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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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I wasn't able to post from home because my brother's computer broke. No worries though, I brought him to get it fix... and it's okay now. I'm back in Irvine right now. I'm feeling stressed... and I'm not even in school! My cousin came last week. He's a married fourty year old guy who has a six year old daugther... and the daugther was actually a desparate means of saving their marriage. I don't know his current state, but in the past, he always gambled and loss big. He often calls my dad to send him checks for $10,000. Once when he came to visit, he went shopping and came home with over $600 of A|X merchandise... then after showing off what he bought, told me not to tell my dad.

So he's been unemployed for a year now. When my uncle went up to visit, my cousin and his daughter caught a ride down. BTW, they live in the bay area. I was on my way down to Irvine for a meeting with my supervisor on Thursday. My plan for the day was to go early, bring my doggies, and take them to dog park... attend my meeting, then go to dog park until traffic dies. My cousin calls my right before I head out and ask for a ride to go shopping. I explained to him my plan and said I would only be able to drop him off and pick him up when I'm done. He agrees. I get him and head down. I told him my meeting would be around 2 hours. He said he wants to go to a place with Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale, so I drop him off at Fashion Island. 45 minutes into my meeting, he calls and says he's done and wants to get picked up. I told him I"m not done yet and will get him later. He keeps calling anyway...

I finally pick him up and he comes with two HUGE LV bags. They were so big it didn't fit into my car because my trunk was full of the internet purchases I just picked up. He opens my boxes, takes out the merchandise, and throws away my boxes so he could put his bags in. I told him I was going to dog park because traffic sucks. But at dog park, he kept wanting to go, and had his daughter tell me, "my daddy is hungry!!!" So I leave and drive in the heavy traffic. So inconsiderate. Isn't it if someone's doing you a favor, you're suppose to go with their schedule?!

Then, the night before, him and my mom somehow got into the topic of LV bags. He kept saying that my mom's bag was a fake since the handle's a slightly different color. My mom didn't care to argue with him... just told him that her bag is 20 yrs old. Then the next day he runs out and buys two huge bags of LV stuff... One being a smaller version of my mom's duffle bag and another a variation of a purse she has. I ask him what he bought it for and he says, while motioning at his daughter, "Oh, just a bag for her to store her clothes in". What does a 6 yr old girl need a LV bag for?!

Then he brings out the purse to show my mom, showing off his new purchase. He keeps rubbing it in and asking if it's the one she likes. She just says, "it's nice, but I don't like the shinny leather". Then he brings out the little duffle bag to show my mom how it's slightly different from hers, and again, she just tells him that she got it 20 yrs ago. Later in the car, I made a comment to my mom about how crazy he is to buy his 6 yr old girl an LV bag, and my mom defends him saying, "No, he already had that bag. He just bought the purse today for his wife." So that's what he told her?! I explained to my mom the whole conversation about him getting a bag for his girl to pack her clothes and how he came with two HUGE bags. All she had to say was, "One month of his unemployment check doesn't even cover that." My cousin needs to grow up.

On a brighter note, check out pics of Broccoli and Lychee:

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hm... where do I begin. I guess I'll update on Broccoli and Lychee first. My girl dog constantly tries to mount and hump my boy dog!!! (which also gives you a sense of how much Lychee has come out since the last time I posted) Broccoli never humped another dog or even attempted to before. We figure he prolly never learned how. I think it all started the night after my last post... she starts mounting him, which really pissed him off, so they started wrestling. Broccoli's move is biting the neck. Lychee's move is pinning Broccoli down. It's so cute when they wrestle. Then... Broccoli mounted Lychee and started humping!!! OMG! He learns quickly from him playmates. The biting move was learned from a miniture pincher he played with at dog park.

So you guys were right, they did get over the jealousy and play an awful lot now. I was worried that I got a mellow dog instead of a playmate for Broccoli. Boy was I wrong. Lychee wants to play too much that Broccoli just earlier kept jumping on me to save him from her hyperness. She always gets in his face and stares at him... nothing moving but her super waggy tail. He always growl in annoyance, and eventually starts going at it.

I just came back from Vegas! It's one of the best trips ever!... but I say that after every trip. =P I got comp at Bellagio, so that was sweeeet. And we got vip seating for "O"... fifth row center. I even got sprinkled on! hee hee... I enjoyed the show. The first 3/4 of the show was just absolutely awesome! Then the last bit of it was kinda a drag. They should've save their energetic part for last, but the put it 3/4 of the way through, then had a bunch of segments that weren't that exciting, so it just dragged. They shouldn't have put so much dragging parts at the end. Mix it up a bit and they should've put the fun diving part at the end so they could end big. Oh well... I enjoyed it nevertheless.

We swam both mornings... how refreshing. And for the first time, I went to downtown Vegas. It's so lively and so different from Bellagio. Bellagio is my favorite hotel to gamble at, so it's nice to stay there... I could just walk back to my room to rest, pee, or change. Very convienient. But yeah... what a difference going to downtown. It was nice to change up the scene a bit though. The dealers at downtown are supernice and funny. But the slots there suck. Actually, my favorite slots are at the bellagio. I have these two in particular that I have to play on. I won $25 at the nickle slots there! hee hee... and I played craps for the first time. I lost all my chips quick, so I just grabbed jonathan's chip to stay in when I wanted to, but in the end, I decided it'd be best to just stop playing. He won back the money I lost anyway, and more. =D

Are any of you superstitious about gambling with your SO (significant other)? At first, we gambled at the same time, but different slots. I lost everything quick and he was winning a lot. Then, he plays craps and loses quick, so I walk away and he wins. So we figure, he has good luck with me away and I have good luck with him there. So next I play slots with him near and I keep losing, so he tries walking away and I won immediately (that's when I won $25). And he goes at that time to play war or craps... maybe both. He won over $100, I believe. But he had lost like $250 maybe $300 the day before. Then, we try the separate thing again and we both lost. So, it's now we can't both be playing, but we have to be near each other. The times when we lost, we were on opposite sides of the casino. So when we played craps together, he did well when I wasn't betting but just watching. Ah well.

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Parenting two kids doggies is sure difficult. They get jealous and it's so hard to divide the attention! Lychee is super needy of attention and affection, like petting and my company. She's literally a velcro dog! She's practically stuck by my left leg. Walks where I walk, and stops when I stop.

Broccoli on the other hand is needy of play time. He love playing tag and hide-n-seek. It's hard to give both the attention they need since they're so different. So I never got to tell the story of Lychee...

She was so scared and shivering when I saw her in the kennel. The guy told me that a rescue org was adpoting her already, but opened up the kennel for me to play with her anyway. She immediately snuggled up to me and was so sad and scared... yet so loving. She has catarax (spelling?) in both eyes, so can't see too well. The guy then tells me that if I want to adpot her, I can contact the org and see if they'll let me take her. He ask the front desk people which org is adpoting her, and that's when they told him that they just backed out of it.

OMG... it's my lucky day. So I immediately took her. I took her to the vet yesterday and they said she has some sort of infection that'll cost me $350 to fix (antibiotics injections and pills, and optional are xray and bloodtest). But if I don't want to spend the money, I could just opt to just give her antibiotics... which still would cost me $120. I told them I"ll think about it. Today, I brought her to Jonathan's client's vet. I walked out paying $10! We just got her some antibiotics for a lung infection... hope Broccoli doesn't catch it. But she's just the sweetest dog! It's so sad though cuz she's kinda blind, so she occasionally walks into walls, doors, etc.

But she is progressing, trusting, and opening up really quickly. It's only day two for her and she's already acting like guard dog. Barking at the mailman (now I just gotta work on the barking, but at least she's out of her shell), jumping up and down, excited over treats... yesterday, she could've cared less for treats. Oh yeah, one other thing we need to work on is her fear of heights. She can't handle Jonathan's house because of the stairs. She just totally freaks out. Cries and whimpers. Twice she did so well... was only two steps away from the top, but freaked out and headed down.

And Broccoli is such a bully. The second attempt at going up, she was only two steps away and Broccoli comes growling at her to back down. And he kept rubbing in her face with the stairs... kept running up and down, growling at her everytime he passes by her. I got a second dog because I wanted Broccoli to have a companion, but I realize that he's a rather independent dog. He needs to be the only dog or the new doggy would prolly have to be a puppy. He's jealous and it makes me so sad to see. He just looks at me with the saddest eyes. I used to be set on having two kids, but I don't know anymore... I think I'll just have one. Just ain't enough love to go around. =(

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You'll never guess what I did yesterday... I got another doggie!!! She's a Bichon Frise. Her name is Lychee. So now I have a Broccoli and a Lychee. We went through so many other names last night trying to find her a name. We had to give her a name so we stop calling her "the new dog", or "the bichon". So we settled on Pineapple last night, but when I woke up this morning, it just dawned on me... Lychee!

It's a perfect name for her because she's sweet, white, and doesn't look that good. It's really sad, but I rescued her from a shelter in Chatsworth. She came home looking like a grey dog. I started to bathe her and that's when I realized how matted she was. I tried to just wash it out, but it was too difficult, so I busted out the scissors. Poor girl is practically bald on her right rear and part of her leg... and it looks especially bad since she's REALLY puffy everywhere else. And that bit of baldness makes a BIG difference in her appearance, and that's why I say she doesn't look that good. But in time, her hair will grow back.

We took more pictures last night of the two doggies, so I'll get them up some time. hee hee... I have a Lychee and a Broccoli! Everywhere I walk, I have two little white doggies trailing along. =D

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I threw my first grand scale event last night, and all I gotta say is..."wow! What a success!" We had about 150 people there. We had to go buy more food in the middle of the event because we were only planning on 100 people if we're lucky. So great turn out. We had a competition where the house with the highest attendence wins an ice cream party, and the winning house had 86% of the house there. Second place had 75% and third place had 64%. So I'm happy. I'm packing and getting ready to go home. I miss Broccoli an awful lot. Can't wait to see that lil guy!

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Thanks, Terence for the link.

I wanted to talk about the flee market we went to at the Rose Bowl on Sunday. Too bad it was so hot that we didn't really feel like looking. But, I did score two shoes and a cool belt. I got a pair of pink bowling shoes for $7! hee hee... And I got a pair of brown shoes... but I don't know how to describe them. I wish I looked harder for a pair of jeans. They had Seven jeans for $60... originally $150, so I was considering it, but it's still quite a lot, espeicially for something I'm not sure if it'll fit and look nice on me. I got a pair of Levi's from Urban Outfitters for $80... I should return it. I just want a nice pair of jeans!... and not pay too much for them.

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I hope I'm not getting sick. I got a really bad headache yesterday. I assumed it was just because of our long hot stay at the Rose Bowl Flee Market, but I got it again this evening. It's probably because of the heat. But now my throat isn't feeling that good, but it didn't feel this way until after I ate Speghetti-O's, so hopefully it's just that and not me getting sick, especially right before our Vegas trip!

You know, I never got to eat Speghetti-O's and other American brand instant food... like breakfast bars, microwave food, or canned pasta stuff. I always thought I was so deprived for not getting to eat it. Tonight, I ate Speghetti-O's for the first time in my life... I grabbed three cans from one of my residents who moved out and didn't want to take it. After opening the can, the feeling of being deprived immediately disappeared. And after eating it, I don't mind that my parents never got it for me.

It's really sad how much I took for granted chinese food. It's just that I come from a heavy asian area, so there's TONS of asian resturants, and they are all very good. So those asian seafood resturants were sooooo "again?!" for me. Actually, I always liked it... I just didn't appreciate it. My brother on the other hand thinks it's like whatever food. I never appreciated salmon or shrimp because it's cooked soooo often at my house. I'm glad I grew up and got to expreience other things so I can appreciate what I have. After eating at some chinese resturant in Arizona with my parents, I realized that there is such thing as bad chinese food and SUPER appreciate the food in my area. Hopefully my brother will one day too.

neat... I'm watching Plesantville on TV right now. Pretty neat movie. So I'll post later... maybe on comercial break?! =P

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My scratch resistant lenses are scratched... hmmm. What a rip off. I forgot how much I paid extra to get them scratch resistant though. Oh well. Either it's a rip-off, or because I know they are "scratch resistant", I am more careless with them. I haven't used a case for a week or two now. They just sit in my purse... unprotected. Then I throw my sunglasses in there with it, which is metal framed, so I'm sure the metal scratches my lenses too, and if it's not the sunglasses, it's probably keys or something. Oh well. =P

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Poor Broccoli... so I kept Broccoli last night since I wanted to spend more time with him before having to leave him this morning to come back to Irvine. I was just gonna leave him at my parent's home until Jonathan came home, then figure it out. What we had to figure out was whether he'll be able to take care of Broccoli with the construction going on at his house. He called me a bit earlier to tell me that there's too much going on there for Broccoli to stay there.

Then, I get a call from my mom saying that Broccoli won't go out to potty... he's prolly depressed and doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything. The one other time we left him without one of us for awhile, people said the same thing... he just won't do anything. So I told my mom that Jonathan was on his way. So I'm gonna have to take care of him. Yay!... I get to spend more time with him. Boo... lose working time... well, I take the Boo back. =P

It was so sad leaving him this morning! He totally knows when I'm leaving to just go out, when I'm taking him along, and when I'm leaving long term. Whenever he sees me take my duffle bag, he makes sure I remember him. If I don't grab his bag or leash, he'll either just sit in my duffle bag while I'm packing, or just make sure he's always in my line of sight, even if it means running out the door and waiting outside... which he did this morning. I made him come back in, which he reluctantly did, and when I reached down to pet him, I fell because of the heavy bags on my shoulder. So I just put the bag down to say good-bye to him. He climbed right on top of my bag and just laid on it. I had to pry the little doggie off! He was so resisting. Made me so sad... but I'll get to see him again!

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I'm posting from my brother's computer right now. He went to the Anime Expo for the whole 4 day weekend, so I have this for the whole weekend. Actually, it doesn't matter because I use it when he's here anyway... but his keyboard sucks! The keys are so stiff! ack! Oh well, I'm not complaining. =P

Before my mom left for work today, she comes in my room to say good-bye to Broccoli. She sat on my bed and kept trying to talk to him and softly petting him, but he doesn't move. She tries talking to me but I don't say much, then... she ask, "So you have two more years of school, then buy a house or get married first?" I'm just thinking, "whoa... huh?" So I just replied buy a house. I was sleepy and still in shock from her question, so I didn't really answer it all that well. She starts telling me how we could buy a house and get married at the same time. I guess that's what I meant, but still in shocked that she's asking me this.

My mom has always been the one telling me not to marry too early, and how here she is planning it out with me?! I told her how since I'm going into teaching, there's this program where you can buy houses in certain areas for 50% off. I could just do that and live there for 3 years to build equity and continue to save since I want to live in a really nice area. She told me that if houses are cheap at that time, I should just get the house I want. I told her that I want to live in a really nice area and probably couldn't get it as my first house. I would prolly have to start small to build equity. She told me that if houses are down, I should just get it cuz she could help me out with the down payment.

Where did this all come from?! One day she's telling me not to get too commited and don't marry young, the next she's telling me to buy a house and get married... and she'll give me money for the down payment?! Interesting... that's all I gotta say.

So anyway, hope you all had a great 4th of July. As for me, it was great! We headed over to 3rd St Santa Monica around 3. We walked around, shopped, ate, and just had a fun time with Broccoli. Then, a police women told us that they won't be having fireworks, so we head over to Almansor Park in Alhambra at 6ish. We brought Broccoli, even though the park has a no dogs sign. As we were sitting there waiting, this couple walks by and the girl goes crazy when she sees Broccoli (he was just sitting in a duffle bag). She later comes over and starts playing with him. We start small chatting and end up finding out that she was the little sis of Jonathan's ex in a sorority at UCR. Then, her bf is my cousin's roomate! My cousin's a female, but she's living with her bf and some other guys. Then, her good friend from hs is my sorority sis. And, my best friend Annie was good friends with her for awhile in hs.

She had lost contact with Annie, so she asked me for her number. I pulled out my cell and decided to call Annie since I didn't return her call from the night before. Annie picks up and ask me where I am. I said, "Almansor"... she replies, "I'm at Almansor!" So we eventually find each other even though my cell's battery kept dying and there was just soooo many people there. We ended up watching the fireworks together. Poor Broccoli was startled when the fireworks just began. He's not afraid of fireworks when we're home, so I thought he'd be okay there, but I forgot how much louder it is when you're sitting right next to it. He was fine after though and even watch with us for some of it.

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darn... fourth of July is tomorrow and I have no plans. I wanna watch fireworks, and I wanna go somewhere where I can bring Broccoli too. We'll figure it out. I went home last night, only to have to return today because I left very important things here. bleh. I did pack everything and will be living out of my car now. Should solve the clothes problem. I also brought my sewing machine and all my cool new fabrics along. I really should get pictures of the stuff I'm making!

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Dorothy visited me today. We hung out for couple hours. It was nice catching up. Then.. Lora, the girl that lives next to me, was telling me how her bf is coming to visit. Somehow, she mentions that he's 25, so I asked her if he was from our area, since the world is so small (she's from alhambra, neighboring city). She says, "no, he went to south pas". I told her how I had friends that went there, but they're younger, then I thought of my friend Alice... she has an older cousin that went to south pas. The thought that it was the same guy ran by my mind, but I thought it would be too coincidental. I asked her what his name was anyway, and she said, "minh". I was like, "minh?! alice's cousin?!". OMG! It's Alice's cousin.

What a small world. She knocked on my door when he arrived so I could meet him. He didn't look familiar at all, but I know I met him, prolly just didn't pay attention. I've heard his name a million times, and he's heard mine, but we didn't find each other familiar. But he did meet me when I was a youngen and had long hair. And the funny thing was that they were both at Alice's graduation, which I was too. They remember that Alice mentioned about a friend eating at the same resturant and they remember seeing a girl walking in with a guy, but just didn't pay attention. And I was just, "yup, that was me!". So funny... such a small world!

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wow... July already. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote my first June entry. I bought a bunch of cool fabrics today. I can't wait to make everything! I plan to make some peasant tops, skirts, and tank tops... can't explain the style though. I realize now that I can't completely settle in here (my room in Irvine) because I'm not here most of the time. So, I plan to pack all my clothes again and live out of a suitcase. I also want to just carry my sewing and craft stuff around, but that's a pain in the rear, so I'll have to think of something. It's so hot today... yucky. But the thing I do love about warm weather is sewing my clothes! I can't really make winter stuff, but summer stuff is easy to make... cute fun little tops and skirts. yay!
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