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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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I just got off the phone with my mom. I don't understand why these things happen. It's so unfair. When Jonathan's mom told me that J's brother had not arrived yet, the back of my mind naturally got worried and thought, "what if something bad happened?!" But I quickly brushed that thought out and figured it wasn't possible. I usually believe that things happen for a reason, so I brushed off the thought of anything bad happening. There was absolutely no way that J's brother could have his life taken away while driving to his own mother's funeral! It just doesn't make sense. If everything happens for a reason, what reason did this happen for? What's the reason for taking both parents' life when they're on their way to their mother's funernal and have a son who is months from his high school graduation? It's so hard for me to comprehend this because I was always a optimist. I always believed that things will work out... this time, things did not work out.

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So I finally got the Vegas pictures up. I was hoping to redo all my pictures layout over break, so I wasn't going to post the pictures up until I redid the layout... but as you can see, I never got around to it. I'm still trying to code up something that not only looks nice and easy to navigate, but also easy for me to update. Oh well... maybe later this quarter.

So today was the first day of class. I woke up early to add a 9am digital arts class... only to arrive and find a "class is canceled" note on the door! ugh! So I go home to kill some time. Then I attended the one and only class that I'm enrolled in that may actually not drop (I enrolled in a bunch of random classes just so financial aid will see that I'm full time and pay my tuition electronically). The class was Sociology of Sexual Assault. So far, I really like the class. The class involves a lot of activist projects and volunteer stuff, so I really like that. Then I went to add a Photography class... the instructor was really cool! Very passionate and funny. However, he was very certain that he would not be able to add people because there are only space for 13 people in the dark room... BUT, I was 30 min early to class and didn't realize that I was still wearing my name tag from the sociology class before. He liked my name tag and said he would add me because he likes the name tag and the fact that I came early. He just told everyone to send him an email if we want to add, which I just did, so I hope he lives up to his words.

Taco Tuesday tomorrow at El Torrito, everyone! Hope to see you there! ;) I guess I should go figure out what I'm gonna do about my classes. I'm kinda torn: I love the photography class, although it will be a very time consuming class. I also love the sociology class, but it would also involve a lot of time for all the activist work (I told my group I'll make a webpage as part of our project). Then I want to finish my minor, which would involve me taking a 9am digital arts class Mon and Wed (assuming I can add it) and a dance class that conflicts with the sociology class. My options are:
Option 1: Finish the minor and take all the classes... So the 9am mon & wed digital arts, sociology, and photography (all mon and wed), AND take dance on Tues & Thurs.
I just got a call from Jonathan and I am just so distraught. Here I am complaining about what classes to take. So Jonathan attended his step-grandma's funeral today. I couldn't go because I had to add all these classes. In a nutshell, his mom is getting married next month. Her finance's mom past away last week. Funeral was today. Her finance's brother was driving from Arkansas (I think... somewhere out there) and suppose to arrive two days ago. He never arrived, and never called. Funeral went on as planned... later that day (this evening), a messenger comes to inform that the brother and his wife was in a car accident and didn't make it. They now leave behind their two sons, 17 and 18, in Arkansas and Chicago, respectively.

I am so devasted... I can't even imagine what their family must be going through. I can't even imagine the pain of burrying my mom and then couple hours later, finding out that my brother and sister-in-law died. I don't even know how to handle my emotions right now. It was one thing for his mom to pass... she was old and everyone was prepared. But the brother... I have knots in my stomach... I can't write anymore.

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I just got home from Vegas couple hours ago. I feel like so much happened while I was gone. Although it was only 3 days, I feel like it was a long time.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about the trip while it was fresh. So...

Day 1: We arrive in Vegas around 6 PM. We settle in the hotel and decide to go get CHEAP dinner, then head out to Ghost Bar and the Palms. We head over to this place that advertised "Heineken and Hot Dog for $2.50". We walk in only see a liquor store, so we ask the clerk where's the hot dogs?! He points to this door way. We walk in and it's some little place with a bunch of old locals. So a bunch of them got their Heinies and hot dogs... I got chicken fingers for $2. We then got ready and took a bunch of shots in the room. One group went downstairs first, so we go downstairs to meet up with them. We go downstairs and this limo pulls up and ask if we wanted a ride. We told them we're looking for the rest of our girls, but they may have headed out to Palms already. The limo takes us to Palms... the guys were hoping to get us to go back to some house party with them, but we said they it'd be worth their while to pick up the rest of our girls. We just wanted a free ride. =P So we don't find the girls and end up just ditching the limo and go into Ghost Bar to see if they're in there. They were no where to be seen for the rest of the night. However, the group that was there did have an AWESOME time! I got pretty faded (my fourth time ever getting faded!). I got a bunch of free drinks and met a whole bunch of random people. But I LOVE partying with my sorority sisters cuz we all watch out for each other.

We then caught a cab back to our hotel and saw the other half there. They were like, "where were you guys?!" We told them that we went downstairs and didn't see them, so figured they went to Ghost Bar and went to look for them. They respond, "Who ever said we were going to Ghost Bar?!" We were like OMG... that's the only place they mentioned and that was the plan! OY! Anyway, it was all good. We try to go party some more, but no where was really open.

Day 2: I woke up with a hang over and still drunk. The rest of the day was in sloooow moooootionnnn. We went shopping at Caeser's Palace. I wasn't much in the shopping mode though... I was still buzzin. My thighs were really sore and I could barely walk! My sister's said, "That's cuz of all the lap dances you were giving last night!" I do remember giving my sisters lap dances, but I guess my memory of it was a little distorted... I thought it was just a short little brief thing, but apparantly, every sister got a lap dance and it went on for a good while. LOL! But my fun was restricted to only my sisters. =D

So after shopping, we go back... to find three random guys drinking our alcohol! I wasn't too happy about that cuz they were sitting on my stuff and just inconsiderately drinking our stuff. Worse of all, I later find out that these guys are underaged! I was suspicious because as we were talking about possible places to go, the guys would keep asking, "Is it 21 and over?". DUH! We're in VEGAS! Then, another guy asked, "Is there any other place to under age drink besides the hotel room?" I kept telling my girls that they're underage but no one was saying anything... ended up cuz those guys were the birthday girl's bro's friends. Anyway, we instead of getting ready with the rest, they sent me and three others to make a alcohol run. We get back and they're all ready. So day 2 was rushed, but it was still okay.

We head over to Rumjungle at Mandalay Bay. It was a decent place. It didn't compare to Ghost Bar though. Much older guys. I was getting hit on by guys old enough to be my father! hahaha... but I got drinks out of it, I guess. We even got the bartender to give us 7 Dead Nazi shots. After that closed, we headed over to Studio 54 at MGM Grand. On the way there, another group of guys in a limo tried to offer us a ride. They met us at MGM and since we were low on cash, we tried to get them to pay for it. They guy said he'd pay if we hop in the limo. While one of the girl negotiates with him, I take a peek in the limo and was like ack! One fat guy, two other guys (I don't remember what they look like) and one girl way in the back with her pants down and in a leopard thong. Grossed out, us girls all grabbed each others hands and walked away. We just went to Studio 54 as planned. The crowd there was so ghetto! And the music was horrible, but from what I heard, all after hours clubs are like that. Oh well. So the birthday girl wasn't too happy and asked if we wanted to leave. I thought she meant to look for another club, so I said I"ll just follow her since it's her birthday. Couple people stayed, but I went with the birthday girl... I didn't know she meant to go home! Everyone else wore painful shoes and couldn't stand anymore. =( I learned my lesson about comfy shoes years ago. =D

But it didn't make a difference cuz the rest of the group came back soon after cuz the guy who was with us (I call him little brother) got kicked out! hahaha... I guess he was passed out and could respond to the bouncers when they asked if he was okay. So we just went to go get breakfast instead... $1.49 breakfast baby! But I find that I can't eat when I'm drunk. My throat is constricted and I can't swallow. Oh well, it was fun reguardless.

Okay, I know I'm prolly missing out on a lot, but I gotta pee and I want to go home soon. Will further update later. But what I learned from this trip is 1) It's awesome partying with a group of close girlfriends 2) Free drinks are great 3) Free limo rides can be fun 4) Giving lap dances is a great work out 5) Having a great boyfriend that encouraged me to go have a crazy, but safe, trip with my girlfriends makes me the luckiest girl. It felt nice to miss him and think of him (Not that I usually don't, but there's that whole "being away" factor to it). I like randomly calling him and giving him the scoops on whats going on... and let him hear me hung over. hee hee... Thanks for your support and for making me go! (I really didn't want to go.) I'll have pictures up soon... started to, but got tired.

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woohoo! It's officially the first day of my spring break! yay! I'm heading out to Vegas with a bunch of my Alpha Phi sisters soon... my first time going to vegas with a bunch of girl friends. Kinda nervous... two that I know are kinda party animals... hope I could keep up. I finished all my finals and papers well, so I'm happy. Now I need to pack for vegas.

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Yay! Done with my last final! Now I just have to work on the 15 page research paper, APA style, that's due Friday... did I mention that I haven't started?! I barely picked my topic last night, and printed up some articles on it within the past hour. I'm not stressed yet though, but we'll see how I am tomorrow night. =P

Jonathan started a message board, mainly for (BUT NOT RESTRICTED TO) our little "Mammoth" group so that we don't get 50 emails a day when trying to plan a trip. It's been fun so far. Welp, I guess I should start writing (reading first would help) for my paper. But to think ahead, I have spring break next week... anyone wanna do anything?! I'll be in Vegas Mon-Wed, but any other day! =D

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Yesterday's snowboarding was GREAT! Conditions weren't all that great because it was slushy (either powder or icey in the morning, then turned slushy), but it was one of the best times I've had at Mt. High. Great company can make such the difference. We all hit the jumps and closed areas. The guys were doing rails too, but I passed. I hit some good jumps, so I'm happy.

The last run of the day, I was hitting my jumps, and the last jump, I actually caught good air (for me, that is) and landed, so I was way stoked. But the last part, there are these series of mounds (like a rollercoster), and those are just fun for me. But because of the conditions, sometimes it's hard to control your board coming off the mounds cuz the ice/slush has premarked groves and made my board turn perpendicular to the mounds. I try to turn my board back, but caught an edge on my toe side, and totally ate it! Fell belly first. That was my first experience of "getting the wind knocked out" of me. Jonathan comes up and ask if I was okay, but I couldn't say anything... I couldn't even breathe. I just sat there waiting for my organs to calm down so that I could breathe again. I try to force words out to let him know I was okay, but all that came out was a whimper... and I didn't mean to whimper! I was trying to talk, but all that came out sounded like a whimper. But it was a great day! What a great way to end the day... get the wind knocked out of me for the first time! =D hee hee

Here's a pic of the invites I made for Jonathan's mom's wedding:

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My friend just showed me this cool mind reading site. Let me know if it was accurate for you. As a scientist... I need answers; I had to figure out how it worked. I won't discuss it because I don't want to ruin it, but you can read about it here... but don't look at it yet! Play with the mind reader first! =D

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Yay... it's raining! That means SNOW! Couple of us are hitting the slopes tomorrow. Sure, it's finals week, but it's snowboarding we're talking about here! I'm trying to squeeze in as much as possible before the season is over. Jonathan's mom's invitations are coming along. I painted the envelopes today and bought more paper for the RSVP cards and envelopes for them.

We've been hitting a lot of seafood places this weekend! yum! I love fish! We went to Crab Cooker, The Fish Market, hm... I guess that's all the fish place so far, but then again, it's only the 2nd day of the weekend. We also went to the Loft today! yum! I got the Lau Lau and Lomi Lomi Salmon. mmm... scrumptous!

Our next migicube gig is the America's Family Pet Expo. It's suppose to be a huge show... 80,000 people last year attended! I thought of a great idea, and thought I shared it with Jonathan, but I guess I forgot... I finally mentioned it today. My idea was that we have raffles each day to raffle off a free migi cube! That's good marketing, isn't it?! We'll have people fill out little raffle sheets (which we will use to start our mailing list... no, not spam! ;)), and raffle off a cube twice a day (it's a three day show). I'm excited... should be a huge and fun show! And of course, I'll be bringing Broccoli and Lychee. =D Okay, going to bed now... gotta wake up early to hit the slopes!

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Yay, only one more class and I'll be done with this quarter! So as of 11AM tomorrow, 10:50AM to be exact, I'll be done with classes for this quarter! yippee! And after that, I'll only have one more quarter and I'll be done with school! yay!... then I have grad school. But reguardless, yay!

So last night a bunch of the Mammoth people met up at Tequila Jacks. It wasn't the best Taco Tuesday I've been to, but I had a GREAT time reguardless of the bad waitress, mediocore tacos and marguaritas. I'm trying to plan a taco tuesday at El Torrito in Irvine now. Vivian and I had great conversations in the car. Jonathan turns bright red after couple sips. PARTY AT DAN'S! Mina's funny Disneyland stories. Great seeing Dorothy, like always (and I got a xmas gift too!), and Glenn talks too much (usually complaining about Dorothy talking too much! hahahaha). One of the comments that stuck to my head was when Gideon (the only other person who's not done with undergrad yet and will be finishing this year as well) said to me, "So Caroline, this is what life after graduation is like, huh?" We both agreed, "I can handle that!" As long as you have a group of friends you can unwind with, life will be grand. As Jay said, "It's all about balance."

Jonathan has done a WONDERFUL job with our company's website. He used the pictures I took of the eggs and has put up more info. Check out Pudgo. I came up with that logo randomly... not in those colors though. It still needs some work. I designed it big, so it doesn't look good shrunken... can't see the "pud".

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One of my favorite pics of Broccoli:

yay, I get to see some of my Mammoth buddies today. We're going to Tequila Jacks for Taco Tuesday. Kinda far, but I'm carpooling with viv.

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We sold our migicubes at the Rose Bowl again this past saturday. We did decent. It's hard to compare after have our SUPER success at UCI vendor fair.
Here are pics I took of two of our merchandise:

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I'm feeling good. It's the last week of the quarter and next week is finals. I love this time of the quarter. I especially love finals week. Sounds crazy? I do have good reasons. I love the fact that there are no classes. I love the atmosphere. Everyone's finally on the same page and in the same mode. I think it's really a relaxing week. Everyone is in this stressed, but chill mode. It's the end and there's nothing you can do at this point anymomre; you're either ready or not. All you can do is review. There are no classes or homework to worry about. You either study, write papers, or do projects. It's the one week where everyone understands and doesn't expect you to do anything else. I can just relax and worry only about finals, and I don't mind finals because it just symbolizes the end of the quarter. I'm already feeling it! yay!

I've been contemplating a lot about graduation already too. I'm already thinking about how I want to make my graduation anouncements and where I want to take everyone to eat. I just want to invite a lot of people to my graduation, all go out to eat, then go drink! I just want to be surrounded by all my friends, old and new, and have fun!

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How to flip a pancake perfectly

The angular velocity of the object equals the square root of Pi, times the gravity divided by the distance the pancake is from the elbow times four - that is how to get the pancake back in the pan. A pancake should be flipped into the air at a speed of 10 miles-an-hour, which means it takes less than .5 of a second to reach the top of its trajectory. Half a joule of energy is needed to get a 50g pancake airborne to a height of one meter. The best way to do it is to flip the wrist so that the pan moves in an upward arc which causes the pancake to slide up and out of the pan. A direct lift leaves a partial vacuum under the pancake which tends to keep it in the pan. The movement in the arc supplies the torque to flip the pancake. It should take 0.45 seconds on the downward journey, completing the perfect toss with a 90 degree flip. A pancake will hit the pan with a velocity of 4.5 meters per second or splat onto the floor at 14 miles an hour just 1.1 seconds after its launch If your pancake ends up on the kitchen floor it will land uncooked side down.

Donny is coming to visit later!

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I hate two faced people. I have this cousin... we'll just call her H. So H is this cousin who's one year older than me, but in the same grade. Her family immigrated here when I was in third grade and moved in with my family. So my family of four became a family of twelve. My dad had to buy a new house just for their fat asses. Anyway, so since they moved in with us, their family made my life a living nightmare. Little things like my showers... I was no longer allowed to take showers or baths; instead, they made me shower out of a bucket. When they first told me that, I was like "What do I do with this bucket... Can I sit in it?!" Then, they didn't allow me to use the phone. My parents used to let me freely use the phone, but since they moved in, their mom would not permit me to even touch the phone. I lost my own personal space and my little brother to them as well. They somehow always were able to turn my little brother against me.

H and I went to the same high school. When we're together, they seem so nice to me and act as if I was a little sister to them. They would take care of me as if I were a little sister. Then when talking to mutual friends, I would find out all the horrible things they would say about me. I used to cry to my dad all the time but my dad would just tell me, "they're jealous of you. Just don't tell them anything and they'll have nothing to talk about." I went through the rest of my high school not associating with her. During senior year, I was on the homecoming court. My friend told me that H had her little sister stand at the voting booth telling people not to vote for me. Am I so horrible that they have to go OUT OF THEIR WAY to torment me?! My dad just kept telling me that they're jealous because they don't get opportunities that I do and to just ignore them... how can I? They're suppose to be my family.

I haven't had much interactions with them since early high school, and I often forget why. I often start to feel like maybe I'm avoiding them for nothing. Maybe it's just me being too sensitive. Then I'll hear something they say, or they'll do something that is just such a stab in the back and I get reminded of why I chose to stay away from them. Today, H's ex-roomate (they don't get along) messaged me and asked if I was having issues with Jonathan's family. She starts going off on how she overheard my cousin talk to her bf and friend about how Jonathan's family dissaproves of me and think I'm rude and all this crap. I know it's not true because Jonathan's family consist of his mom and his brother, none of which has any connections to my cousin, so she has no basis to talk.

But I can't help but to wonder if there is any truth to it. The only person I could think of is this one aunt-in-law I have. She hangs out with H's family quite a bit and is a big gossip. She's also pretty close to one of Jonathan's aunt. Only thing I could think of is if Jonathan's aunt had said something, and my aunt-in-law exagerated it to H's mom, and H over heard it and exagerated to random people who don't even know me. I wish I could just take my dad's advice and ignore her, but I've tried for over ten years now and those things she says and does still hurt me. argh!... FUCKIN' BITCH!!!!

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*sigh* What a good weekend this was. Mammoth was such an awesome trip!!! We left Thursday night and boarded all day Friday and Saturday. And drank all Friday and Saturday night. We went with a lot of advance boarders. People seemed to either fall in the beginners, or totally advance catagory, so I hung around the advance people. It was my first time going on black diamonds and stuff. I was hanging with the big boys! hee hee. I got to work on my jumps this weekend as well. I somehow got the nickname Turbo after the first few runs. I don't think it's true, but it's cute.

On the second day, we headed over to the terrain park again. On the very first jump of the day, I went way faster than usual and caught more air than usual. I was like "whoa!" and looked down to see how high up I was, and in doing so, I lost concentration and tilted too far forward and landed too much on my toe side and my face went smack onto the table top. I don't know how bad it looked or how long it took me to get up (I feel like I got up right away, but everyone was freaking out), but when I got up, there was a huge crack on my goggles and the radio I had on my glove snapped right off. So now I have a bruise and scratches on my cheek... battle wounds. =D My mom saw it and freaked out, "OMG, a big zit!" Silly mom.

It was also my first time going back countrying. There was this one point where there were three trees very close together, maybe a foot apart. I knew if I went around it I would get stuck (just the way the slope was and the powder), so I picked up speed and went right through them. As I approach the trees, I could hear Jonathan and Jeremie go, "whoa!" They thought I was going to run into the tree. Conditions were so nice... I've been having withdrawls. I really miss the group, the snow, and the alcohol!

It's funny how I only really knew two people when I arrived, and maybe knew of three others, but the 32 of us ended up really bonding and having a super duper time! Well, I'll have to update later. I have to go meet with my supervisor to go over the SPC applications. Yup, I'm already hiring someone to take over my position after I graduate.
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