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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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I don't post as often now... mainly because I'm not in Irvine much (which is where my computer is). I'm only here Monday - Wednesday. I try to do all my office hours those days. It sucks though because I really like my room here. It's really cozy and comfy. Plus Irvine has really nice weather. But home has Broccoli... and Jonathan... and family. =P All my stuff is here in Irvine, so going home is inconvenience because I have to pack clothes for 4 days. Then when I'm home, I have nothing to do since my computer, sewing machine, and all other craft stuff is here.

So Jonathan's birthday is coming up really soon (July 21st). So far, we're going to VEGAS! yay! I used my points from wager works to claim a two night stay at Bellagio. This is our second complimentary stay at Bellagio. Then, because we are complimentary guest, I got VIP seats for "O"! I'm so excited. We will be on the floor and right smack center. The floor is not available to the public, and in fact, hotel guest are only able to buy the side sections on the floor. The whole center section is reserved for VIP people. Hee hee... I'm "very important".

I bought Broccoli a little baby's shirt... he looks just like a little baby! I feel even more like he's my son! And I love it when I wake up and he's laying right next to me with his head on the pillow... just like a little person. I don't know how to describe it, but he looks like a real person sleeping in fetal position on my bed because he's parallel with me, his head on the pillow, and he's sleeping on his side. Here, maybe a picture will help. I cropped it, so I hope you can still figure out his position on the bed. (And it's even cuter when I pull the blanket to cover his body.) Am I treating him too much like a person?! Anyway, here's Broccoli!

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I need to find something to do this summer. It feels so weird to go from a busy packed schedule to just living life day by day. I've lost interest in things I used to do... like searching for doggies, working on my site, surfing the net, sewing. I did sew curtains today and finished up two skirts, but I just don't like to sit around. I used to love surfing the net and being a computer junkie, but I just don't want to sit around anymore.

I should get a job, but I would want something with flexible hours and is decent pay... any sugestions? I just want to feel productive. During the school year, I was looking forward to summer so much because I would have nothing to do, but just like every break I get, I'm not used to doing nothing and can't enjoy it.

I should take pictures of the stuff I sewed... I like the curtains and the skirt. I think I'll wear it this weekend! So I'm debating if I should go home tonight or tomorrow. hm... I'll prolly leave tomorrow since I'll have nothing to do back there. Not like I have anything to do here, but at least all my stuff is here.

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All I gotta say is... "WEE!!!!!" Just came back from El Torrito's Taco Tuesday with some of my Alpha Phi sisters and Jonathan. I had a Mango and a Peach Margurita. Yummy. Actually, the Mango was a bit too sweet, but good anyway. Jonathan's strawberry was good. The best part is that they were only $2.95 each! What's better than good alcohol?... Cheap good alcohol! yay!

Okay, going to go enjoy my buzz. WEE!

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I haven't settled in my room yet. I went home last Thursday to go out with Jonathan and his co-workers. We went to this bar called the Lighthouse. Cool place... nice atmosphere. There was this 80's girl band singing. Fun Fun. Then I stayed home till today, so haven't unpacked everything yet.

We went to 2 weddings yesterday. One was Jonathan's cousin and the other was Linda's sister. Weddings are always so much fun. We were able to go to both ceremony, but only one banquet. Actually, we went to both, but was only able to stay at one.

It's funny how small this world is. At Jonathan's cousin's wedding, this guy came and sat down on our table. I thought he looked sooo familiar. I asked Jonathan if we had met him before, and he said we bumped into him at Ski Dazzle. I don't remember bumping into him there, and that wouldn't have been significant enough for me to remember anyway. I just let it go. Later, I found out that his cousin went to Rosemead High and is a year older than me. Then it struck me... I met him at a social back in high school. I asked him if he was in the Hi-Y club there and he said yes. I was like, "we met at a social"... that's it! It's funny how small this world is because I had actually met Jonathan's little brother at a social before too. It's so funny that I had met them like 6 years ago with no clue that they would one day be my in-laws!

"In-laws?!"...yes... Jonathan and I are planning to get married. =P We were taking notes at these weddings, but don't be expecting invitations or anything, it'll be couple years till we actually do. We should be telling his relatives this since he kept getting bombarded with "you're next!" and other comments and questions of such nature. He has a cousin who's one year older and has been dating this girl for 5 1/2 years, so we kept deflecting those comments to him, but I think people have given up on him. He's just not ready... he is making progress since he's now accepted the fact that marriage will happen one day. He still doesn't want to think about it, but at least has accepted or decided that it will happen "one day".

So... I need advice. When I took on the SPC position, my job description said that I would need to work 18 hours in the summer and will get a free room for the summer in return. Those 18 hours was said to be spent preparing for fall (like planning the training, making manuals, start planning programs, etc.). Now, I just got an e-mail saying that they want me to do 10 hours of office work. They want me to spend 10 hours a week doing paper work and stuff that's not relevant to my position. Plus, the want me to lead the summer HA's with their programs, which means I have to supervise, do their paperwork, plan, delegate, and attend these activities. I was under the impression that I was just going to focus on my fall staff, not plan for my fall staff and supervise the summer staff as well.

I understand why they added on these roles. They feel that my obligation of 18 hours a week is not fulfilable with the original job description alone, so they're adding on more task. However, I also feel that this was not part of the agreement and I don't want to get taken advantage of. I know they have high expectations out of me since I've been with them for so long, and plus this is a para-professional position, and I was interested in going into student afffairs, so they want to give me experience, but I don't like the idea of them throwing their work load on me. I'm torn between being a good staff (motivated, seeking experience, etc.) and being a bitch(?)... "No I won't do this for you, it's not part of my job description". Where do I draw the line between being "Sorry, not my job description" and "Sure, I'll help out".

I used to be the totally willing to help type. Then I met Jonathan who helped me become more assertive and not taken advantage of. Then I hear all these stories of real work life where "soft" people get dumped with all these other task that's not suppose to be their responsibility. And how supervisors will dump their work load on you unless you can stand up for yourself and say, "sorry, not part of my job description". Well, I should continue to unpack.

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I'm finally moved into my new place. It's nice... different. I have only one room, bigger room, but only one. I don't have my own bathroom anymore, which is what I will miss most. But the bathroom here is nice, just not connected to my room and I have to share it. Oh well.

I'm so exhausted from moving. I moved all day yesterday and today, and I'm still not settled in. I need to go to Ikea to get new bulbs for my lamps. It's dark in here... don't like that. I have so much stuff! I need to unpack everything... I still have things hidden somewhere, like my toothpaste! I should just go to the supermarket since I'm really thirsty and have nothing here... but then again, I'm too lazy. Okay, gonna continue to unpack.

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Yay! The school year is over now! I haven't been posting because I was busy moving my residents out and preparing my house to be checked out. It went rather smoothly. My supervisors was anticipating a lot of issues and was really concerned with my house because we had so many problems checking out the past couple years. Many late movers, and just A LOT of crap that belongs to the house/chapter and needs to be put away. I got 4 girls to help me with our 3 sinks of overflowing dishes Saturday night. We cleaned out the fridge last week. And I packed away our pictures, trophies, etc Saturday night and while they were all moving Sunday morning. My supervisors were very impressed... I got them all out on time and my house was CLEAN! YAY ME!... this IS my third time doing it though.

So after, I head home for dinner. I didn't realize that my grandparents were over, and by then, my dad had already moved the cars to trap me in. I was really grumpy just because I went through a very stressful and sleepless week. All I wanted was some peace and quiet... and some PRIVACY! Now I'm home and have no room. I seriously was going to sleep in the bathroom, but my mom took too long cleaning, so I just laid on the couch. I was crying... not for any particular reason. I think it's just that time when my body needed it. My mom comes up to me (they knew I was down... they always know. Only thing is they always assume it's something wrong and try to fix it for me). She starts looking at me and I flip out, grabbing the 3 pillows I was laying on to surround head. I build a wall around me with the pillows and talked to her through the pillows. I kept trying to tell her that nothing was wrong. I just want my own room. Then I thought that sounded bratty, so I said I've just been really stressed and need some peace and privacy.

Then an idea struck me! I wanna build a fortress! I go and grab sheets, and my mom helps me... not knowing what I had in mind. She just thought I was getting sheets to sleep on the floor. Then she sees me spreading it over chairs and tables. Before she freaks out thinking her 21 year old daughter is going insane, I explain, "This is fun... just let me play. I completely understand why kids, and Broccoli do this now. They just want their little cave... their little safe area... their own little world." She understood right away because she started helping me. Somehow, it was a lot harder to build these when I was little. It was built rather quickly. Then I went under it to test it out... I felt like Broccoli when he's making his bed. I went under and shuffled the sheets underneath a bit and laid there. There was just the nostalgic feeling that rushed over me. I couldn't help but to smile and feel finally at peace. My mood fliped 180 degrees. I got out to grab one more sheet and crawled in. My mom said good night and turned off the lights. It was a bit scary right after she turned off the lights and left. It was too quiet... and I was scared cuz I couldn't see what was going on outside whenever I heard noises. But I got over it quick.

Then at 3:30, I was awaken by my grandma. She woke up and started watching TV. I thought it was like 5 or something, but when I got up to pee, I saw that it was only 3:30. After I crawled back in my cave, I hear her going in my brother's room. He was sleeping on the couch at the time, and I guess decided to go in his bed... only to find my grandma there. He freaks out, my dad wakes up, my grandpa comes in... I felt so bad for my grandma. All three guys gaining up on her for taking his bed... all she said was, "I saw that no one was sleeping in it". Then my grandpa told her that he's awake now and that she can have the bed. (When they sleep over, my grandpa gets my bed and my grandma gets the floor in my room. If my grandpa's not here she gets my bed, but she always feels bad and feels out of place.)

After that drama was over, I went into the kitchen to see what my grandpa was doing. I walk in and he's excercising/stretching. I had no idea he wakes up at 3:30 everyday! I just sat there watching him do his morning routine. He excersises while his coffee is brewing. I asked him what time is he heading out (he goes to casinos EVERYDAY), and he said 6:30. I asked him what does he do from 3:30 to 6:30, and he laughs and pulls out a deck of cards from a cabinant and says, "play cards!" and chuckles. He's 77, and a full time gambler. He leaves at 6:30 every morning and leaves the casinos at 5 every evening. I used to really frown upon his gambling and smoking (which he recently quit), but now I understand that he's old... lived a hard life and just enjoying it now.

His quit smoking story is funny too. He told me that he bought a carton and got on the bus. When he was getting off the bus, he didn't see it anymore, he quit. It's just so random considering that he has been smoking since he was a teen... and 60 years later, lost a carton of smokes and decides to quit. Oh well, it's nice to see him up and about all the time. I do love his bear hugs though.

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Although I've been taking a break from journaling the past couple days, I just had to say... whoa, I got 61 visits so far today. Considering that I usually get 25 average, 61 is huge. Thanks for visiting! So I've been taking a break because I had a Physics (Quantum Mechanics) final this morning, which I nearly missed, and another physics (Thermal and Statistical Mechanics) final tomorrow morning. Plus, tonight was my lil bro's graduation, so I had to take a break from studying to drive back home. I just got back, so I have to hit the books, and hopefully still be alert for the final.

Just saw this from Jonathan's site:
i am

what sexual performer are you?

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I took Broccoli to the dog park for over 4 hours today. He got really good play time with this Miniature Pinscher. It was his first time really playing with a "wrestling" kind of dog. His idea of play is usually just chasing each other and does that thing where he gets down to the ground and growl to show dominance. He usually just growls at the "boxing" or "wrestling" types of dogs (Jack Russels) and finds another buddy. But for some reason, he kept playing with this one (Chester). Him and Chester were just going at it. Chester kept pinning him down and kept biting... not really biting, but just holding Broccoli with his mouth. So Broccoli started to use his mouth too. They just went at it... rolling around, biting, pinning, and having a great time.

Broccoli never knew how to use his paws to slap or box like those Italian Grey Hounds, Papillion, etc. Actually, Broccoli never raised his paws. But today, my friend Linda brought over her Long Haired Chihuahua, Dumpling, and Broccoli and Dumpling just went at it. I was just watching them and what do you know... I saw Broccoli do the paw thing! He usually never even use any contact when he plays, but he must have learned from Chester. Thought that was kinda cool.

Then, when we came home, I saw a spider on the wall... close to the ground. So I point at it and say to Broccoli, "Go get it!". I really didn't expect anything because that command usually only works on his toy. And plus I tried to get him to get a spider before, but he couldn't see it cuz it was the same color as the carpet. But this time, right after I said, "go get it", he runs to the wall and starts chasing the spider. I see that he licked it or something because I would see the spider get lifted and dropped couple times. Then, I saw the spider drop in front of me with missing legs. Then I see Broccoli go at it again... OMG! He ate the spider! Jonathan was a lil upset because he said I'll teach him to eat live things, and he might end up getting bit by a poisonious spider, scorpion, or whatever. Although that is a scary thought, what are the chances that he'll encounter poisonious insects in this area... right?! Well, I did find 2 black widows in my room and 1 outside on my porch. hm... But it's a cool thought that he'll rid me of insects! hee hee... my lil spider catching dog... actually spider eating dog.

Take my new poll!!!

A quiz I got from Midori. I don't know the brand though, so as of now, it has no significance. All I understand is the text that describes me, but the "clothes I should be wearing" has no meaning to me. The description sounds like me, but I don't know what that line of clothes is like. But I guess I should throw away all my clothes and go replace it with stuff from there huh? I've been wearing the wrong clothes all this time... the quiz tells me so! =P I know... I know... I'm just such a dork!
What kind of clothes should I be wearing? by Evelyn

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After seeing Linda's little picture, I just had to make one myself! My Photoshop skills aren't very refined, but it was fun anyway. So here's Jonathan and me, SouthPark style:

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Yay... it's finals week, which means no classes! Finals week is always my favorite time of the quarter, besides break, because I know it's going to be all over with... and for me, it's the most relaxing time of the quarter. No more classes, no more homework... just finish up some final project or study for finals. Chill! =P

Today, I had an end of the year dinner for my house. I ordered $200 worth of food from Buca Di Beppo for my house. And thanks to one of my sister's employee discount, we got $50 off, so that means $50 worth of extra food! It was soooo good. We got Eggplant Parmigina, Chicken Caccitore, Linguini Frutti de Mare, Macaroni Rosa, Tortillini, Stuffed Ravioli... hm... I think that's it. We doubled and even tripled up on some orders. Their portions are soooo huge! hee hee... I took Chem house to Buca for our end of the year banquet last year as well. Great for large parties.

I got to catch up with my old friend Larry just now. It was nice. We met back in my freshman year in high school. I actually had a crush on him for the longest time, but nothing ever came about it. He didn't tell me he liked me until I started to seriously date someone else, so nothing ever happened, and things just fell into that "friends" thing. We were always good friends, even though we drifted a lot these past couple years. Up until a year or two ago, we were still good about meeting up in the summer time or winter time, but we just almost lost all connection this past year or two. So it was nice catching up with each other... and with the gossip.

It was also funny talking about when we first met and what our conversations were like. I don't know if it was just cuz we were on the phone too long or as he told me just now that maybe he was just too shy to talk the whole time, but he would party line people all the time. Sometimes it was his friend (and i would just sit on the other end quietly), or sometime he would call my friends (and he would just sit there listening quietly)... or sometimes it was just random stuff... like the partyline chat thing called the Zoo. That wasn't very nice of us to be talking to people without telling them that there's another person listening in, but that's just kinda what happened. Hey, we were just bored teenagers.

What got us into the long conversation was when he told me he met one of my friends from high school at Q's (actually, we were friends since jr. high). Then I started thinking about the times I shared with her, which got me into that reminiscent mood. Plus all the graduations coming up... kinda a bitersweet moment. Sweet because encountering a new stage in life, but sad because growing up... and leaving these times behind. Oh well, I better snap out of this and just focus on my finals! I still have a year to go, so I should shut up. But my lil bro is graduating high school on Thursday!... I still think he's 14! I'm driving back home for it even though I have a Friday morning final, and probably will be sleep deprived since I have a Thursday final as well. oh well... just worry when it comes up. I should sleep now, even though I'm having trouble sleeping. I was really sleepy, but somehow I'm just restless now. My eyes can hardly keep open and my head feels heavy, but I can't sleep. I think I just have too much on my mind.

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Boo! Saturday night and I'm on duty. We were suppose to go to some invite only Chris Tucker party. One of my sisters is dancing there tonight and was able to get us in to this invite only party. It's suppose to be some PJ party in Hollywood. I ended up deciding to just stay instead of finding someone to swap duties with me. I know it's the better choice since this week is finals week.

Anyway, it ended up being a really bad night to be on duty! Somehow, scheduling messed up, so instead of me DC (the head duty person), and 2 backups, I only had 1 backup. What usually happens is that at 10, the backups do a walk through of the whole complex (rounds) and I sit in the rec room taking notes as they tell me things through the walkie talkies. Then at 11, I lock up the rec room and go home. The trade off of not having to do rounds is that I sit in the rec room from 5:30 to 11. Since we were short staffed, my supervisor didn't want that girl to do the walk through alone, so he said I could lock up the rec room early to do rounds with her. So I sat there all evening/night, then had to do rounds too! Boo! Oh well... I'm done now and just resting till I have to return to the rec room at 2 tomorrow. After tonight, only one more duty shift left, so I'm happy. And even better, as SPC next year, I won't have to do rounds! Yippee!

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Per Linda's request (btw, Happy Birthday!), here are more pictures of Broccoli:
So I've moved the pictures around again, which means that the comments won't match the pictures, but oh well. I really like the top two, and felt that the one I had just removed was distracting from it. But there's my little Broccoli! Oh yeah, I'm currently searching for another one, so if anyone knows of an available Maltese, let me know!

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I really shouldn't be up this late... I just finally got a regular pattern going. Oh well. I have Physics homework due, a paper due, and a final tomorrow. ACK! I barely started on the Physics homework... haven't even touched the paper! It's really bad because I don't get done until next week, but I am already acting and thinking like I'm done. I haven't been very good about going to class the past week, and definantly not good about keeping up with the materials. Sucky thing is that my two finals are next Thursday and Friday. I hate finals at the end of the week! Especially spring quarter when everyone's moving out. It's such a distraction, especially when I'm the one checking them all out.

Even though I think the questions weren't that good, I'll post my results anyway.
I act like I'm 24.
This test was brought to you by David - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

I had this sudden craving for sweets today. I just ate a bunch of chocolate since it was the only thing around. I'm still craving something... I go through this thing every month or so where I just crave something to hit the spot. Jonathan thinks it's because I don't eat very yummy food most of the time, especially when I'm alone, because I don't like to spend money on food. So I'll either eat something in my room, or pay for cheap but decent (like Nice Time Deli, Carl's 99 cents Spicy Chicken Sandwich, etc.) food. And he thinks that every now and then, I just need GOOD food. So hint hint... I need GOOD food. I've been eating soooooo much today, just hoping that something that will hit the spot. No luck. Still feeling unfulfilled... not hungry, just unfulfilled.

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I have a headache... not sure why, but it sure sucks. As part of HA meeting today, we went to ColdStone as a group. Yummy... but it did remind me of why I always share one and never get my own. I got mint ice cream with brownies and snickers in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl covered with nuts. mmmm... it was good, until it started to get me nauseous. Stupid me too... you'd think being nauseous would tell me to stop eating (I had barely eaten a quarter of it), but I kept eating anyway. Why?... well, one, it would be a waste to throw away yummy ice cream. Two, I've been taught to finish my food. Three, "I won't feel sick... even though I'm already feeling sick". So now I have a headache (maybe from too much sugar, and now I'm having a withdrawl?!). It wasn't even Chocolate "covered" cone... it was more like Chocolate with cone bits in the center. There was so much freaking chocolate on it. All I tasted was chocolate. And I probably felt extra sick because I've always been slightly lactose intolerant, and plus I was eating extra healthy (lots of fruits and veggies), so I think the excessive sugars and lactose after not having it for so long just shocked my body. ugh...

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Broccoli had such a good day today. He got to go to dog park twice, and was super active both trips. He got to play with Bear, the Rottweiler, again. They were so cute together. He ran and barked a whole lot today... and ate a whole lot today too! There was this Jack Russel that kept knocking Broccoli over. It was fun to watch Broccoli get chased, then knocked over, roll around, then get up and run again. There was this other sad story I heard about one of the dogs... I think it's worse than the doggie who had his voicebox removed. This lady (who's a school teacher) has a male dog, but decided that she doesn't like seeing his things hang out, so she put him through surgery to "tuck" everything inside... penis and all! So he has nothing... just because she didn't want his things hanging! ...Freakin get a female dog then! There are just some selfish people out there... actually, it's more than just selfish.

Anyway, on a completely different note, my formal pics are up here. I still need to get the pictures of Broccoli! There's this one REALLY cute one. Will get that up soon.

Okay, I'm really sleepy and still have a ton of things to do, so good night everyone!

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Interesting weekend. So much happened, and I'm so lazy to talk about it. I'm just feeling stressed. Next week is finals, and I just feel so overwhelmed! I still have to do the meat of the Physics Outreach site, catch up with my studies, start studying for finals, move out of this room, move all of my residents out of this house... I'm just feeling pooped. I don't even have time to update this site anymore. boo! I guess redesigning this site won't be happening anytime soon.

So I don't have any pictures yet because Jonathan has the camera. But to go in chronological order, I'll start with the whole senior stuff. So on Thursday, we had "Revealing"... which is where I find out who my senior buddies are. To do so, it's tradition that the seniors are sent off on a scavenger hunt which leads to finding out who the buddies are. I was first taken to a costume shop to rent a CHICKEN COSTUME! The clues were little rhymes, and the first one explained how they couldn't find a duck... so I walked out of the shop in a FULL ON CHICKEN COSTUME! Head to toe in yellow feathers, with hands and feet too!

Then I had to go to various places collecting stuff, like lake water, supermarket, and a CONCERT that was happening in Middle Earth, one of the DORM COMPLEXES! Getting the lake water, we parked a bit far and I had to walk down the street. A guy stopped his car and started to cock. A family stopped their cars and the whole family kept waving at me and was like expecting me to do something... like entertain them or something. At the supermarket, a worker wanted a picture with me. They got a picture of me checking out... a chicken sliding her ATM card. Then, we went to the concert and the band asked me to be backup dancer! I just danced around, and my last task was to go up on stage and beg for an egg. Fun Fun... then I came back to the house and as I turned over each clue, a senior buddy revealed themselves to me. It was cute. I want to make them something in appreciation, but I need to find time. I hate time! I wish I could just freeze it!

So then I frantically try to finish my dress. Friday evening comes along, I thought I was done, but when I put it on, the sleaves looked funny. It was suppose to be a princess dress that had that off the shoulder thing... kinda like a medival look. I'll get pictures of what I got. We were suppose to meet at 6:30, but I didn't hear anyone here yet, so I kept working. Finished around 7:20, only to find that the sleaves look funny. So I asked Jonathan to help me pull off the sleaves so I could just slap speghetti straps on it... it was probably 7:30 by now. I'm barely starting to do my hair when Jonathan goes out to see what's going on and he comes back screaming, "We have to go NOW! No one's left! They're all on the bus!" I'm frantically pinning up my hair and freaking out, almost deciding just not to go. He then looks out and starts screaming, "The busses are leaving!". I hurry and but my tiara on and slip on my backup dress and run out. We were the last to board. I scrounge around for lipstick on the bus, but only found lip gloss. Oh well, we'll see how I looked when get the pictures up. It was held at the Queen Mary, and was a lot of fun. Dinner was good. Dessert was good. And I got the "MIA award"... lol, can't argue with that one.

Then the next morning, we head out to my uncle's wedding. He's my MIA uncle. One of those that never made anything of himself and had no face, so just never showed his face around for years and years. I finally heard that he was getting married like two weeks ago, but had forgotten until my mom told me Thursday night. I wasn't planning on going home this weekend, but had to afterall. I found out that he had changed his name to Jose, and is marrying a girl who just came to the US from Mexico. The wedding was really INTERSTING. So we get to his house at 11:40 or so. Around 12, they came back from "picking up the bride", but it's only the bride and one other lady that came from her side. I find out that the bride and her family speaks not even a drop of English! Like absolutely nothing! It's interesting to see my uncle and his bride communicate. He uses broken Spanish and a lot of gestures. Then we had a small dinner thing at night over at NYC seafood resturant on Garvey and Atlantic. There were only three tables, but I noticed that the bride and groom weren't there. So I ask my dad, "where's the bride and groom?!" My dad says that the brides family is having a party at her place right now, and that's where they're at. I made a comment about how ironic it is that we're having a dinner to celebrate and congradulate them, but they're not here. My dad replies, "who said this celebration is for them?! We're celebrating for his parents!" Oh well, at least the food was YUMMY! Just sad that the two families never even came together... never even met!

Hm... what else did I wanna talk about. Oh yeah! Last week, Jonathan's godmother came to visit, so we took her out. During the car ride to the mall, his mom starts talking to me about Vegas shows. We then talk about the Rivera show where guys perform as female singers... "An Evening at La Cage". She was telling me how she saw it and how they looked exactly like girls. She was telling me how the even looked like they had cleavage and that they looked flat down there... no buldge. She starts getting really animated telling me about it, like how at the end of the show, they take off their bras and... they're guys! But it was so funny because she was so annimated, immidating those guys... pretending she's doing a final finale and taking off her bra. You just had to be there. But then, she starts telling me how they hide their buldge. She says that they pull it under (motion as if she's tucking something under/between her legs) and wear something tight to hold it there. The funniest part was when she told me she saw it on a talk show that had transexuals revealing their secrets. Jonathan was just like, "omg, my mom is talking to my gf about penis".

Then after the mall, we meet up to leave. She brought a Victoria Secret catalog to see if the store had it, so I asked her if she found it. At this point, Jonathan and his god mother had walked off together ahead, and his mom and I walked followed behind. She starts telling me about how one of her coworkers told her, "Why do you go to Victoria Secrets?! There's nothing there for you... you barely passed training bra!" And how that coworker would always say after they have lunch together, "oh, my boobs just got bigger". It was just really funny... and nice. Kinda neat that she'd joke around like that with me. THEN... later that evening, me and her were hanging out in the living room together (I forget where Jonathan was), but she then told me how she found a bag with nylons and panties and not sure if it was mine. She brings over a rolled up plastic bag, and immediately I recognize that as the bag where I threw my extra g-string and lofer socks for the weekend. I just covered my face in embarrasment and explained how it must have slipped out when I tried putting it in my laundry bag. She said she found it on the kitchen table and almost threw it away until she looked in. AH... my bf's mom saw my skimpy g-string! She saw what only her son gets to see. I can't even explain the weirdness of it in words. I told him what happened later. All he had to say was, "OY..."

okay, going to get ready for my week now. I think I've talked enough for now. =P
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