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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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Somemore of my favorite incidences that I forgot to mention in my last post:
Student:*clasps hands together and bows* Ching chong ching ching
Me: *WTF?*
Student: Hey miss, I speak Chinese! Hey, what does this mean? Ching Chong Ching Ching Chong
Few students: *bust out laughing*
Me: *stern look* Do you think that's funny?
Students: *sudden silence* No.
I didn't hear a peep from that kid for the rest of class.

Subbing sucks though cuz it's just like babysitting. But instead of watching a few kids, you're watching 50 freshmans at a time, 5 times a day. I babysat 250 freshmans that day! I'm currently planning out my management plan so that I can have good classes and not have to babysit. If I wanted to babysit all day, I would've been a nanny!

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Today was not only my first subbing job, but also my first time teaching ALL day. I absolutely don't understand freshmans. Why do they like to throw paper at each other so much? Why do they always steal each other's pencil and pens... and backpacks? Okay, so their horomones are raging and half the disruptive behaviors are due to flirting (pulling hair, beating each other, basically abusing each other).

I found that "hey, stop flirting!" works really well. The kids get embarassed and usually stop. Maybe I just don't have what it takes to work with such a young crowd. After today, I have worked with 6 freshman science (ICS) classes and non have I been able to control. My Physics classes go so smoothly and the relationship I have with the older students are so different and on such a higher level.

The freshmans just have so much energy and I don't know how to control it. Actually, I can channel it into something productive, but only for so long. It takes SO much energy to work with them that I burn out half way into the period. I'm so dreading having to work with freshmans, especially since I have them right after lunch. Six period was so stressful that I completely broke out in tears the moment the very last student walked out.

I'm tryig to convince myself that things will be different with my class because I will have them from day one. The previous ICS class I worked with had long term subs all year, so I was taking over a class who has had no discipline all year. And today's classes had circumstances too because their teacher had to miss the first 3 days of class and she misses class at least once a week due to classes that she has to take. So both were tough situation. I'm trying to keep my spirits up and remind myself of the circumstances.

I really want to do a good job and I'm a perfectionist, so I don't like to fail. After 6th period today, I felt like a failure. I didn't like the feeling at all.

On a brighter note, some of my favorite lines today were:
student: Hey miss, do you speak spansish?
me: no habla espanol
student *confused*

student: Hey miss, you look young! You look like you're 21 or 19.
me: Thank you.
student: *confused*

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I have my first subbing assignment tomorrow. I'm doing my friend a favor and subbing for her for the next 4 tuesdays. I'm not getting paid for it. We're just doing an exchange thing so she'll owe me when I go on track. It's a good thing though because she goes off track when i come on track, so i may just take off for my birthday! hehe. None of us will get the overtime pay, but we get to keep our sick days... which goes into retirement if it's not used. hm... now that I think of it, which is a better deal? Subbing you get time and a half. I'm not sure what sick days are worth.

I haven't even gotten paid yet! I started splurging thinking that my first paycheck would be in! Stupid payroll. The school forgot to open my assignment, so I missed the first pay. So she said she'll open it for me and I should get paid a week later. I went back and her response was, "oh, it hasn't been processed yet."

ugh... I've been on a drought since March. I NEED this paycheck! I've stretched my finances as far as I could. I don't want to resort to carrying a balance! I've been so good at never carrying a balance!

On a brighter note, the union emailed me today with the clause in the contract that states:
f. Retention of “Novice Teachers”: To assist with the retention of “novice teachers, (those in their first school year of service as a teachers defined as the equivalent of 130 full-time paid days during the period July 1 - June 30), to the extent practicable, novice teachers shall:
(a) Not be assigned adjunct duties (coordinatorships, coaching, auxiliary periods, activity assignments, etc.)
(b) Be exempt from roving (see Article XXII, 11.0). Be exempt from “traveling assignments, i.e. teachers assigned to teach in more than one classroom per day, and
(c) If secondary, be limited to no more than two preparations.
haha! I am a novice teacher, so I shall not receive more than two preps!! Goodbye Chemistry! ...actually, my department chair said don't get my hopes up yet. The admin always finds loopholes and may still screw me over, particularly with the part that says "to the extent practicable". bah!

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Happy Birthday, Jongo!!!

I haven't had the motivation to sit down and write lately, so I'll update with work frustrations. So I was hired under the impression that I would teach Physics and ICS. At the end of last school year, I found out that they assigned me Physics, ICS, AND Chemistry! Okay, so I'm a first year teacher and they gave me three subjects to prep.

If teaching three subjects isn't bad enough, they didn't schedule the subjects consecutivly... SO I will have to break down demos and lab set ups, set up for another class, then break that down, then re-set up the first set, then break that down, then set up a third set, then break that down, and set up the first set again. But again, it's not ideal, but I can deal with it.

THEN, I found out my room assignment... and they put me out in the bungalows! Not only is there no gas and electrical outlets, THERE'S NO RUNNING WATER!! Not only will it be difficult to do labs, it's not safe!!! No eye wash stations or showers... which are legally required. There probably isn't a fire extinguisher either.

So I will just have to be creative and hope that I won't have to resort to book work. But then I find out that there are no phones out in the bungalows! What happens in an emergency?! So I was talking to someone about this and she pointed out to me that it's actually even worse than i think. So the bungalows are in a fenced area, and during class, they lock the gates. Now the stupid part: teachers in the bungalows don't have keys to the gate! So if there's a fire, we're all locked in there!

I guess the person who I was talking to told me that they reported it to the fire department and the fire department demanded that the school give the teachers a key. what happened? The school gave ONE key to the department chair... who ISN'T EVEN IN THE BUNGALOWS!!!!

We've tried talking to administrators many times too, but many of them really don't understand things from a teachers or student's point of view. That doesn't mean we're quitting though. We're constantly fighting for improvements. It really sucks that these students have to suffer from these conditions.

Students from a higher socio-economic background wouldn't have:
* class sizes of 45, 55,64 or even 75
* science classes in a room with no sinks
* a new principal each year
* science classrooms that do not meet safety codes
* to stand during class because there are not enough chairs!!!

Talk about inequality...

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I stayed up until 3:30 am the night before and woke up at 6 am just to make this:

I have no idea how L takes such nice pics! My coloring and lightening is always awful. Oh well, that's why she's the pro. ;)

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I had a fun fun weekend!! You can see photos from my weekend here. Beware though, there are pics of big headed, big eye dolls too! Actually, most of the pics contain big headed, big eye dolls. :) We went up for a blythe gathering, and it was mucho fun!!

I'll share my favorite pics over on my blythe page so I don't scare those afraid of my little girls! hehe. Hm... anything else? I guess that's it!

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My dad wasn't home when I came back from SF. I went in the kitchen to greet my mom and then I flashed her my left hand. She squeeled and congradulated us. She loved the ringj too. We talked and it was a great bonding moment.

My dad then comes home. I greet him then went back into the kitchen. Later, I walk into the dining room, where my mom and dad were, and I hear:
dad: Huh? What are you talking about?
mom: (looks at me) You didn't tell him?
me: uh... no
dad: tell me what?
me: (shows him my left hand)
dad: ... (silence) ... (hits me on the head and walked away)
I felt like I had dissapointed him. He hit me on the head like I did something wrong. I ask my mom how dad's feeling about it and she just said, "He thinks it's time, he just doesn't know how to express it."

The next afternoon, I fell asleep. I was awakened by my dad, who was stroking my forehead/brushing my hair. He told me to tell my mom that he'll be home late tonight, and then says something about "I didn't tell you last night..." I don't remember what he said exactly, but his tone of voice was happy/proud, but sad too... bittersweet, I guess. I remember him saying "guai" (mandarin) over and over. I think he was telling me that he was proud and happy for me, but I know he's still very sad.

It makes me all sad because he's acting like he's losing me, which makes me feel like I'm losing him. I don't want my relationship with my dad to change. Anyone have stories about similar experiences?

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My weekend in bullet format.

* Went to Napa and SF.
* Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Muscat... yum!
* I met Jared from the Subway.
* WALKED from Fisherman's Wharf back to Union Square.
* PJ's Oyster Bar, Ana Madera, King of Thai Noodles... yum!
* The Slanted Door and Harris Ranch... overrated.
* I saw my big sis, Michelle!
* It's COLD in SF.
* um... So I guess the only thing left is that I got this! (These pictures REALLY do not do it justice, but does anyone recognize it?) :D
the rest