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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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Not much time... my formal is tonight and I'm still working on the dress. I went home last night so my mommy could do my nails, then went to go buy last touches to my dress and headed back to Irvine. And I gotta say, it's GOOD to be back! It's a whole 10 DEGREES COOLER here in Irvine compared to back home! That's pretty consistent though. When I commuted from home to Irvine for summer school last summer, I used to love looking at the thermometer in my car to see it drop as I go down. Well, will update later. So much to catch up on! But I gotta finish my dress first. I gotta remember to post later about:
-Jonathan's mom talking to me about penis, bras, and panties.
-my uncle's wedding tomorrow
-senior revealing last night
-my formal tonight
I think that's it. Well, let me know if I forgot anything!

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I ditched two classes today. I just hate it when I lose my Mondays. I have no class on Monday, so that's the time when I prepare for the week. I have a ritual and like to stick to it. I come back and clean the room and unpack everything I brought back from the weekend. Then I look at what I have to do for the week and make a plan for the week. I like to see what I need to do or else I'll stress. I came home late last night and had to sleep early since I had an early class this morning. I didn't have time to settle in. Plus my cousin is having all sorts of housing issues up at UCSC and my aunt put the pressure on me to talk some sense into him (his friends and him are planning on renting a huge brand new house for $3600 a month). So I was just so stressed.

One bad thing about me is when I stress, I tend to avoid the day, so I sleep in. You can tell when I'm depressed or stressed when I sleep in a lot. I missed my last Physics quiz today. I regret it just because a zero will effect my grade, but my reasoning for missing class is soooo lame. I was having a really cool dream, so I didn't want to wake up. My alarm went off and I was so upset to wake from it, so I kept pushing snooze and eventually just turned it off. I wanted to continue the dream so I refused to wake up. Oh well.

Then I missed my second physics class because I was chatting with my cousin online about his housing. I just ended up going to the fabric store to buy fabric to make my dress for my formal this Friday. It's soooo cute! I won't disclose any details or description since I want to surprise Jonathan. It'll be hard, but I'll try. But I will definantly put up the pictures after the event! This week is also senior week in my sorority, so basically, that means I just get spoiled with gifts all week, and possibly pranks, but I'm expecting it, from my secret buddies. Then on Thursday, they put me through a scavenger hunt to find out who they are. I got a cool bean bag chair with the letters Alpha Phi made of ducky fabric on it, an UCI alumni license plate frame, and a cool rubber ducky with the words "uc irvine" on it and it's wearing a graduation cap! I'm so excited for the rest of the week! I always loved senior week... but I'm finally the senior! woo hoo!

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FUCK... I just noticed that I lost my 5/21 entry. What happened was that I wrote it in the office and ftp'ed it from there. When I wrote my last entry, I forgot to upload the new journal page onto my computer. Instead, I just updated the one on my computer and ftp'ed it. So I overwrote the file with that entry too, and I already deleted all the files from the office's computer. aw man... can't think of any other way to retreive it... anything I'm missing?

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Yay! I'm done with classes for the week! yay! weekend! yay! So this morning, I finally saw some results from this whole diet... unfortunantly, I also got my period!... which means I have a whole lot of water retention right now. So I don't get to enjoy the success of my suffering. I look a lot thinner in the morning, but as soon as I drink or eat something, boom... bloated again. Oh well. I just hope my suffering will be well worth it in the end.

So I take Broccoli to the dog park everyday, and I always try to get him to play. It's difficult to get him into a playing mood outdoors because he doesn't like dirt and yucky grass. He likes either indoors or nice green grass. So we play just fine in the house, but I want him to have the chance to play with other dogs. Only when I'm lucky he'll play with other dogs; most of the time, he's looking for a nice clean shaddy area or a nice person to pet him. He usually will get one good play session in. Today though, he got ganged up by a bunch of Jack Russells. He can usually stand his own ground really well, even against big dogs. His first play session was with a Rottweiler. But today, one Jack Russell kept biting his face. I didn't want to step in because I wanted to give him the chance to defend himself first. He was doing just fine, considering that he was getting nipped in the face and ganged up on by 10 other dogs. But the bitting dog's owner came and took her... she was playing rough with a bunch of the dogs.

My dad just called me. I got a letter from a collection agency saying that I ordered magazines and never paid. First of all, I haven't subscribed to a magazine in over 5 years. Secondly, say it was a mistake or someone else subscribed with my name, I never even received anything from the company saying that I was subscribing (the collection agency said that I had failed to respond to a previous notice). I just hope it gets resolved... I have good credit and I intend to keep it that way! I remember 3 years ago, I got billed for 3 magazine subscriptions. I called them to see why am I subscribed to three magazines. It ended up that through Victoria Secret, when you order something, you get trial magazines. But the catch is, unless you call to cancel, you automatically get billed. So I complained that Victoria Secret never told me any of this and they just credited me back my money (it was automatically charged on the credit card I had used to charge my Victoria Secret merchandise). They acknowledge that it was Victoria Secret fault. So... I'm afraid that this was another thing similar. I started to get a lot of spam and suddenly got all these e-mails that says "thank you for joining... for signing up...", but I never joined or signed up for any of those programs or info. So I'm afraid that the magazine somehow got it the same way too. But it's so wrong to just give someone something when they never asked for it, then charge them for it! It's like a friend I heard who received a gift, then was asked to pay for half of it!

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I'm starting my cabbage soup diet tomorrow. hee hee... I'm excited. I'm doing it just for the curiosity and fun of it, so maybe that's why it's fun to me. But damn it's expensive! I spent $50 on groceries already, and that's just to cover the next 4 days. I usually spend $25 and last a week! I can't even say, "It's expensive to eat healthy" because it's not very healthy. I guess it's more like, "damn, it's expensive to cook!" Which is what I find true. Maybe it's because I don't cook often, so each time I cook, I have to buy all the ingredients. Whereas if I cook often, then I could just buy everything in bulk. But it's still so true that in this society, it's so much cheaper and convenient to eat out than to cook. When I'm on campus, I always get Carl's Jr.'s Spicy Chicken Sandwich for 99 cents. How can you beat that?! No wonder there are so many overweight people now.

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I took Broccoli to the Irvine Dog Park today. It was such an experience! It's like a whole little community. Everyone there are regulars. They all welcomed me and filled me in with the gossip and stuff. We spent a good two hours there. At first, he was rather shy and didn't play with the other dogs. He just kept running from them. Then this really nice lady with a tiny Yorkie came. Broccoli eventually got comfortable and played with the Yorkie, Sammy. I didn't realize how rough doggies play. I was kind of scared at first... wasn't sure if Broccoli was playing or fighting.

It was also my first time hearing Broccoli bark so much! When he would see other dogs playing, he would try to join in by running up to them and keep barking to get their attention, but as soon as they turn to look at him, he runs. It was nice watching him play and have so many friends. One guy had a 5 month old Rottweiler named Bear. He was such a cute puppy! He looked big, but he acted like a little dog. It was so cute because he was just a big clumsy baby. The people there are super cool too.

The people there did tell me stories of not so nice people/dogs. They said that last week or so, a pitbull had ripped out the throat of another dog, and the owner just took off. And there was another really aggressive big dog in the small dog section that kept bullying all the little dogs... and get this, the owner kept encouraging his dog to "get them". Then the lady with the Yorkie was saying how there was an aggressive Pomeranian that bit her husband. Took a whole chunck of meat out of his leg. I was so scared after... mainly because if anything was to happen to me or Broccoli, I wouldn't know what to do. I asked them what we're suppose to do, but they didn't know. They said to just watch out who our dog plays with.

Oh yeah, there was this lady there with a Shetland Sheepdog. I commented to her how beautiful her dog's coat was. Of course, I'm new so I have no idea who this lady is, and I didn't notice right away that no one cared to talk to her. Then I heard her dog bark, and it just sounded like gasps of air, or like kids without front teeth trying to whistle. So I commented that her dog had a cute bark... very different. She just snobbishly said, "That's because he's been de-barked", and just walked away. Then the lady with the Yorkie gives me this "oh gosh" look and explains to me that the lady had her dog's voicebox removed because SHE didn't want to hear it bark. We were just talking about how cruel that is. And this man was saying how it's not even that her neighbors were complaining, but it was she who didn't want to hear it. Well train your dog, lady! It's like being blessed with a healthy child, then purposely making her mute!

So I started to sew my Bordeaux Ball gown. I got the underlayer fine, but the top layer's difficult to work with. Too bad I can't just use one layer. I'm so self conscious right now to be wearing such revealing dresses anyway. Oh yeah, so two of my sisters here went on the Cabbage Soup diet couple weeks ago and lost 8 lbs in a week! It's not long term or anything, and they gained it right back when they got off it, but I want to try it for fun just to see the results... then look in the mirror and think to myself, "ah... I remember when I used to look like this". Then get over it and pig out! hahaha

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This kind of reminds me of what happened to Linda, but her case was definantly much worse. So I'm doing this digital arts minor... I took a break from it these past two quarters because the classes kept conflicting with my Physics. So I'm finally done with my Physics core classes this quarter and will have lots of time next year and was super excited about taking my digital arts classes again.

It's enrollment time, and in the past quarters, we always receive e-mails from the digital arts department letting us know which classes are reserved for us, and if we want to take it, we need to go in to get an authorization code from them. You can't take the classes otherwise because they are reserved for Studio Art majors only. So I hadn't received an e-mail yet. During my break, I decide to walk there and ask. This is what she said. "OH... we don't have the money to reserve classes for people in the minor next year." I was a bit confused what that meant. I asked her, "So does that mean I can't enroll in my last two core classes to finish the minor?" She just shook her head. She says that she's working on it to see if they'll open more classes for the people in the minor, but it's really slow. The dean isn't contacting her back. So I asked her, "So only majors can enroll? How am I suppose to finish the last 2 classes?" Her only response was summer school. Well, if she had let us know about this situation sooner, I would've enrolled in summer school sooner because when I checked the schedule today, all the classes I need are FULL!

argh... so if I don't do the minor, I only have 5 classes to take the next 3 quarters! I need unit fillers so I can be full-time still. So I need to find easy classes because I don't want to work when I don't have to! I'll probably take a bunch of dance classes or something. And HOPEFULLY, she'll work out the issue with the digital arts thing and I could just take a bunch of fun digital art classes.

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For some reason, I get tired in the evening. I just took a three hour nap... and had cool dreams. At least I feel refreshed though. Alpha Phi had a campus-wide BBQ tonight. I caught the tail-end of it. It was nice catching up with people, but evertime I go to these social events, it's just a reminder of why I'm never around. Like I told Winnie, me and these people are on totally different wavelengths. The whole flirting, being wild and partying thing just isn't my thing anymore. Actually, that phase of mine was VERY short lived. Took too much of a toll on my schooling.

Watching the girls have fun reminds me of my days and makes me happy for them... but it also annoys me. I think it's because I can't stand loud noise, so when they start screaming and laughing really loud, I just get annoyed. But watching them have fun makes me happy... just get annoyed when they're loud. And many times, I just don't fit in any groups here. I can't hang out in the groups because I don't relate to any of them. I can't talk about parties and cute boys. And they don't want to talk about Physics, career, and marriage. So I only hang out one-on-one with the few close people. I often feel out of place because people are usually in a group, so I don't get to talk to them one-on-one at these events. I usually just schedule lunch or something more personal. I'm very much a more personal person... funny because I used to be a total social butterfly. I think I just burnt out from it.

So I'm interviewing another candidate tomorrow. She's actually my lil sis (sorority lil sis). If interview goes well, she'll be the last CP. I was hoping to have someone else sit in the interview as well, only so it doesn't seem biased, but no one's available. But the others who inquired about the position haven't sent me their applications anyway, so if they send it after the position's filled, then oh well. I told them to hurry too because there's only one position left and I'm only taking applications till it's filled.

So I had an awesome thought today. Since I racked up so many points on wagerworks, and Jonathan now works, we can't take multiple trips to vegas this summer. He can't take that many days off. So I will probably claim what I can for our one trip... like the Bellagio room, buffets, etc. And with the left-over points, I want to take my CP staff! Wouldn't that be such a cool bonding trip?! I told them I'll take care of the rooms, and they can chip in for alcohol soda. =P I didn't realize it until Jonathan mentioned it, but I think I'm the only one who's over 21!!!! OMG... after being on staff for three years, I finally went from being the youngest staff member to the old fart. But I told them we could still have fun. They could chip in and I'll get drinks and we could just hang out in our room having bonding time. I'm actually REALLY excited about that. I can't wait to work with them. My staff next year is sooooo cool! And they are all waaaaaay excited too. I'm really looking forward to this supervisor position. I think I'll have a lot of fun with them.

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Pretty good day today. Today was our CP passdowns... where the current CPs and the new CPs get together, and the old CPs "passdown" wisdom, and the position to the new CPs... hence the name "CP passdowns". I reopened the application process last Thursday for the three positions open. I was extremely picky during the first round of hiring, so I only hired two. I'm glad I did that because I just hired one really cool guy yesterday, and a cool girl today. So there's only one spot left... and there are a few people interested. Why didn't all these people apply the first time around?! Well, it's probably because the first rounds was kinda out of my hands. AV did the process, hiring for 3 different positions, one being the CP postion. The only thing I did was review applications and interview. I don't think they marketed too well. Actually, I just didn't like how the CP position was just mixed in together with two other office jobs. Wasn't very good marketing. It's going so much better now! So I have one more position to fill, and it looks like it will be filled very soon. Currently reviewing the rest of the applications.

So I'm debating if I should go home to see Broccoli tonight. Jonathan will be bringing him to visit on Thursday night, so should I go see him tonight? I'm just trying to think if there's anything I should be doing (besides homework that's due tomorrow) instead of spending two hours on the road. If it's just hw, then I can afford to drive home. But I could do a lot of sewing in those two hours, but I couldn't justify sewing when homework's due anyway. Okay, so I guess I'll go home?!

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I just got back to Irvine. I left Thursday night to see Jonathan and Broccoli. I'm rather sad right now. I really miss them. It's such a nice feeling to be home and to have a little family. We would travel back and forth between Jonathan's house and my parents house. We took him to Old Town Pasadena and took him to Three Dog Bakery and bought him all these treats... that looks like people treats! I wanted to try them! Actually, I did try one of his treats... these beef jerky sticks. Since he likes it so much, I figured that I should test it to see why he likes it so much and make sure it's not because it's too flavorful. We're having enough problems having him eat his doggie food. We're feeding him Science Diet right now, but thinking of switching to see if he likes another better... maybe Iams?... since I've seen that recommended on Maltese websites so much. Any thoughts?

I was so sad leaving him tonight. I almost cried, but decided to just make it a quick good-bye in the end. He follows me everywhere! We played hide-and-seek before I left. He sticks to my side... so cute. I was sad to leave because I fear that he won't remember me anymore, or won't identify me as his mommy anymore. Ah! My life feels off balanced right now. I have school and my HA and SPC responsibilities, yet I have a family at home... not just parents family, but Jonathan and Broccoli family. It was cute traveling back and forth between families because it felt like we were a little family visiting in-laws/ parents with our little baby. I often forget he's a dog. I treat him just like a baby. hee hee... he's such a cutie!... oopps Jonathan, I mean, he's so cute.

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Jonathan took Broccoli home... doggie withdrawl. I mean, Jonathan withdrawl. =P

Geesh... he's so cute, yet so much work. He's so draining when he's here, and draining when he's not. I need to study for my midterm. I have so much to do! ah! I also need to get the CP application out so I can do interviews ASAP so I can hopefully hire the new CPs before we do pass-downs next week. Oy... I'm cutting it close. I just need to focus and take care of everything I need to do so I can go home and see Broccoli... and Jonathan , of course!

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I don't even know who she is. Oh well...

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Broccoli's sleeping by my feet waiting for Jonathan to come to pick him up. I took him to both of my Physics classes today. He was such a good boy! Just sat there by my feet. Got a bit restless, but made it through class. My professor thought he was cute too. He was much better in class today than yesterday. So I won't see him until I go home for the weekend after Jonathan picks him up today. Maybe he'll visit again. The girls here just absolutely loved him and wish he lived here, but nope... off with daddy he goes. Tomorrow is his birthday though, and I still want to throw him a party! Probably on Friday? We'll see. I might just go home tomorrow night and get his a doggie cake or something. We'll see, but for now, I need to focus on my midterm that is tomorrow... which I have not even yet started studying! Priorities totally out of whacked!

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I took Broccoli to class with me today! He got so much attention on campus. He can walk long distances... we walked from AV to class, a good 25 minute walk, and he was still energetic! When I walked into the class, the professor was talkin to the sound booth guy. I walked in with Broccoli, and she just got so excited. I didn't know she was our professor because we switch professors mid-quarter, and this is the first class with her. She asked if we're allowed to bring pets to class, and I said that I don't know, but I've seen people do it. She said she's seen too, but just doesn't know if it's okay. I said, "I guess as long as the instructor's okay", and she said, "I am your instructor." I said, "OH... then is it okay with you?" She basically said as long as he doesn't distract me or others.

I sat waiting for class to start, and he was just way excited at everyone he saw. The sound booth guy then told me that I could sit in the sound booth with Broccoli if I want, so I did. I was neat sitting back there. There were all these cool machines! Broccoli would stay still... getting his nose into everything, then sneezing! So many times, he'll wander around the room, then look up at me with his CUTE puppy look, and have dust and crap all over his face! He's like a baby! Later, he calmed down and just slept by my feet, like usual. He's laying by my feet as I type! Such a cutie he is!

So Jonathan started his new job today. I'm so excited to hear about his first day! He'll be coming over later, so I'm super excited. Broccoli is such a distraction though. My life has completely changed since I got him. I go around looking for nice lawns... for him to poop. My world literally revolves around him now. (sorry jongo =P) I have a midterm on Thursday and homework due tomorrow... haven't even started on anything yet! I need to start, but it's so hard.

Last night, I took him on campus to Commencement Lawn in Aldrich Park. It was so nice! We played fetch... and he's so smart! He understands when I say "go get your toy", "bring me your toy", and "drop your toy". We also played tag... it's cute watching him chase me around. We played this other game I read in an article about boosting your doggie's confidence so they can manage to be alone better. I crawl and have him chase me while I'm crawling away. Then when he catches up, I roll over and whimper. Gives him the feeling of success. Then he walks on top of me, and just lay on my belly/chest. Yup... what I'd be willing to do for him. I crawled around acting like a dog in the middle of school! *lowers head*

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Broccoli's birthday is in 3 days... May 9th. He will be three. I want to throw him a birthday party... just need a location *ahem*... jongo, please?! I want to get him a little party hat, and get him a cool doggie cake. So I will let you all know, but you all are definantly welcome! What would be a party without people?!... or other doggies?!
Look at Broccoli sleep!Isn't he adorable?!

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Broccoli is just like me! He has anxiety... separation anxiety especially. He cried when I had to leave him this morning, and when I came home, he was sooooooo excited, but part of him separation anxiety "treatment", I'm ot suppose to acknowledge him when he's excited. The goal is to make parting and returns not a big deal, so he doesn't get anxiety. But when I came home today, he was so excited and I wouldn't look at him, so he kept barking. He's so cute when he's happy, so it's really difficult to resist. Here's the great article on separation anxiety. Thanks Jonathan for the link.

Actually, Jonathan spent a lot of time trying to work with his separation anxiety while I was on duty last night, but he needs to learn to deal with my separation. So I'm training him as I type right now. I'm going for 15 minutes. While on duty last night, I made a cute tote bag to carry him discretely in and out of my room. He learns so quickly... he already knows "in the bag" and "out the bag". And if he needs to go potty, he'll go to the bag or his leash. hee hee... such a cutie!

Congrats Jongo on your awesome job offer!

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Meet Broccoli!

Yup, that's right... I got him!!! And yup, THAT'S HIS NAME! Inspired from the picture below (previous entry). That was my first impression of him... cute little dog with a stuffed toy broccoli. I got him on Thursday, and he is the BEST doggie in the whole entire world! He's so cute and smart and TRAINED! He talks to me! He tells me he when he wants to go potty, when he's hungry and when he's thirsty.

One morning, I didn't understand him when he wanted to go out to potty, so he ran up to his leash and motioned with him nose to tell me to pick it up. And when he wants to play, he'll grab his toy and drop it in front of me. And he's so super friendly, that's why I need to go get him microchipped today. Taking him to his first vet visit with me today.
When he's excited, he does this really cute thing where he hops up and down and his ears flop. hee hee... if you notice the picture below (before I got him) and the picture to the left, I gave him a new haircut! Actually, I only cut the hair on his ears... I didn't like how it was groomed. So he looks like a puppy again! And since the hair on his ears are short, it's lighter and when he hops around or even walks around, his ears flop up and down.

He follows me everywhere! I could walk him without a leash (most of the time) because he just sticks by my side! I bought him a bone yesterday, and he was so excited when I gave it to him. He takes the bone and hides it, then retrieves it later and hides it again. And when I ask him, "Where's you bone?! Where's your bone?!", he'll go get his bone, bring it to me to show me, then go hide it somewhere else. Even after taking him out for a whole day, he'll come home and run straight to his bone. By the next morning, he was already running Jonathan's house! hee hee...

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OMGoodness what a BAD day!!!! AH! I don't even know where to begin... how about background info. So I have a midterm tomorrow morning I should be studying for. Jonathan has an interview tomorrow morning (Good Luck, Jongo!)and needs his suit he left here. Two cute doggies were available today at the West Valley Animal Shelter. We've been following up on them, and as of closing yesterday, they were not reclaimed by owner, so the plan was to set out this morning and arrive in Chatsworth at 8 AM. Oh yeah, and I got my period last night.

I drove to Jonathan's house yesterday and arrived around 7 to find that his car wasn't home. Called him and found that he was still at Orbit. I had a headache and had a lot of studying to do. I ended up going to get gas and ended up getting back to his house at the same time. Okay, not so bad anymore. I get out of the car and he asked, "Did you bring my suit?". DOH! And he had told me earlier that day too that he really needs it and would make me drive back to get it. Okay, after thinking it through, we decided that we'd just drive down to Irvine together after the animal shelter.

This morning, we woke up at 6 AM and headed out to Chatsworth. We get there a little before 8 and saw a bunch of people waiting already! So I had to decided... I knew they had a Grey Shih Tzu, White Lhasa Apso, and I saw a white Maltese online, but the ID was wrong, so they couldn't give me any info... said I just had to come down and find the dog. At 8, we all go in. I hear a lady looking for the Grey Shih Tzu. I decided to look for my white doggies instead. The male and female dogs were split into two different area, and my two white ones were males, and the grey was female, so there was no way to get all, so I went with the white doggies. I go in and I don't see them. Then I noticed one that was also a lhasa apso, but looked different, so I look at him info, and sure enough, it was him... they had shaved him. But shaving him isn't a thing at all because hair will grow, the thing was he was a BAD dog... as bad as my day so far! He was just mean to other dogs and barked a whole lot.

We left the animal shelter empty handed once again. Worse part was we hit super bad traffic on the way home. We prolly spent 2 hours driving, and 15 minutes at the shelter. But we got breakfast when we got home. Nothing like nice warm soy milk and all those yummy breakfast pastries. Afterwards, we go back to his house, and I ended up falling asleep. He wakes me up an hour before my class. I was so late... I had to drive, park, then walk another 20 min to class! He was on the phone, so I left first and told him to just meet up with me after class since he had to go pick up his suit anyway.

I back out trying to steer clear of the poles behind me and stopped when I had enough room to turn. I wasn't sure, but I thought I felt a tap... really light, but felt contact. I look in my side mirror and see his car. I totally forgot he had parked it there! I saw his car and saw that my car was awfully close to his. So I move my car away from his and to the side so I don't block others. I get out and see a black spot on his white car's bumper! I HIT HIS CAR!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I was freaking out. I kept running back and forth from his bumper to my cell phone in my car. I wasn't sure what to do because I knew he was still on the phone. I ended up sitting in my car as I try to figure out what to do, holding my cell phone debating whether I should call him. I knew the damage wasn't bad, but it's the whole concept of me hitting my boyfriend's car! I was late to my review session too. So many thoughts running through my head, wasn't sure if I should go up to get him, if I should call him to come down, if I am over-reacting and I'm letting minor things effect my ability to do well and letting minor things distract me from my midterm, if I should just go and call him while I'm driving to let him know.

Luckily, he came down as I sat there debating with myself. He was carrying his computer and walked up to my car with a big smile and asked me what's wrong, since my car was parked weird. I got out the car and just blurted out, "I hit your car". Luckily, after he wiped off all the dirt, we saw that there wasn't terribly bad damage. There was no structural damage, and his paint wasn't chipped or anything, just indented. It looks like someone poked his car with their fingernail. It had two fingernail imprints in the paint. I don't know if that makes sense. Picture making a fist really hard and your fingernails dig into your skin. Now move those fingernail marks onto his bumper.

Okay, now to fast forward. After my classes, he picks me up and we head off to Baskin Robbins free ice cream day. We go there and it seemed rather dead. Then we see a poster that says it doesn't start till 6 PM! It was only 3 at the time. Jonathan could've left two hours ago, but he stuck around just to get free ice cream with me. He drops me off and leaves. I start browsing the internet and saw a Maltese for sale for $50. I call and the lady was super nice! The dog is housebroken and totally an indoor dog. Everything was perfect! Then she e-mailed me pictures and just look at him!
So my day is looking brighter. Maybe it was just meant to be this way. He's so cute, from all that she told me. He knows he's going for a car ride if you say "bye bye", and she said she would give me the crate, leash, toys, etc. He has lots of toys and they all have names. In that picture, he's playing with his broccoli. He's such a cutie!!... I was so excited! This would make up for all the bad today. And I would be able to take him home right away!!

I wasn't planning to see the dog until tomorrow after my midterm. After talking to her, she mentioned that someone is coming to see the dog at 6 and cannot gaurantee that the dog will still be there. So impulsive me told her that I'm coming immediately. I jump into my car and sat in traffic for an hour. I got there a little past 6. I knock on the door and a lady opens the door. "Oh, are you here for the dog? My daughter was trying to catch you but you had already left" At this point, I'm thinking, "greeeeat, another dissapointment. Don't tell me, the other people had come before me and bought the dog already." Then she continues explaining that the dog isn't there. Her husband took him out and won't be back till later tonight. When the daughter made the appointment with me, they didn't know the father took the doggie out so late. Whatever, so I'm just super dissapointed.

I sat in front of their house for couple minutes trying to figure out what to do. The drive back will suck ten times more than the drive there. I talk to Jonathan and he says to just wait for her. So I call her and tell her to call me cell when she gets in. I explained how I'm still in the area because the traffic is too heavy, so call me and maybe we can still arrange it for today. I drove around for 20 minutes looking for somewhere to hang out. I ended up finding an Ikea. I didn't feel like going in, so I sat in my car for 45 minutes trying to reach the lady. So in the end, I drove two hours to sit in an Ikea parking lot when I could've been home studying for my freakin' midterm!!! ARGH! *pulling my hair out*

I really hate wasting time too (Sorry for wasting your time as well, Jonathan). Drove two hours for nothing TWICE today! GAWD DAMMIT!

Well, one cool thing did happen today... my sewing machine arrived in the mail! yay! I'll just celebrate that, even though it's just a big tease because I have to study and can't work on it anyway. Okay, I'm going to start studying now and TRY to sleep early so I can be well rested for my exam. Wish me luck! ...I'll need it. =\
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