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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

1 0 . 3 0 . 0 2 | 1 1 : 4 3 p m
So like I mentioned in my past post, when I laugh, I think "lol"... but not "laughing out loud", I say it as a word. So everytime I laugh, I say, "lowl". Jonathan gave me a better spelling for it (lowl) instead of loll, which is how I used to spell it. So thanks Jonathan for the new spelling! And ROFL is "row-fole" to me... maybe Jonathan will think of a better spelling for me too. The funny thing is Jonathan thinks like me now! HAHAHA! I'm no longer the only one! yay!

So I was reading RBJ boards and a girl makes a silly mistake and comments, "that was so blonde of me". I couldn't help but to be disturbed by it. I was telling my supervisor how I'm so much more sensitive to these things now. I used to could let it pass, but I can't anymore. Although I used to understand that inaction is not an option, and my inaction is encouraging that kind of behavior and speech, I couldn't get myself to say anything. Now I get soooo irritated when I hear "that's so gay", or "you're such a fag", etc. Actually, I get frustrated and sad more than anything.

Working in housing for the past 4 years, I've been surrounded by people who've had a good amount of diversity training and have experienced working with diversity. Since this became my world, I got a false sense that everyone is now sensitive. So when I hear little joking comments like that, I realize that there are many people who have been and still desensitized that they don't even realize how offensive their words are and how it encourages racism and discrimination. So... my point, here's what I wrote back. I ended up writing it in Jonathan's name, but that's cuz he was still logged in on my computer... besides, it was probably better that way. He's a common where I would've been a newbie. Don't know how well it would've been received from a newbie. So incase you're too lazy to click on the link, here's what I wrote in response to her comment, "That was totally blond of me...":
A little off topic, but I just wanted to take this chance to address cultural sensitivity. I'm sure no harm was meant by it, but by joking and if I let it pass, I am letting it continue. Eventhough no harm was meant by it, it is still implying being blonde is a bad thing; blonde=dumb, air-headed.

To turn the tables, since there are streotypes on Asisans too, what if someone said, "that was so slant-eye of me". This isn't meant to be an attack on anyone, just something to think about... just food for thought.
I'm glad I am more assertive and can address these now, but it's also kinda scary to me. I'm not too sure how to explain it. My supervisor thinks it's cuz I'm growing so fast that it's even scaring me. Now I want to keep writing to figure this out, but I have my most important midterm tomorrow and I need to study. It's my Physics midterm and that's why I say it's important, but I really don't feel it's important. I know it's required for graduation, but I just have no interest for the class itself. bleh. I'm doing soooooooo well in all my other classes, but I just can't motivate myself in Physics. I'm so over it. Can't wait to leave Physics... actually, I know I'll really miss it. I'll really miss the higher level thinking, the problem solving, etc. But I also hate it because of the time. argh... I love the challenge. Oh no! Now I'm worried that I'll get bored after leaving Physics. argh... I can't think about this. I just gotta study.

1 0 . 2 9 . 0 2 | 0 6 : 5 6 p m
So I was considering going into teaching last year. My plan was to do our Master/credential program. I did all the research for it last year, but changed my mind this year. I decided to go back to my student affairs plan. So I looked into student affairs and even considering taking a year off from school if I got this position. Then I decided to apply for Master/credential to keep my options open. Now I just wanna go straight into teaching for the stability.

I attended a workshop last night to find out what and when I need to do everything by. There are three exams I need to take in order to apply. I signed up for one of them this morning... $300! $300 for one exam! I still need to sign up for GRE too and those aren't cheap either. BOO!

1 0 . 2 9 . 0 2 | 1 2 : 2 6 p m
I'm feeling quite guilty... I went shopping a bit too much this weekend. I bought 4 jackets, 2 shoes, 2 purses, and several tops... and I don't even remember all the stuff I got! But at least it's my own money I spent and not my parents... like some people who I won't mention. But I was telling my mom about this person I met, which we'll call Asparagus... dunno, had to come up with something. So I was telling her how Asparagus is soooo spoiled and bratty... and Asparagus is like 24 already!

So we had dinner with Asparagus and "it"'s dad. Asparagus goes off during dinner about how the dad is such a big spender but says Asparagus is a big spender. Asparagus then goes off about the dad buying an entertainment systerm, and the dad interjects and says, "yeah, but Asparagus doesn't mention the 63" TV it made me buy it". Then Asparagus goes off saying, "I'm your only daugther... I'm your only child! Who will take care of you when you're old? Who will put you in one of those homes?!" Just really bratty and proud... almost like bragging to us how spoiled and bratty it is, like it's a good thing. We tried to make the point that the dad works full time and is entitled to buy whatever for himself cuz it's his money, but it just doesn't see it. Asparagus gets mad at the dad for buying more expensive things for himself and not for her. And she's 24!

So why does this bug me? Because I used to be an unapreciative spoiled daughter... but I grew out of it! So when I see her, I'm embarrassed for the person I once was. I was telling my mom about Asparagus and how it makes me embarrassed for once being so spoiled and unappreciative. My mom looked shocked and said, "you really think that? you think you were a brat?!" I told her that I feel really bad for how I used to spend their money... I used to rack up $900/month on my credit cards, and my dad would pay it off... I know, I was awful. I feel so bad. But my mom replied, "You know, your dad and I always talk about how we are so fortunante and appreciative that you and your brother aren't like many other kids. We try to give you everything you want, but you two are very considerate of our feelings. You two really think about us before you want stuff. You two don't want much eventhough we try to give you everything we can while we still can work."

It was really nice to hear that. My mom has never told me how good she thinks we are. She's never told me that she's proud, or appreciates us... I do know it though, but it was nice to hear it. I actually didn't think they thought that about the money though. Oh yeah, but when I told my mom how I spend so much money, she did say, "but it's your own money you're using." And when I mentioned about back then, she said, "but at that age, there's a lot that your peers have that you want too. I always felt bad when your peers had something you don't because I know it made you feel bad and it would hurt me."

My mom and I didn't get to spend much time together this weekend, but our short talk was really nice. I got to talk to her about my current future plans/stress and she was really supportive. I felt better instead of frustrated and feeling like she doesn't understand like our last conversation about this topic. Okay, gotta go to bed.

1 0 . 2 8 . 0 2 | 0 9 : 4 6 p m
What a weekend! I did it... I went to the doctors all by myself on Friday!!! I was soooooooo scared. I almost backed out of the whole blood test, but when I went to the lab to turn in stuff for the doctor, the really nice girl who helped me convinced me to just get the blood work done. So I did. The guy who drew my blood said I was too tense and he couldn't find my veins. So after poking my left arm, I said, "Hey, that's it?! That wasn't so bad." Then he replied, "yeah, but your veins aren't cooperating. I have to take it out." What?! I swear I thought he was kidding... or hoping he was kidding. I kept thinking, "You're joking, right? Yeah... you're just saying that so I can relax."

I look at my arm and yup, the needle was out and blood coming out of the hole where the needle used to be. Then he goes after my right arm. He found the vein, unfortunantly, he said my veins were too small and I was too tense, so blood was coming out so sloooow. To speed it up, he would wiggle the needle around. ugh... I'll post later, I have to go back to the doctors to get my TB skin test read.

1 0 . 2 4 . 0 2 | 0 8 : 3 6 p m
I made an appointment for a full physical tomorrow morning... I can't believe I just set myself up for this! Worse of all, I forgot at the moment I made this appointment that Jonathan has Friday morning meetings and wouldn't be able to go! AH! So my supervisor offered to go with me, but I don't know if I want someone I don't know that well cuz they'll be moments when I want them, and moments when I need privacy. So... I'm debating if I should go conquor this solo. I'm nuts!

Look what I just made for my digital arts class. The assignment is to make a cheesy/sappy collage.

1 0 . 2 2 . 0 2 | 1 1 : 5 6 p m
Okay, so I might as well just say it now. Star 98.7 (local radio station) was doing their version of American Idol... Be a Star. I went for it... only thing is that they didn't have auditions, you just send in a video tape of yourself. I was excited and I did it, but I didn't say anything just so if I don't get it, I don't have to tell anyone, and no one will ask. The thing I didn't anticipate was how bad quality camcorder would be. I waited until the very last minute. Deadline was at 5 and I started at 11 something that morning. I sang for 4 hours straight and I couldn't get it to the quality I liked. The sound was just not picking up, but I had no other option, so I just submitted what I had. I wasn't expecting it.

Today, Stina mentions that she's auditioning for Amerian Idol in November. I was surprised because last year they did it in Spring. I go to the website and whaddaya know... it's in November! So I ask Stina if we could go together. So I'm going just to go, but I'm really skeptical. The way it works is everyone arrives at one location starting at 8am. It doesn't matter if you're the first in line or whatever... they way you're picked to audition is the producer walks around and picks who looks good. They judge by "looks, style, talent, and ability". But obviously, someone who has talent but looks only average may not stand out enough to be selected to audition. I'm going just to go so I can't say "what if", but I'm really skeptical.

And I keep telling Jonathan how I hate my accent. He keeps saying that I don't have one and that I'm nuts, but that's what's wrong!!! We're surrounded by so many Asians that we don't even notice our accents. I told him that he had an accent and he got upset. I noticed when I heard voice messages of myself. I really don't like it. I remember freshman year, my roommate and some other dorm mates were talking about my accent and I was so on the defense. "Accent?! I was born in America. I'm classified as 'white washed' and 'Americanized' where I'm from. Accent?!" But now I know what they're talking about. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying accents are bad. It's just that when I heard a voice message I left at work, I felt like the accent made me sound no so sharp, not so confident... and I really hope that's not how I sound at interviews. I don't know how to explain it.

I also really hate how round my face is. I hate how shiny my skin can be. These are the reasons why I hate looking at magazines and why I'm so passionate about the whole sex in the media and the messages it sends to people, especially kids. I won't go into it, but it offends me and often hurts me. I know I struggled throughout high school with image issues. Just the whole striving to be like what I see in magazines. I used to do at least 600 crunches, 100 push ups, and a whole bunch others... just really pushed myself physically... this was on top of the couple hours of dance practice a day too. All just to maintain my six pack and define my arm muscles.

End of high school, I learned all about the media's messages and how it sets gender role and all that stuff. I stayed away from it. I stopped reading those teen magazines, I didn't watch music video, I didn't watch TV... it just kinda happened that I didn't have time either to be doing those things, but I was much happier about myself. I wasn't constantly striving to be someone else, someone I felt I was expected to be; rather, I was much more focused on the person I am and my interactions and behavior. I worked on getting to know myself and improving things I don't like about myself.

I was doing fine. I often avoid (unless I know it will result in good discussion, open discussion) topics of gender roles, sexual abuse (a lot stems from message the media sends), "hooking up", etc. It's just too frustrating for me to hear. But if I feel the person is open and there's time to go into it, then I may, but there usually isn't enough time, so I don't. Anyway, my point is that while writing this, I realize why I've been feeling so down. When I made that video for Be A Star, I kept looking at the video and thinking "my nose is so big, my face is so round, my nose and forhead is so shiny, my skin color isn't consistant, etc." When I saw the video, I was dissapointed that I looked nothing near other females in videos and magazines. My rational self is aware that they have been airbrushed, but because that's all that I see in music videos, that's how I expected to see myself, but instead, my flaws were magnified. I just assumed that my flaws (and I have issues using that word, but I can't think of another at the moment) were magically going to dissapear of video, but instead, they were magnified and that's all I could see. I don't even see those flaws in the mirror, so it was very depressing when I saw myself on tape.

BOY DO I FEEL GREAT NOW!!! Dorothee was complaining how my last post was boring, so I decided to update... not to be interesting, just to keep updated. And who knew I would've known that I would've figured out the reason of my depression for the past couple weeks! I feel so much better now. I wasn't even expecting to write about this... but I'm glad I did. I FEEL SOOOO MUCH BETTER NOW!!! So now I struggle with why I'm willing to put myself through the superficial and objectifying American Idol auditions. ...well, now that I'm aware of all this, I can just go to test my luck, and if I don't get it, just won't take it as such a personal attack. I won't feel any less of a person and not get caught up with not being what media says I should look like. oy... I'm tired now.

1 0 . 2 1 . 0 2 | 1 2 : 3 6 p m
I had a pretty good weekend. Friday, I went to a conference thingy about student affairs. I don't want to jinx anything, so i won't talk about it yet. There's just a position that would give me a good chance to work in the field and take a year off to apply to grad school... so I would really hope it works out, but I won't talk about it until it happens. I hate telling people about my plans just to have the plans not work out... then they ask about it the next time I see them and I have to explain a million times... and it's not the best memories to have. Sorry, just thinking of all the times my reletives have asked me stuff.

My grandpa treated us to a luncheon yesterday for his birthday. It was suppose to be a dinner, but my cousin-in-law said she couldn't attend cuz of work, so my grandpa changed it to lunch. Then, my cousin and cousin-in-law arrives late (after the thrid course or something... and this was after waiting for them too)... then, my cousin-in-law settles her baby in the room and takes off until desert. So we changed the banquet time just for her... and she doesn't even stay! Oh well, it was a VERY delicious meal anyway. It was at NYC on Valley and Garfield. The last time we ate there, it costed us $1000 for two tables (~24 people) because my uncle wanted some New Zealand Lobster that costed $300. It only costed $600 for two tables this time. I never appreciated these chinese banquet meals before and I sure wish I did. They're so yummy... I always took them for granted since I grew up with them. And I sure wish I appreciated that $300 lobster!... I didn't know the difference about food before. I just ate everything and didn't taste or know the difference. oy... what a waste.

1 0 . 1 8 . 0 2 | 1 2 : 1 6 a m
I went to BJ's for happy hour last night, and when the waitress brought me my pizza, she managed to make the pizza slide off and flip over cheese first onto me. I got a free meal and free dry cleaning out of it. Hope the oil stains come off... and luckily I didn't get burn... sure felt like it at the time though! Then I went back for mid day happy hour with Ivy today. hee hee...

I rearragned my room all day today! I put in a work order for them to bunk my bed. Only thing is where I want the bed to be had my dressers there, so I noted that I wanted the bed in place of the dressers and for the dressers to take the bed's old spot. I get a call this morning saying that they don't move furniture. So I moved the dressers myself and moved the bed into that corner before class. I didn't push it completely against the wall cuz I figured that they needed space to work. I come back and the beds are bunked... but left in the middle of the room! They couldn't even push it against the wall for me?! Luckily, some guys in my house were home and came helped me push. But I moved my two dressers and desk all by myself! My room is so much roomier now! I like! I like! Lighting is waaaaaay better now too.

So Crystal brought over the fabric for me to make her couch cusions with. I'm so busy right now though, so we'll see when I finish them. Midterms start next week for me, and I still haven't even started on my Physics homework that's due tomorrow.

1 0 . 1 6 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 0 6 p m
So I finally worked up the courage to go to the doctors yesterday. Jonathan couldn't go, so I dragged Crystal, my supervisor from last year, to go with me. She was amazed at how phobic I was about the doctors. I was so edgy. In the waiting room, I panic every time the door open... I dreaded the moment they would call me name. But in the end, it wasn't all that bad. I had this man as my doctor, so I didn't let him touch me... I kept a very far distance from him. I am going to make another appointment with a women for the exam. I told him what's been going on, and he said it could be a number of things. I would need an exam to be sure, and it was my choice.

He explained what the cause may be, and said it's up to me if I want to have the examination. I asked him what the purpose of having the exam would be because from what his explanation of the most likely cause, there's nothing that could be done. So I asked him if I had the exam and found out I had it, would the only purpose would be to know that I have it? He said basically yes, but if it's severe, I would have to have surgery. He thought about what I said and said, "you're so young, I don't want to put you through a whole day exam..." So we're just doing test first, then just take it from there.

I'm looking forward to my Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) tonight. We get to explore our health, learn about accupunture, chiropractice, eating right, reflex analysis... But I'm most interested in learning about my health condidtion and alternative ways of taking care of myself. Okay... should go do my Physics homework now. whoopee! *roll eyes*

1 0 . 1 4 . 0 2 | 0 7 : 3 6 p m
I'm gonna die... I feel sooooo ill. I have this pounding headache and this sharp pain in my lower back... coincidentally where my kidneys are also located. I won't go into the details of the several problems I've been having, but enough people have convinced me that it may be serious. I've been rationalizing it in my head for couple weeks now, and I finally decided to call to make an apointment. I hate the doctors and avoid it at all cost, but enough issues have occured to get me concerned enough to go.

And speaking of the doctors... I hate the doctors and I'm very anti-Western medicine. They only treat the symptons and not the problem itself. I was talking to a friend about some of the issues I've been having and how I hate doctors. He starts telling me about this class he's taking, Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I always hated western medicine and wanted to learn more about eastern medicine. I had no idea I could've learned it at my own school! So even though I missed the first two classes, I'm going to add it. I'm really excited about this class. It's my last year in school and I'm really focusing on taking classes I enjoy. Since I'm done with my requirements, I'm trying to take things for personal enjoyment and personal gain. So I'm really liking my classes this quarter... even that Math Physics class isn't that bad.

I have chills... I hate this feeling. I'm hot with a sweater, and cold without. Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IVY!!! I'll take a picture of what I made her after I give it to her. =D Which also reminds me... I decided what to do with the new domains I bought. I'm going to make an Arts and Craft site. Still deciding on the design. =D Oh yeah, so I was offered $25 to make someone curtains today... and he'll supply the fabric. So it's like $25/hour. Then my supervisor from last year asked me to help her make cusions for her couch. hm... I could start making cash on the side. hee hee...

1 0 . 1 0 . 0 2 | 0 8 : 3 6 p m
I had late lunch with one of my lil sis, Astra today. We then headed over to the aphi house to hang out with Ev and Ivy. That's where Ivy gave me my PADDLE! yipee! A lil late, but still much appreciated. :D In aphi, lil sis usually gives the paddle either during senior week or the spring formal, but Ivy didn't, and I even forgot about it. So it was a very nice gift.

Anyway, my point in posting was because of this conversation I had with Astra and Ev. Have you seen those Foster's(?) austrailian beer comercials? They usually start off with a guy saying (with an Austrailian accent), "How to speak austrailian"... then the comercial. Well, I usually listen to TV but not actually watch it. So I always heard, "Have a spickaspalyan". I'm not sure how it would be spelled if it were a real word, but I'm spelling it so you can pronounce it as close to the way I do.

So everytime I hear this comercial start, I always say to myself, "Have a spickaspalyan! hee hee... What is a spickaspalyan anyway? Must be some name brand they're advertising." Then one day, I heard the commercial start so I decided to look up for once and saw the text, "how to speak austrailian". I say to JOnathan, "OH! How to speak austrailian!!! This whole time I've been wondering what a spickaspalyan was!" Jonathan was so confused and when I explained, he just couldn't stop laughing.

I didn't get what was so funny, but when I told astra, ivy and ev, they couldn't stop laughing too. Did anyone else get confused by that?! But today's conversation I shared something new about myself... when something funny happens, I laugh and in my head, I say "lol". Not as in laughing out loud, and not the accronym, but I pronounce the if it's a word. So when I laugh, my heads thinking, "hahaha... Loll (as in roll with a L)... so funny... Loll" And when I say Loll, my mind imagines me typing lol on aim. And when I type lol on aim, I'm not thinking Laughing Out Loud, I"m thinking Loll. Anyone else?!

1 0 . 0 9 . 0 2 | 0 5 : 2 6 p m
I'm so excited!!! I just got a lunchbox! I've been searching high and low, and I finally just ordered it off the internet. ah... I just love online shopping! Look at my new Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox:

1 0 . 0 9 . 0 2 | 0 3 : 2 6 p m
Look, my Duckie Mugs are on sale at my Duckie Store because they're having an anniversary sale. Neat! Good thing I randomly cruised by my shop.

So I just bought two more domains... what to do... what to do... I have until 2006. I like my new names because they're duckie related and I can go off with the whole duckie theme. Should I just make a whole new site and maintain both? I'll have to pay double the price of hosting. Or just make the two new names point to here too? What to do... what to do...

Then I realized that I really should be stressing over grad school stuff. I still need to get a grad check and figure out what I'm going to do after I get out of here. I have to go to grad school cuz if I wait, I'll have to find a job... which might be difficult to do with this economy. And once I start working, I won't want to go back to school. But I haven't even started to prepare for my GRE's yet! I've been feeling soooooo stressed, which also makes me depressed. AAHHHH! Too much to worry about!

1 0 . 0 8 . 0 2 | 0 3 : 3 6 p m
I missed Physics for the second time already... I really need to get my ass up for that darn 8am class. It's just so hard to be motivated. It's Physics Math... pretty advance stuff, and stuff I will NEVER use again in my life since I'm not having anything to do with Physics after I'm done with the major. So it's really hard to sit through a lecture that requires deep thinking and do homework that requires a whole lot of time and effort when I know I will never need this again. It's actually really fun and I really do enjoy solving the problems, but it just takes so much time! It takes about an hour per problem, and there are 9 of them... and I'm sure the later problems will require even more time. It's just so much effort! I don't want to work so hard! =P This is so bad, huh?

But I do seem to like my digital arts class. Sort of a waste of time at times, but nice change from the Physics side of campus. *ahem*... Joe, you weren't in class when they took role today! =P It's okay, you didn't miss much. I'd much rather be in the lab learning about photoshop instead of a lecture about digital history. bleh.

1 0 . 0 7 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 1 6 a m
I feel good... went to the gym today. It was very refreshing and I had a wonderful conversation with Stina (my sorority sister, one of my CPs, and now my workout buddy... actually, we started working out together during training, and now we decided to set a schedule to go together consistently).

I was actually in a really bad mood this weekend, so I'm glad I decided to go work out. I heard that working out actually regulates and releases those endorphines... thus making you less prone to being depressed. I don't know if it's true, but I was really pissed all day today, so when I arrived in Irvine, I knew I had to blow off some steam. So I contacted Stina and we got our butts there. We went rather late though, so we didn't stay long. But the time we were there, I was just sooooo energized and boy did it feel great.

On Friday, we went to Kabuki's in Pasadena with my folks. As usual, it was good sushi for a very reasonable price. They have this half off sushi deal. The best part: I WAS SERENADED BY A GROUP OF GUYS!!! A group of the male waiters sang me a birthday song and gave me this huge glass with 4 scoups of ice cream! They gave other birthday people only one scoup! And after the song, our waiter laughed and said, "that's the first time we sang with all guys". heh heh... I feel so special!

On Saturday, we went to Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ in Long Beach. All I have to say is "mmmm... mmmm... GOOD!" Their biscuits are to die for... and I usually don't like biscuits too! They come with this apple butter that is like heaven!... and I usually don't like to put butter and extra fats into my food, but that night, I was PACKING it on!!! I was having biscuits with my apple butter intead of butter with my biscuits. yummy. We're planning to go back next week and bring his dad.

Speaking of Jonathan's dad... I think I see him more often than he does. For those who don't know, his dad doesn't live with him, but will come by to visit every now and then. I don't have Friday classes, so I've been going home on Thursday night and sleeping over. I usually sleep in on Fridays, sometimes go shopping with his brother, play with the dogs and just kill time till jonathan gets home. Last Friday, I take the dogs to go out to potty, and I see his dad drive up. I was the only one home. It was sooooo awkward... I have this thing where I don't want to look bad... and it doesn't help that my mom asks me often "don't you feel ashamed sleeping over there? Don't you feel weird being the only one home?"

Anyway, so his dad comes out and says he's here to fix the garage and ask me to tell johnny to come downstairs to help... "um... he's not home, and michael's not home". He starts working and asks me to go find tools. I eventually start helping him and even did some hammering! I don't know if any other chinese family does this, but my family (and Jonathan's as well) never uses "I", "YOU", or "ME" in speech. So instead of "Mom, can you get me that?", I would say "Can Mom get Caroline that?"... which is weird when I first told my mom that I loved her 2 years ago... "Caroline loves Mommy". This is all in Chinese, of course.

Anyway, so back to my point. When Jonathan's dad talk to me, he would say "Uncle went here... Uncle did this", but several times, he would say "ba ba... uncle did this". For those who don't know, "ba ba" means dad. He refered to him as dad several times in several different conversations. hee hee... I told my parents and they just laughed. Is this a sign?!

1 0 . 0 3 . 0 2 | 0 5 : 2 6 p m
I just opened a store! Check out my store! I'm finally satisfied enough with the products to announce the store... so I hope you like it. =D

Something else to celebrate about is that I'm done for the week... as of 2pm, actually. I'm having such a hard time adjusting to this back to school thing. bleh. But I am taking this photoshop class for my digital arts minor. It's... interesting. I've never taken an art class... it's so different to go from the science and techie side of campus to the art side. Such different criterias.

No wonder I only got an A- in the digital arts class I took last year (I know, I sound like one of those students, but trust me, I'm not... it's just that this was suppose to be my grade boosting class!). Instructors aren't looking for the techie stuff... they just care about the artistic qualities. For the class last year, I was concentrating on good coding and using more advanced tools in photoshop... he wasn't looking for that. He just cared about what colors I chose and how it conveys the message I want to send across. Too bad I didn't catch that then... but I got that message quick in this class for some reason.

Today, we were told to draw a cone and a sphere on photoshop using no filters. Only brush types of tools. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning because having never taken an art class, I was like... "uh... where does the shadow go?" And I know many others in the class had the same problem. I heard a lot of "mine just looks like a flat circle still". I felt like I was in a beginning drawing class... figuring out the shading and all. But I did eventually manage to figure out the shading. Look:

1 0 . 0 2 . 0 2 | 0 1 : 3 6 p m
I had a pretty good birthday. My mom gave me a whole cake, but it's still sitting in my fridge because it's looks too pretty. I feel like I can't cut it unless I had people here and a candle on it... you know what I mean? I can't just cut a birthday cake like that... cuz it'll just be any cake. I guess I should cut it now... my birthday was 2 days ago.

It was nice seeing all my old friends at Taco Tuesday yesterday. And the night before, we headed over to Roy's in Newport Beach. It was YUMMY!

Filet Mignon and the "Surfa" as our entrees. Surfa:


Thanks, Jonathan for the pictures. =D
the rest