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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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The other day, I showed my photography teacher a picture I made. He really liked it and told me to frame it cuz I could be famous one day. He was all giddy over the picture and looked for R, the other photography/lab guy, to show him. He looked out the door and thought maybe R had left. R is very sarcastic and has an odd sense of humor... I don't like to talk to him, let alone show him my work, because he is super sarcastic and is so negative. He seems bitter in my opinion.

Anyway, so my teacher really wanted to show R my picture so he went out to find him. He found him and brought him back. I was nervous to show him because I don't like to hear sarcastic remarks. So R looks at my picture and the conversation went something like this:
R: Oh, it's awesome! (super sarcastic)
My teacher: It's a great picture! The color and composition is great!
R: uh, yeah! So why square? (he asked me)
My teacher: Caroline, you can answer this. We discussed it before.
Me: I liked the square because it gave me a very balanced feeling. I also chose a square because it put the subjects on the side.
My teacher: That's great composition. She didn't place the subject in the static location.
R: Okay, as long as you can articulate it.
Me: If I wanted to articulate my work, I would be a writer, not a photographer!
My teacher laughed so hard he had to turn and walk away. R got all defensive. I took that line from a previous lecture my teacher gave about a famous photographer who said that to a critic. I'm usually not a smartass like that... I'm actually usually too polite and too considerate of others feelings, but it felt great to say that! :)

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LOL... I found this quiz from Jay.

Which Piercing are you?

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Jonathan's mom got married this past Sunday. Actually, they got married a month ago in Vegas, but the ceremony and banquet was this past Sunday. It was a really nice and fun wedding. Congrats to Jonathan's mom and Johnny! You could read about it from Jonathan.

If you couldn't tell, I cut my hair again. The growing out process is a real pain.
Work is so frustrating. We have this huge program coming up this Sunday and it's so obvious that my staff is so over it. I don't care so much that they're over it because I am too, but I expect them to at least complete their task. Yesterday was our last scheduled meeting before the event and right before meeting, I hear "I need to leave early" and "I will be an hour late"... and then this person doesn't show up at all. argh... I won't go into it anymore, but it's oober frustrating! argh!

I can't believe I have only one week left of school! I don't have any finals. All my projects and thesis are due the week before, so I'll be done as of next week!!! I can't believe how fast time has flew.

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What a long day I had yesterday. I was on campus from 9 AM till 11 PM! I was in the photo lab from 1:30 till 11! What a time consuming hobby. Oh well. So I made color prints for the first time yesterday! There's so much more to color printing than Black and White! One picture took me forever to get the right amount of filters in to get the right color balance! But the cool part about color is that there's a machine to process the prints! Unlike Black & White, I don't have to put my print through baths. I just stick my print in this machine, and four minutes later, a finished print comes out the other end! I should take pics of it!

Yesterday, my photo teacher was telling me how I'm really good at photography and should consider going into it. I then asked him if he teaches at UCLA as well (I read it on the internet). He said he teaches an extention class there. I told him I was attending there next year, and he told me to take his class. He said I could take it for free. I was like, "free?!" He said, "yeah, cuz I know you and I have the say in things like that." So he told me to just keep in touch with him and if I decide to, I can take him class for free! yay! He's a really good teacher. I was looking him up on the internet and found on the ilford site an article about him. It showed all these album covers that he took pictures for! He had left his mini portfolio out on Monday, and couple of us decided to look at it. He's taken pics for A LOT of musicians. To name a few, Sarah McLachlan, Tom Petty, OffSpring, Guns N'roses, Blues Traveler, R.E.M,... actually, from this site, it says that his clients include Warner Records Group, Sony Music, A&M Records,... It says that he's worked with Tina Turner, Aerosmith, Elvis Costello and produced the cover for Sarah McLachlan's "Surfacing". Neat.

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Happy 20th!!!

I've had nothing to write about for the last two weeks or so now. Nothing much is changing in my life... or rather, it's the same changes. I'm just getting ready for graduation (less than a month away!!!). I made about half of my grad invites today, and will prolly finish the rest tomorrow morning. You are all invited to attend my graduation on June 14th at 11 am! So if you're free, give me your address so I can mail you an invite!!! I'm planning to do an electronic invite too.

In Photography, we moved from Black and White photography to color photography, so that is my most recent exciting news. Today was our first day doing color. I shot a roll of color film over the weekend and I made my proof sheet today. We will start printing them Wednesday. Photography has been such an experience. My teacher says that I'm really "cookin'" and should consider going into photography. It was a nice complement. The class and my teacher have been really liking my pictures, so I'll have to scan them one day to share with you all. And I have to take a picture of my grad invites to share as well.

The approaching graduation is really hitting me now. I've been in an excited, but mellow mood. That contradicts, doesn't it? Well, I am excited to be done, but everything from now till then is such a DRAG! The biggest drags in my life right now is work (ack!!!) and my thesis. We have one more program for the year and it's the biggest program of the year, or supposed to, at least, anyway. But I'm just not in the mood anymore. My mind has moved on already. ugh. And with the thesis, now that I'm done with my presentation, I'm not motivated to research anymore... so I better be able to come up with 2000 more words on already existing information. But other than that, I'm enjoying my photography class... and I wish I was enjoying my digital arts class more, but it's not run in the best mannor. Oh well, I'll stop ranting now. Ranting doesn't solve anything.

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We got Broccoli a birthday cake and had a little celebration at my parents house. That little cake was $13! I told my dad, just for kicks. He must have told me mom. My mom said, "Don't tell anyone about this and don't get it again. People will get mad at you!" I was so confused... mad? why? "Because there are lots of people who don't have enough to eat and here you are..." bla bla... BUT IT'S MY FIRST BORN AND ONLY SON'S BIRTHDAY!!!!

So I made a decision on grad school... I chose UCLA. I just hope everything works out!!!

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YAY! I got my acceptance letter to UCI today and my letter from UCLA yesterday (I found out about UCLA first because I checked my status online). So now I don't know which way to go... UCI has a 15 month program, so I would start this June and be done by next September. UCLA is two full school years. UCI sent a much more welcoming and informative packet with good financial aid resources and info on orientation sessions. UCLA sent ghetto looking xeroxes of the program. I'm thinking about using the financial aid sources UCI gave me but go to UCLA. But what worries me is if UCLA is really that unhelpful, do I want to go there? I want to go somewhere where I will be supported.

I want to go to UCLA because it's a change, thus new challenges. I'm afraid that I'll slack off too much at UCI because it'll just feel like another year of undergrad. But on the flip side, I'll be comfortable at UCI and know how to work the system and know where to find help. I dunno... What to do... What to do...

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I am exhausted! I have been selling shrimps all week! My life has been so busy the past week and will be for the next week too. While I've been MIA from the internet, I auditioned to sing the national anthem at graduation. There were three judges in the room, and you go in and fill out an application and sign in, then the judges call you to sing one at a time in front of the group. Audition went well... I just hope I get it now! I find out next week. My American Idol auditions definately helped me rock this audition. This was like cake compared to American Idol!

I have to present my research next Satruday at a symposium... so I gotta get cracking on my powerpoint presentation. Not only that, but I have to have 2000 words of my thesis done by next week too... and as of now, I have 2 words. Yup, 2! I need to get to 2000 by next thursday! So I'll be pulling my hair over my thesis and my presentation. Plus I have a pretty big photography assignment due... time consuming, but well worth it!

Today, I got home from selling shrimps and saw an email from UCLA financial aid office. The email was a notification that "You may access your Estimated Financial Aid Notice and the accompanying Guide to Understanding Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice by using your UCLA ID and URSA security code (contained on your Admission letter)." I started laughing and showed Jonathan and said, "UH... what admission letter?!?!" He laughed then suddenly stopped and said, "Wait, what if you got in?!" So I checked my status online again (I check every night) and instead of getting "to date, no status is available..." like I always get, it was a scanned image of a letter. I read the first line and told Jonathan, "I got in" and started jumping up and down. Then I suddenly stopped and thought, "wait, but I didn't comprehend anything I read... what if it was a rejection letter." By then, Jonathan was already reading it and if I was wrong, it was too late for me to catch myself. I quickly read it trying to catch up to Jonathan's reading... I got in!

So I should be jumping for joy, right? I mean, while most people are about to graduate and walk out with a Bachelors but with no idea of what to do, I have grad school lying ahead of me. But I'm not excited... I've been so hyped up about starting a buisness! I'm at a fork in the road and I need to decide. Realistically, I can only do one or the either. If I want to do buisness, is it worth paying two years of tuition and devoting another two years of my life to school when I will not use it or care for it? I feel so unmotivated to go back to school. I like having only 2 days of school a week. I like the idea of being done. I don't know if I'm ready to get my mind back into school mode. My mind has been in "getting done with school mode". I dont' know if I could be in "going back to school mode" already! I just want a break. Hopefully summer will be enough of a break... as I write this, the more obvious it is that I should go back to school. My buisness idea isn't strong enough to make a living off of... or won't be right off the bat at least. I dunno... I'm just rambling.

I'm just feeling uneasy because it's a big decision. Choosing one way or the other may set my path and if it's the wrong path, it may be too difficult to go on another. I dunno... I guess I should just get excited over graduation first. I gotta stop living in the future and enjoy my present. I just don't know where I'm gonna live and how I'm going to pay for the tuition. My dad said that he'll pay for it all and not to worry, but I feel extremely bad. Man, I wish there was a clear path!
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