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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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UCLA got me drunk! The university got me drunk! lol. There was a welcome reception for all grad students today and it was AWESOME! Lots of GOOD & FREE food. Live band! Free drinks, including liquor!! I'm still buzzing. It was so cool though. I felt so special. :) hehe.

Anyway, so to update you all on Mr. D. My dad called my older cousin to ask if he had called. It ends up that he called them three weeks ago! Not only that, but I found out that 7 years ago, he knocked on my cousin's door and my aunt answered. He was standing there with a bandaged hand and said the he was mugged and needs to borrow $50-$60. She felt bad and gave him $100. He never paid them back. I only have one word... SHADY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm writting a letter to the school district, but I'm not too sure about how to verbalize the seriousness of this matter still.

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Today was the second day of orientation. So far, I'm LOVING my program! The faculty is so motivated, supported, excited, and dedicated to education and social justice. I love my faculty advisor! He's this jock/fraternity looking dude! ha! Most of us expected something else. When I emailed him before, I used to be all formal, calling him doctor and just being really proper. Then I see him and whoa! He's REALLY cool! He takes care of my cohort beyond just academics. He makes sure that we're okay with parking, traffic, carpooling, etc. It feels so good to be a part of a program that gives so much support and has so much passion.

Note to self: please read this when times are tough:
We visited our first high school today. I was in awe at how close the science department were. All the teachers were young. 5 are UCLA alumns. The very first of the UCLA teachers to board that school had it really hard. Super awful department. She stuck through it and became department chair and has totally flipped the department upside down. The science department is so strong now that they want to make it a science magnet school! But it wasn't always as pretty as I saw it today. When they first started, one guy didn't even have a teacher's desk for a month. He had a student desk in the front and that served as his desk (while older teachers had 2 or 3 desk and didn't care to offer him one). For lab equipment, they used to have to go to the 99 cent store and just get what they can. It's so different now. I really want to be a part of such a strong department that has so much support. But the other side of me really wants to go to the neediest school and be the one to turn things around! The superintendent, director of our program, and two principals gave really awesome talks today as well. I don't want to forget how motivated, excited, and inspired I felt today.

Now to the main reason I wanted to post. So I get a phone call yesterday:
D: If someone was to call you one of his people, who would it be?
Me: huh?
D: If someone was to call you one of his people, who would it be?
Me: I'm sorry, I don't know what you're trying to ask me.
D: That would be Mr. D, from junior high!
Me: Mr. D?! omg! I didn't even think you knew my name!

Mr. D is my junior high science teacher who never acknowledge me. Actually, he only acknowledged the trouble makers and just forgot about us who are doing "okay".

D: Of course I remember! I'm calling because an old student of mine who graduated from [my high school] just had a baby and got kicked out by her mother. Her and the baby were out on the streets, so I put them up in a hotel last monday - wedneday. I found a lady with a really big house and was willing to rent out a room. I put $100 deposit for the girl and the lady babysits her while she works full time at a resturant.

What is his point?! I'm sorry to hear about the girl, but why in the world is he telling me this?!

D: I'm calling Mr. D's people to see if they can help contribute. Anything would be appreciated.
Me: uh... I don't even work yet, but I can do $5-$10.
D: That would be great. Same house? I'll be over in an hour.
He didn't end up calling me till 3 hours later. But something felt REALLY wrong about that. I don't know why, but my gut instincts were just screaming at me that something is fishy. I tell my dad to tell him I'm sleeping if he calls. That's when my dad then told me that he had called my cousin with the same story 3 weeks ago! I called my cousin (who's 15) and she said that he told her the same story and came by her house 3 weeks ago for the money. 3 weeks? I thought he told me this happened last week. Then I thought, my cousin is 7 years younger than me and got the phone call 3 weeks ago. It is very likely that he's just going down his roster from the most recent graduates. Each year, he has AT LEAST 100 students, so by the time he got to me, we're talking AT LEAST 700 students. No one would donate less than $5, and most prolly donate $10 or $20. But if everyone only donated $5, he just made $3,500. And this is estimating down too. hmph... hotel for three days and a $100 deposit. I'd say that $500 would be PLENTY to reinburse him and extra for her (it's not like she's NOT working!). $500 isn't a lot to ask other teachers to chip in for. There are over 30 teachers. That's less than $20 a teacher. Wouldn't it make sense to go to the other teachers and say, "hey, one of our alumni's ran into some problem. Let's all chip in to help her" rather than soliciting ALL your former students?!

Anyway, so I got home early today and checked up on my ebay then ran to the post office. I came home and messaged Jonathan. He didn't respond, but my phone rang right away. hm... must be Jonathan calling instead of replying (he does that sometimes).
D: Caroline! Sorry about last night! I got caught up at Angela's (who's angela?) and by the time I got to your house, you were asleep. So can I come by right now?
Me: Actually, I'm on my way out.
D: I'm on your street. I'll be there in less than a minute. I'll meet you outside your house.
Me: uh... okay.

Why do I have to have a hard time saying no?!?! argh... So I step outside my house and I see this old beat up Corolla roll up and stops in front of my house. A tall, lanky, groomed and dressed (button up shirt and pants) African American man in his 40's, who looks exactly like my junior high science teacher, comes out of his car talking on his cell phone. He walks towards me and gets off the phone. (prolly planning his next stop).

D: Caroline! You haven't grown a bit!

OMG! What happened to his teeth?! They're all rotten and missing! He had two teeth on the bottom and a few missing on top. The ones that were still there were all gross and rotten! Everything else of him looks fine and how I last remembered, but his teeth! Why is a man in his 40's missing so many teeth and have so many rotten? A few words were exchanged, then...

D: Listen, I gotta run, but you know you can call me whenever you need anything, right?
Me: I don't even know how to contact you.
D: 444-2000!

He gives me a kiss on the cheek (yuck!) and leaves.
Okay, so am I the only one who finds this really strange? I'm going to call my junior high this week to see if he's really still teaching there.

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Holy Moly! Check this out:

Click on the image for the full story (it's all pictures)! Thanks Joe!

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Check out this cute bubble skirt I made!

It was my first time experimenting with that kind of dress. I'm rather proud of myself! :) I never shared the other skirts I made, huh? Well, here they are:

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I just remembered a conversation I had with my mom last november:
me: Hey mom, look! You can set a background on your cell phone. Look, I put a butterfly on for you! Pretty?
she checks it out, but doesn't seem too thrilled about it.
me: Well, here's the list of screensavers you can have, so you can browse through them.
she browses through them for awhile
mom: I like this one.
*surprised* it's some punk motorcycle dude! Is this the same woman who's always telling me to be more girly?!
For those of you who don't know my mom, she's this super quiet and shy lady. She's known for being SUPER nice and quiet. I love being surprised by her, whether it's something like this, hearing her laugh, or the things that makes her laugh. This also reinforced something for me: I like being surprised. I love surprising people, and I love to be surprised. :)

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I can't believe school starts next week!! Well, orientation is next week. Actually, classes start next Friday, but I don't have classes on Friday. I don't have classes on Thursday, either. :) But you notice how I haven't talked about anything school related in awhile?! That's so bad for me because if you're a frequent reader, you know how much I usually talk about school! It seriously just hit me that I have an exam on Physics THIS Saturday, and I'll be selling shrimps Friday through Sunday, and then orientation starts at 8:30 am on Monday! wah!!!! *sob sob*

I REALLY don't want school to start because I'm having waaaaaaaaaay too much fun on ebay right now. I love spending my days sewing, thrifting, and shopping for unique materials for sewing. I like making my own schedule. I like to sleep whenever I want (actually, I've ALWAYS been one to think that sleep is a waste of time, so I actually just stay awake all the time until I knock out). I don't have a regular sleeping pattern. You would usually find me sleeping on my keyboard. I like falling asleep while ebaying, then wake up and continue to ebay. I don't know if I can start waking up at 7 everyday... or maybe even earlier! wah!!

Team Building is on the agenda for orientation. I assume that part will be 2 hours of planned activities for each cohort. My immediate reaction when I saw that was, "ugh! I'm soooo over group activities!" I think I'm just still burnt out from working with housing for 4 years. I just hope the activities are challenging and not like those undergrad activities that totally insult your intelligence. I'm really looking for a professional experience. I want to feel like I've climbed the ladder and in a higher place. I actually do have faith that their activities will be something new. I just don't want that "this again?" feeling.

I think I just got really jaded because I spent 4 years with housing... 4 years of the same old activities every year at training. 4 years of the same speeches. 4 years of the same team building activities. 4 years of the same personal development activities. I'm really looking for new growing experiences. I have this problem of having a super short attention span, so if I don't find something interesting, I don't wanna waste my time.

*pause* hm... neat how I learned something new about myself. I've been going in half heartly because part of me is afraid of investing in something that won't interest me. Well I'm changing that attitude! I'm going in with excitement and will seek new knowledge and challenges! Okay, that's nice Caroline. But now you need to put that energy into studying for your upcoming test and read the assigned materials before orientation! They have required reading before orientation!! I have just stepped into a situation where I will be required to read 5 times the amount I'm used to!! ugh! Hey, I was a physics major!

Okay, enough talking to myself. I'm going to try and get some studying done. I mean, I WILL get some studying done! (But I don't wanna study!) But I have to study! I don't wanna take this test again! It's only one section of Physics; SUCK IT UP!

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WHOA! I found this from cici... this explains soooo much!
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe. ceehiro
I aunt Stacey's and my uncle Jose's babies just turned a month old. In chinese tradition, you throw a big celebration when a baby's one-month old. My aunt named her daughter Chloe Michelle. My jaws dropped when she told me becasue I wanted to name my daughter Chloe! But I'm over it because I had a second name in mind, and now I have a reason to use the second name. :) My uncle's baby is named Jose Miguel. Jose Miguel is sooooooooo cute! He looks like a little doll! He also has super nice eyes (from his mother).

My other uncle's daughter, Emily, has these REALLY big and pretty eyes. (Everyone kept saying that I had those really big and cute eyes when I was younger. Where'd they go?!?! *pouts*) I wish I had my camera. She's super cute, just a little trouble maker (she'll be two in 2 months). He likes to hug, and so when this other little boy came, she hugged him from behind and wouldn't let go. She followed him everywhere while hugging him really tight from behind. It looked pretty bad... reminded me of broccoli humping Lychee and how he'll follow her in that position still humping. The little boy then started crying. Whenever Emily gets near him, he pushes her away, and she just laughs. Then, she did the same to her cousin, Ethan... Ethan started to freak out and cry. My mom then says (in chinese): "Emily, you're a girl! Why are you so... so... PERVERTED?!" Everyone started to bust out laughing, but I think that's when it hit her mom that maybe she should do something about it. Emily then went walking around flashing everyone. Everyone would make fun of her and tell her that she's a girl and it's so shameful of her to show people what's under her shirt, but that just fueled her. She would walk up to each and every person pulling her shirt up. Everyone just said that my aunt needs to watch out for her daughter... she's gonna be a wild one.

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No time to write. Just wanted to share this week's auctions:

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My aunt just told me some news.
aunt: Did you know T lost her baby?! (T's my oyster hogging cousing... for those who missed it, she ate all the oysters at my graduation bbq.)
me: Huh?
aunt: Yeah, so I saw her two weeks ago and she was all excited cuz she was pregnant again. Then I saw her mother-in-law last week and I asked if they knew if it was a boy or girl yet, and her mom just said that it was too soon and for all that we know, it could be a miscarriage. Then I saw T again today and I commented how her stomach is showing now and so I asked her how many weeks. She said she was 9 weeks, but later comes up to me and said, "actually, the baby has had no heartbeat since last Thursday."
me: aw... wait, and she's still carrying it around?!
aunt: She said that she has to wait for her HMO to refer her to place that can take it out.
me: What happened to the baby?
aunt: I dunno... she's high risk.
So this is the cousin who inconciderately comes to our partys and takes half the party's food to-go when it's only 30 minutes into the party. THEN comes back couple hours later for seconds. This is also the cousin who ate litterally half our oysters (30 huge ones) at my graduation party. So my mean side is thinking, "Dude, it must be her cholesterol level from all the oysters." Then my "other" side is thinking, "omg! how awful it must be for her to be carrying around a dead baby this whole time!!!"

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whoa... 3 entries in a day! I'm on a roll! And speaking of roll, look what I rolled up for lunch!

Inspired by In-n-Out's protein style double double, I made a protein sandwich! :D

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ew ew ew!!! So I'm sitting here on my computer chatting, and I notice movement by my window. (The window is about 3 feet to the right from my monitor, for you visual people.) I look out the window to see something moving outside at the bottom my window. My first guess is that it's my dog standing up or something. I look closer... IT'S A RAT! The rat was just chilling on my window eating something. I run outside to my patio area, which is adjacent to my window. I grab my can of Raid and start spraying. As I'm spraying, I look at the rat and notice that he's soooo cute! He's just sitting there nibbling away. He looked like a little mouse, if it wasn't for that long-ass tail. But I continue to spray anyway. He starts to climb up my window, so I stopped spraying and just watched. He then gets to the top of my window and just chills there. I couldn't help but to notice that he's REALLY CUTE!!! Then I sprayed somemore and he ran out of my sight.... and now I'm sitting here in Raid fumes cuz my window was open the whole time!!!

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This was a slow sewing week for me. Too many social gatherings this past week and a half. All I got done this week is:

I only produced one item for this week's auctions. Oh wait, there are two others, I think. Ah whatever. At least I was able to put a bunch of stuff up this week. I spent the whole day today running from post office to post office and from Jonathan's house to mine. It's not such a great idea to try and work from another computer (files everywhere!). But I just made something SUPER cute just now and I can't wait to share, but I will wait until next week when I put it up for auction to share so that I don't ruin it. :)

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wow! it's september already! That means my birthday is coming up! yay! I've been neglecting my poor site here lately. I've just been way consumed with my ebay. This has also been a busy social week as well.

But before I go into the events, I wanted to share this:

Thanks for letting me post this, "six toe freak"!!! :)
Yes, this is an actual friend of mine! Isn't that cool?!

We had Vivian's going away party, Dorothy's Birthday Dinner, Palm Springs, and Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa! The mud was a lot of fun. When I first walked into Club Mud, I was a little freaked out because you see a bunch of people covered in clay and with really stiff facial expressions. I felt like I was walking into some sci-fi underground society.

My dad pointed out a cool fact today. I told my dad that I start school on the 25th (his birthday), and that's when he pointed out that the 25th is a Thursday... I don't have classes on Thursdays and Fridays!!! yippee!!! Too bad I have orientation from the 22nd to the 24th. Oh well. My main concern right now is taking care of my loans stuff. I've never taken a loan before, so I'm pretty lost on this all. My other concern is that I didn't get a parking pass, so if anyone has UCLA parking tips for me, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! Where can I park for free?! HELP!
the rest