not by a boss. I can freely explore when I sew and not have to sew hundreds of the same garment.

Knitting has become another bonding activity for my mom and I. My mom used to knit me scarves, beanies, and sweaters. She tried to teach me several times when I was younger, but I just never had the patience to do it. Recently, I've been knitting a lot and I even inspired my aunt (who lives literally across the street) to knit again. Couple weekends ago, my mom dug up all her knitting stuff and showed me some of her incomplete projects (one was a sweater that's missing sleeves). She then showed me a skien of baby yellow yarn that had a tiny piece being knitted.
Mom: I bought this yarn while we were refugees in Indonesia.
Me: Is that needle bamboo?
Mom: Yes... your dad made me this needle from scratch while we were in refugee camp.
Me: What were you knitting?
Mom: A baby sock.
I had no idea my mom was pregnant with me already until that conversation. I nearly teared. I didn't realize how precious this story was to me until I told it for the first time to Linda and Winnie... but my story-telling/writing must suck because it just doesn't seem to have the same effect in words. :P

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Happy Chinese New Year!... eve!

On Monday, I had the honor of having dinner with the two very crafty aiyah and luckykat ... but I'm couple days late and the two have already blogged about it, so you can read about it here and here. The only thing I can contribute to their awesome pictures is this:

:D Yup, that was the bug in my soup! Thanks Linda for showing me the macro function!!!! ...seriously, you should've seen how excited I was about photographing this bug! lol. We stayed out almost an hour past the time we orginally planned because we were just having so much fun chatting! I can't wait to hang out again, and maybe the next time we'll bring our knitting with us so we can actually have a visual to what we're talking about instead of "dut dut dut". *wink*

Look what pleasant surprise I came home to today!!!
Cool lip chain and teddy bear leashed to her dress and her different color eyes!

Broccoli meeting his new roomate :)

My dolly straddling Candy-Corn Horse
(I just bought the horse for J today as a nice lil surprise)

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So I finally sorted out all the HK pictures. It LITERALLY took me ALL DAY!!! so I hope you enjoy them. :) (you better!)

Each day has it's own album on imagestation, and each picture below represents a day (or half, or three). So click on each picture to see the adventures we had each day! (opens in it's own window)

UPDATE: (01.17.04)
I just added captions to the albums! You can leave comments for each picture!!! Please do!
Day 8 has REALLY cool pictures of unique sea creatures and day 9 has funny pictures of us and buddha. Day 3 and 10 has party pictures (especially day 3). Day 7 has MONKEYS!!!

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3 (day):

Day 3 (night - xmas eve!):

Day 4, 5, and 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10 (New Years Eve!):

Day 11 & 12:

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I had another horrible experince in the classrooms today. Lets just say that a veteran teacher clearly expressed to me that I am not welcomed in South LA (formerly known as South Central). He thinks that I belong with my own kind and that not only will I never understand these students, they will never identify with me. He feels that only people who grew up in South Central can teach there. (Actually, I totally forgot at the moment, but I went to pre-school in South Central!) Anyway, his other point is that since I'm female, I should stay away from "the heart of the ghetto". In fact, he further suggests that I stay out of LAUSD.

So that's how my day started. It ended with a REALLY OUT OF CONTROL class and I got to watch a teacher go tick-tick-tick... BOOM! Her class was really bad and I could see her frustration build and build until she exploded. That was a really draining way to end my day at the schools today... and it didn't help that I had 8 hours of lecture at UCLA to follow.

The first class was SO boring! The boring class piled on top of my draining day today at the high school seriously drained me. It was so bad that I seriously considered quitting the teaching profession! BUT, the class I had after was my science methods class. That class is always such an inspiration to me. It reminds me of what GOOD teaching can be and it reminds me of WHY I went into teaching to begin with. Just observing schools can be discouraging when all you see is bad teachers and nightmare classes. So I'm motivated again... and my lesson here is that I need to keep a box or make a list of things/people I need to visit when my spirits need a lift.

Oh yeah, and no that teacher did not discourage me from teaching in South LA. I didn't really find a class I could teach there anyway, but I am highly considering the other school in South LA that's just couple miles up the street.

Look, I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!!

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hm... I haven't shared any of my creations lately. Well, I haven't taken any pics of my stuff for awhile, but I happen to have a pic of this reconstruction because it's up for auction! :)

Look at this tank top I reconstructed! I just sorta went crazy with the lace... sorta. :) But lace is sexy! :D

Click for more details...

Oh yeah, and don't read too much into the top! It's just a top I found at the Benneton outlet and I figured someone out there would appreciate it. In no way does it reflect my current state! lol.

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Inspired by the lovely people at Lara Craft, I sewed another Knitting Needle Case. This one ended up taking a much longer time than my first, but that's probably because I was experimenting with different designs in patchwork and the case itself. I was also too lazy to measure and cut straightlines, so it took me three times as long to sew than if I had just cut it well to begin with. Lesson learned... for the 54323598732938457th time.

Now I have to get ready for school tomorrow. eek!

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Look at what I sewed to store my knitting needles!

This was originally made for me to carry my needles to HK, but after realizing that metal spikes prolly won't fly through security, I left it at home. Do you see those two huge plastic needles? HK for $2 each!!! I also got cool yarn for $3-$4 each. i still need to take a picture of the scarf I finished and the one in progress.

Look what I bought Broccoli & Lychee in HK:

0 1 . 0 6 . 0 4 | 0 3 : 2 6 a m
Good Morning!! Obviously I'm jet lagged... actually, jet lag is probably just an excuse since I've always been nocturnal. But yes, I just woke up. I think I was totally fine with my sleep cycle until I decided to take a nap on Sunday at 5pm. I ended up sleeping until 11pm. Then I stayed up all night, all day, until I fell asleep yesterday at 5pm. And now I'm up. I start school on Thursday... Must fix sleep pattern.

I have a bunch of stuff up for auction if anyone's interested. I still have more to put up too. Somehow, after/during my trip to Hong Kong, I lost interest in teaching. Maybe I'm just burnt out. Maybe I'm just afraid. Or maybe I just don't like the uncertainty of my situation right now (haven't found a guiding teacher for my student teaching yet). I can tell that I've lost interest because I have not prepared for this quarter. I barely remembered to order my books today. I haven't filed away last quarters stuff yet.

I have a fear that I'll get bored of teaching, or that it will make me feel stuck. I just need to feel like I'm always going somewhere. But I know I can't quit before I even begin. Actually, I know I like teaching and I know I will be a darn good teacher. What scares me is actually the commitment. I'm a person with many interest and I don't like the idea of only doing one thing. With teaching, I'll probably still have some time to sew, but it wouldn't leave me with time for all of my other interest. I want to have a buisness. I want to travel. I want to have multiple buisnesses actually! *sigh* I just have too many interest and I probably need to just narrow in and focus on a few... but that's what I don't like. That's what scares me. I want to keep exploring! I like to learn new things.

This is also why I've never perfected anything. It's like me and the piano; I quit before mastering it because it became boring. That's how dance was for me too... actually, I think I would've liked to keep up dance. I love performing. I even notice this with my sewing. Once I get pretty good with sewing a certain piece, I won't sew it again because it's then boring. But at least with sewing there are always new styles to explore and the possibilities are only bounded by my creativity.

So all this babbling and all I've concluded is that I have many interest and I get bored. That doesn't help me one bit. I think I better stop talking now. :X

Oh yeah, but before I go, check out Lara Craft. :)

0 1 . 0 3 . 0 4 | 0 2 : 5 6 p m
Happy 2004! It's good to be back (weird, huh?). As much as I love Hong Kong, it's really good to be home. Fresh air, two cute little doggies, and some down time! I've spent the past two weeks on busses, subways, trams, planes, boats, and my poor tired feet. I'm tired of moving around. I just want to lay here and do nothing. It felt so good to snuggle up in my bed again. I had one of the best sleep ever last night!

One poopy thing is that my parents have all these errands for me to do! I actually have to head out now to pick up my mom's stuff from the cleaners and pick up my dad's friends from the airport. ugh... I've had enough of airports and traffic.
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